Darkmoor is a barony in the Western Realm of the Kingdom of the Isles. It is east of Krondor, and west of Salador.

Darkmoor is ruled by the Von Darkmoors. Before the Serpentwar, it was ruled by Otto Van Darkmoor, and his wife, Mathilda von Darkmoor. However, when Otto died of illness, his son Stefan von Darkmoor became Baron of Darkmoor by default. However, Stefan was killed by Erik Von Darkmoor, Otto's bastard son, and Rupert Avery for raping a girl. His younger son Manfred von Darkmoor then became Baron.


The soil of Darkmoor has been noted as brilliant for vineyards. Darkmoor wines are famous, even in the court of Kesh. Even grapes such as those from Bas-Tyra that grow nowhere else, grow in Darkmoor. Wine making is the most profitable form of farming in the region. Very few farmers practise crop growing.


Darkmoor is rarely troubled by Goblins or Moredhel. It has a small garrison.

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