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Heraldic Banner of Crydee

Crydee is a duchy in the Kingdom of the Isles.

It is perhaps best known as the birth place of Duke Borric conDoin, his children Lyam, Arutha and Carline who were key players in the Riftwar, and also the childhood home of Tomas and Pug.


It is a rough outpost city on the western edge of the Kingdom, located at the mouth of the River Crydee on the shore of the Endless Sea known as the Far Coast.

Its vassal provinces includes the Barony of Carse and Tulan.



The lands were once controlled by the Empire of Great Kesh. Combined with the Free Cities, the land was known as Bosania. Nicholas conDoin, the grandfather of Borric conDoin, conquered parts of Bosania to extend the Western Realm in the name of the Kingdom. In its early years as a Keshian fort, it was captured to become a Kingdom stronghold and a vital point of defense


The Castle Crydee

After the discovery of the Tsurani invasion force, Duke Borric went to Krondor along with Arutha, Kulgan and Pug, leaving Lyam, with Father Tully, Swordmaster Fannon and Horsemaster Algon as his advisers.

During the Riftwar, Lyam joined Duke Borric in Yabon as his aide-de-camp. Arutha expected that command of the keep will be passed to him, but instead it was Fannon that is named garrison commander. They were then besieged by the Tsurani, the start of the Siege of Crydee. Fannon was injured and Arutha took charge defending the keep from the Tsurani. For twelve days they held the castle, even after the Tsurani's attempt to tunnel the walls. The Tsurani only raised the siege after some political upheaval back in their world of Kelewan when the Blue Wheel Party withdrew from the War Party.


During the sacking of the Far Coast, Crydee was attacked, along with Tulan and Carse, by mercenaries, slavers and pirates acting for the Pantathian serpent priests. The castle was badly damaged by fire and most of its population killed or kidnapped including the local garrison.