Dominic is a brother and later, Abbot, in the Abbey of Sarth.

He is the Keeper of the Gates of the abbey. As such, he may admit any to the abbey, but no one with evil intent can cross the portals without his leave. Once upon the grounds of this abbey, they became subject to his power. His mind is the keystone to the mystic defenses of the abbey.


He saved Arutha and his party from the pursuit of Murad and his Black Slayers. After that, he brought them inside the abbey and introduced them to Father John, the Abbot.

An attack was made in the abbey and an ancient spell, the Twelve Eyes, shattered through his defenses, causing him to pass into unconsciousness.

After recovering, he joined Gardan to go to Stardock to inform Pug and the other magicians regarding the prophecy of Murmandamus.


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