Fanatha was a Great One of the Assembly of Magicians of Kelewan. Before he became a Great One he had a wife.

He was serving the Warlord Almecho.

Shortly before the Riftwar, he was traveling by ship to a city. Several days out to sea, they were struck by a severe storm. The ship lost its mast, and many of the crew were washed overboard.

Fanatha then wrote something on a scroll to his wife and cast two spells, so that after it was read, it would be transported to the Assembly and then to his wife.

Although he could save himself, he chose rather to save the ship and its cargo. Fanatha had a rift device but it lacked the ability to teleport them, so he used it to create a rift to transport them safely to Midkemia

As soon as the ship was transported to Midkemia, it was driven on Sailor's Grief, and Fanatha was killed along with most of the crew.


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