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Fannon was the Swordmaster of the Castle Crydee.


He is a tall, old man with dark grey hair and a mustache.

Having no family of his own, he stood as an uncle to Lyam and Arutha. He had a friendly rivalry with Horsemaster Algon, his second in command, which sometime degenerate into unfriendly bickering. He is only bested in the sword by Duke Borric.

During the Choosing, he chose Tomas as his apprentice, teaching him everything in becoming a soldier. He remained at Crydee as Lyam's adviser while Duke Borric went to Krondor to bring the news of the Tsurani.

During the Riftwar, Duke Borric appointed him as commander of the garrison of Crydee. Arutha did not like his appointment, for Fannon is a cautious man, not allowing the garrison to rout a Tsurani raid, fearing a trap or an ambush in the woods. When Charles, a Tsurani slave, was captured he did not trust him, thinking that he could be a Tsurani spy.

During the Siege of Crydee, he helped in defending the keep but was wounded by an arrow. The command then transferred to Arutha, who succeeded in holding Crydee until the Tsurani retreated. After the siege, he wrote to Duke Borric to ratify the transfer of his command to Arutha, and making him Arutha's adjutant.

After the war, he still continued in his office as Swordmaster of Crydee, now under Martin Longbow. He advises Martin that he needed to marry for the good of the Kingdom.

He retired from his office and wanted Gardan to replace him. But because he is serving in Krondor, he chose Charles as his successor.