Elgahar, brother of Ergoran, was a Great One. With his brother they had engineered support in the Assembly of Magicians for Almecho's campaign on the barbarian world of Midkemia and the Riftwar erupted.

They accompanied him at the birthday celebrations at the Minwanabi estates.

On the second day of their stay, a controversy arose in the room of Mara of the Acoma, when the body of Teani was found dead and the Strike Leader Shimizu unconscious. Almecho proposed that Elgahar would help resolve the issue since testaments of both sides would be conflicting.

Resonance of intense passion creates echoes in the other-world, the state of energy which parallels reality. With a spell he called forth their echoes in visible form, and all guests saw that Teani had assaulted Lady Acoma first and after she fell, Shimizu attempted to kill her.

This harmed Minwanabi honor for ever, and Lord Jingu enraged stabbed his sitting Strike Leader on the neck.

The dawn, Elgahar and Ergoran followed Almecho who left the estate, and accepted the invitation to continue the festivities in the Acoma estates.

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