Desio of the Minwanabi was the eldest son and heir of Jingu. He had fat, pouched features and slate-colored eyes. He had violent outbursts but no talents in warfare as shown by his failed efforts in the practice yard.


When old enough for active service, he marched with a few patrols in safe areas, until the officers in command politely complained about his ineptness to his father.

He welcomed Mara of the Acoma when she arrived to their estates for the celebration in honor of the Warlord Almecho. He later announced that Minwanabi scouts reported trouble on the river. A band of pirates (actually placed by Minwanabi themselves) swept down from the north, robbed two barges nearby. This was an excuse for Jingu to order the chain beneath the prayer gate raised, cutting off the inlet from the lake, and keeping all his guests "trapped".

However things did not go as expected to assassinate Mara. Elgahar employed magic to prove the treachery of Teani and Shimizu against Mara. Shamed before the eyes of guests, Jingu was forced to preserve family honor by suicide.

After his father's suicide, and while his mother retreated to a convent of Lashima, Desio for days remained drunk in his private quarters with his girls, bruising and battering them in his rages and ignored the affairs of the House. Other girls replaced them for days until Desio forgot his grief, now looking ten years older than before.

As Ruling LordEdit

The following weeks First Adviser tried to persuade him to concentrate on the estate matters and commerce, but Desio's mind was concentrated on revenge. He advised him to recall his cousin Tasaio back from Midkemia who would help him plotting against Mara.

Indeed, Tasaio returned. Desio invited relatives, nobles and allies in a ceremony to build a prayer gate to Turakamu whom he invoked on granting him revenge. However the building was ill-omened, and Desio tried to appease Turakamu by dedicating the Minwanabi house to Turakamu, and swearing to bring him the lives of the Acoma.

Tasaio's counsels were fruitful, and some of the Acoma spies in the Minwanabi household were located. Some weeks later, all markets from Szetac to Ambolina were choked with Minwanabi goods.

Under Tasaio's influence, Desio started to practice martial traditions to a point that he succeeded by his own skill. His waistline sagged less, his face became less florid and he was no longer a comic figure when he wore ceremonial armor, eventually carrying himself more manly than his father had. Tasaio also surrogated for Desio as Clan Shonshoni Warchief.

Furthermore, he took his own decisions and offered his proposals during planning, no more eager and self-obvious; when Tasaio narrated his plans on how to lure and assassinate Keyoke, Desio even proposed an elaborate plan on using an Acoma spy to lure Lujan to Keyoke's aid, therefore killing both.

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