The Duke of Crydee is a title in the Kingdom of the Isles. It is given to the ruler of the Duchy of Crydee.


It is first conferred to Nicholas conDoin, the grandfather of Borric, when he extended the Western Realm of the Kingdom of the Isles to the former imperial province of Bosania, stopping short of the Free Cities. Since then, the Dukedom holds a favorable relationship with the Free Cities, treating them fairly and even generously.

The Duke's vassals included the Barons of Carse and Tulan.

It is the third-highest ranking title in the Kingdom, only ranked lower to the Prince of Krondor and the King of the Isles.

As Crydee is located on the western edge of the continent, it earned the title Warden of the West

The heraldic banner is a golden gull, and above it a small golden crown, marking the Duke as a member of the royal house. But after Martin Longbow became Duke, the golden crown was removed.

Dukes of CrydeeEdit

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