Elven forest

The forest of Elvardein deep beneath the arctic ice of Kelewan frozen wastelands

Elvardein is typically named similarly to Elvandar, the home to the Eledhel on Midkemia. It also has a similarly magical set up, but is treated as even more sacred and magical than the more common branches of elvenkind known to Pug's homeworld.

Elvardein was found by Pug shortly after using the lesser path to escape from execution in his return to Kelewan to seek aid for Midkemia, invaded by The Enemy; the Enemy had once only inhabited the world of kelewan and had seeped through to his homeworld during the Riftwar.

Discovering the second most ancient race of Midkemia, the Eldar, on Kelewan, made Pug hope that this was the aid he was searching for.

Pug finds it hidden behind a kind of icy tower, deep beneath the ice of a great glacier, a very unusual presence on the hot world of Kelewan. When Pug first entered this tower, he found a robed figure, who led him up spiralling staircases, and then downwards into the ice. What he found, hundreds of feet below the surface, was a forest like none found anywhere else on Kelewan. From here, it became obvious that the inhabitants were not of Kelewan origin.

The EldarEdit

Within Elvardein was found the ancient Midkemian race of the Eldar, who are long vanished from their homeworld and chose to come to this new world for reasons they did not readily extend to Pug. Once under the even more ancient race of Valheru, they await in this magical forest beneath the ice of theirs, watching for the return of the Enemy. For this purpose, they immediately inform Pug that he will stay with them for the period of a year, abiding by them and learning enough to have the power to aid both Midkemia and Kelewan once he leaves.

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