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The conDoin family is one of the oldest families in the Kingdom of the Isles. Members of this noble family have long played a role in the development of the kingdom, it's expansion, and it's ruling.


The ancient crest of the conDoin kings is a golden lion rampant ("Rearing on the left hind leg with the forelegs elevated, the right above the left, and usually with the head in profile."[1]) holding a sword, wearing a crown on it's head, placed upon a field of purple.

Family treeEdit

               Dannis conDoin
                 200 years
               Delong conDoin
                Unnamed King
             Nicholas conDoin
              Borric's father
            |                       |
    Borric conDoin----Catherine   Malcom conDoin                 
|                               |                              |                                  |
Martin conDoin----Briana    Lyam conDoin----Magda       Arutha conDoin----Anita conDoin    Carline conDoin----Laurie
        ________|________                 |                             |
        |               |          Randolph conDoin    _________________|_____________________________                
  Marcus conDoin Margaret conDoin                       |              |             |                |
                                                Borric conDoin Erland conDoin Elena conDoin Nicholas conDoin


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