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The Tsuranuanni Empire was ruled by an Emperor known as the Light of Heaven and is viewed as a living god, revered by all Tsurani.

From the time of Sudkahanchoza onwards, the Emperor retired to the Holy Palace to live a contemplative life, reading, painting and studying seeking to purify his spirit. Although this is the highest rank one may have in the Empire outside of the Assembly of Magicians, the Light of Heaven is seen as more of a spiritual leader who rarely enters public sight, let alone exercises his power. He spends most of his time in spiritual contemplation praying for the welfare of his nation.

The Warlord and the High Council were the de facto rulers of the Empire in the Emperor's stead and conducted the business of governing commanding supreme political and military authority.

It was during Emperor Ichindar that the office of Warlord and the High Council was abolished and replaced by the offices of Imperial Overlord and Imperial Chancellor, both answerable to the Emperor himself.

Known Emperors[]

Unknown era[]

  • Inchonlonganbula