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Drogen was a soldier for Lord Paul of White Hill.


Formerly the senior guard behind Hamish, he took over as Lord Paul's personal bodyguard when Hamish was killed by the Tsurani who had taken control of the estate.

Known for his quiet demeanor, Drogen had a reputation as one of the best swordsman in the Free Cities. Friendly and open with others, he was rumored to have bedded several of the estate's servingwomen, with several girls from the local tavern awaiting his visits.

When the residents of the estate are murdered, it is later discovered that Drogen was the murderer under the orders of his secret lover Anika, daughter of Lord Paul. Stealing her father's remaining reserves of gold, they escaped under the cover of darkness. He is later killed by Dirk, a servent who unknowningly survives the attack and chases down Drogen under the pretense that he kidnapped Anika, whom Dirk has a crush on. The bodies of both he and Anika are taken by Dirk to the camp of Duke Borric, whose soldiers later bury them under the Duke's command.