The City of the Plains was one of the most ancient cities of Kelewan. It was built near a bay, on the plain on which the humans arrived on the Golden Bridge to this world, escaping the Chaos Wars.

During its prosperous times, it was populated by industrious people and the City of the Plains had white towers ascend to the skies. Caravans came overland and ships came through the bay.

One day a scarred ship notified the City about enemies coming across the water. Runners were sent to the cities of the north to call for help, since only the City could stop the danger.

An army was gathered to meet the invaders. After a battle of 12 days in the bay (which was renamed Battle Bay), the invaders were repulsed but 100000 men died.

The sands and sea remained red for months hence the name Sea of Blood; the white towers of the City became grey because of the smoke of the burnt ships.

Out of the battle an alliance is formed, and the seeds of the world-spanning Tsuranuanni Empire.

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