Elvandar is the chief city of the elves, located in the great forests north of the Green Heart on the northern continent of Triagia. It is protected by unwanted intruders with magic and animals.

Humans consider Elvandar a scary place. Bears, wolves and lion populate the forests around, as well as dryads who would seduce people and suck their lives. There were also sleeping glades where intruders would fall in an endless sleep.

The center of Elvandar is a city composed entirely of giant trees connected by high arching bridges. Some of these trees have foliage of silver, white, or gold.


When the Valheru were defeated by the gods in the Chaos Wars, the Valheru Ashen-Shugar freed the elf-slaves to seek their destiny among the new races. Elvandar was populated by the eledhel.

Elvandar was ruled by King Aidan and Queen Aglaranna until the former perished, leaving his wife to rule as the mistress of Elvandar.

During the Tsurani invasion, the outworlders were unable to enter the elven forests; however the Great Ones gained entry and attacked the Elves with the help of the Cho-ja. However, they were repelled with the help of Macros.

Tomas married Aglaranna and became Prince-Consort and Warleader of Elvandar, ensuring Aglaranna's son, Calin will become the King of Elvandar.

After the riftwar, the Eldar returned to Midkemia and joined Elvandar under Queen Aglaranna.

During the Great Uprising of the moredhel, the last of the glamredhel were found living in the Edder forest. The glamredhel were told of Elvandar, and they travelled there to join with their eledhel kin. Their king, Earanorn, became one of Queen Aglaranna's advisors. He has named Calin, as his heir to bring both races of elves under one ruler in the future.

During the SerpentWar, most ocedhel were killed, however a few survived and came to live in Elvandar. Tomas aided in attacking a corrupted Fadawah in Ylith.

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