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A Midkemian Dwarf

Dwarves are one of the races of Midkemia.


Averaging about four and a half to five feet tall, they are short-legged and broad-shouldered compared to humans. They are a long-lived race, living hundreds of years in age and of strong constitution. Only the Hadati hillmen are comparable as mountain fighters. However their population was smaller than that of humans.


Dolgan and his sons

The main Dwarves are those of the West. The most well known are those of the Grey Towers who lived in high villages and farms under Dolgan; their capital being Caldara; there is also the dwarven kingdom at the Stone Mountain with the capital of Delmoria led by Harthorn

In the east, Dorgin is the home of the dwarves, under the banner of King Halfdan. There are also Dwarves on Novindus with the dwarven city Sarakan in the Ratn'gary Mountains.


Not much is known about the origin and ancient history of the Dwarves. The first Dwarves who came to the Grey Towers delved the Mac Cadman Alair. Their earliest recorded rulers were Tholin and Hogar of the Stone Mountain, but their historical context is unclear. The Dwarves of the Grey Towers delved several other mines but most if not all of them were abandoned by the time of the Riftwar.

During the Riftwar, the Dwarves were the main target of the Tsurani forces, who were after metal. Dolgan Tagarson restored the royal line of Tholin and became "King of Dwarves in the West".

Known Dwarves[]