Dulanic is also known as Brother Micah, Defender of the Faith of the Abbey of Sarth. He was the former Duke of Krondor; also he was Chancellor of the Principality and Knight-Marshal of Krondor.

He was an old man, large and still erect in his bearing, who despite his robes seemed to resemble a soldier more than a monk, an impression heightened by a war hammer hanging from his belt. He is both a valued adviser and a man of military skills who help the Abbey in understanding the current events happening in the world. He cared for Princess Anita like his own daughter.


As youngsters, he is best friend with Borric and Guy du Bas-Tyra, with Brucal as their senior Squire. He made a vow to never speak of the shame that caused the rift between the two of his friends.

Owing to Erland's ill health, he ran Krondor's military. As Knight-Marshal, he has control of vassal garrisons to Krondor. Upon his signature alone he could call up the garrisons at Durrony’s Vale and Malac’s Cross.

During the time of the Riftwar he served King Rodric as Duke but when Guy du Bas-Tyra seize power on Krondor, he retired from office, fearing civil war and be torn between facing Borric in the field or betraying the King. He took religious vows and was sent to the Abbey at Sarth and became a monk.

He was later discovered by Arutha when he traveled to the Abbey at Sarth seeking a cure for the Silverthorn's poison.

He used his warhammer, which turns into a bolt of flame, to defeat the ancient spell which broke through Brother Dominic's defenses when the Abbey was attacked. However, a conjured creature appeared and knocked him.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Unknown Duke of Krondor Gardan of Crydee

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Unknown Knight-Marshal of Krondor Gardan of Crydee


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