The Far Coast is the name given to the area on far western coast of Central Triagia claimed by the Kingdom .


The Far Coast borders the Endless Sea to the west, the Green Heart to the east, Elvandar to the north, and the Straits of Darkness to the south.The Kingdom holds the area with the duchy of Crydee and the baronies of Carse , Jonril , and Tulan.


Before the Kingdom claimed the Far Coast, it was part of Great Kesh and referred as Bosania. Kesh was engaged in a long and bloody conflict with its southern neighbors, the Keshian Confederacy. The war dragged on for so long that Kesh needed to strip its northern legions to send them south, thus leaving it open for conquering by the Kingdom. Duke Borric's grandfather, Nicholas conDoin (not admiral Nicholas) brought the Kingdom's armies westward extending the Western Realm .

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