Arutha, Pug and Gamina, almost a decade after the Battle of Sethanon.

Gamina was the adopted child of Pug and Katala. She is the foster sister of William. She is married to Duke James, the mother of Earl Arutha and grandmother of Jimmy and Dash.

She had hair that was nearly white with only the faintest hint of gold in it, fair skin and pale blue eyes.


Gamina was born to a mother in a small village. Her ability to communicate via the mind, and preference to use that over speech, drove people of the village mad. She was dumped in a nearby forest and found by Rogen. They traveled to Stardock to seek refuge. Her powers allowed her to share what Rogen saw in his vision to Pug and to other magicians. Gamina was adopted by Pug and Katala when Rogen died.

Pug sent her a message that he is returning to Midkemia after traveling a whole year, and that they should meet him at Sethanon, with other magicians and the army.

She was kidnapped by the Tsurani Great One Makala and transported to the world of Timirianya. She was saved by Pug, Gorath, and Owyn.

She married James some 10 years later at Stardock town, loving him deeply, and went with him to Great Kesh. Her talent is put into great use as they learn the intrigue in the palace.

Afterwards, she went with him to Rillanon where he was appointed Duke. She birthed Arutha and 2 other daughters. She lived happily in Rillanon for a lot of her years. She was important in the upbringing of her grandchildren Dash and Jimmy. She could tell their thoughts, and lectured them about their feelings of women.

Jimmy was made Duke of Krondor, and she read the minds of criminals for Calis' Crimson Eagles. During the Serpentwars, she was sent east, but made her way to Krondor and died in James' arms.


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