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Dirk, also known as The Wood Boy, was a young man who finds himself in a life-changing moment after the Tsurani take over his master's estate.


Growing up in the community of Walinor, Dirk was the youngest of three son's of the town stonecutter. His father had cut the stone for the residence of Lord Paul of White Hill, who used this connection to get him a position in Lord Paul's service. Eventually, with quality service, Dirk had the potential to earn some minor rank in the estate, or maybe given some land of his own with the opportunity to raise to the rank of Franklin.


At sixteen, Dirk was the youngest boy in Lord Paul's service, often given the worst work. During the second spring of the Riftwar, the estate of White Hill was taken over by a band of Minwanabi soliders. Forced into living in the barn, he witnessed the punishment of Alex, a fellow servant. With Alex unable to perform his duties of carrying wood due to the punishment, Dirk began filling that role while Alex chopped wood. Over time, the Tsurani designated him to keep their wood boxes full. This earned him the nickname Wood Boy.

Dirk first encountered the effects of alcohol during the Midwinter Festival. That night, he watched Lord Paul's bodyguard Hamish killed because of a drunken display that disrupted the Tsurani. Hamish is replaced by Drogen.

Dirk admired Anika, daughter of Lord Paul, often dreaming of eventually earning some rank and fame to help win her love. His admiration was not a perfectly kept secret, much to the amusement of the kitchen staff.

Dirk was the only survivor of a late night attack on the estate during the Tsurani occupation. After hunting down the murderer, he travels towards Natal, eventually arriving in Duke Borric's warcamp. His story of survival earns him the respect of the Duke, who sends him to Brucal, who was stationed in LaMut.