Elzeki was an overseer of the Acoma estate under Mara.

Once he oversaw Midkemian slaves as they trimmed Akasi plants, being frustrated by their insolence and improper behavior. Eventually Kevin complained that the Midkemians are unaccustomed on Kelewan and would require more water. He also said that they are not trained to take care of plants, therefore they can't make the job quicker.

Frustrated by a slave talking back, Elzeki hit Kevin on the face with his ceremonial lash, only to make an angry Kevin to hover him with his hands. Then Mara came out to see what happened and ordered Kevin to let the overseer down. Kevin complied by opening his hands and letting him fall down among the plants.

Mara sent her guards to take Kevin and be beaten. Elzeki then narrated to her and Jican the reason of the arguments. Mara then realized that the read-headed slave had valid points and sent Elzeki to go and put a stop to his beating.

Jican reminded Mara that Elzeki has never had much perception and Mara ordered to remove him from his office.

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