Compiled by Trevor G. Tover


New years are reckoned to begin on the Midsummer festival known as Banapis in the Kingdom of the Isles on the world of Midkemia in the First Circle.

This Chronology does not record the narrative events that happen within the novels of The Riftwar Cycle, but the reader is referred to the proper novels, chapters, and pages in their appropriate places. Events that are referred to in the narrative but are not part of the narrative itself are recorded.

Page numbers within this Chronology refer to the following editions:

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The Wood Boy, “Legends”, Edited by Robert Silverberg, Tom Doherty Associates, LLC., A Tor Book, 1998, Paperback.

Daughter of the Empire, First Edition, Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1987, Hardcover.

Servant of the Empire, 1st Edition, Doubleday (“A Foundation Book”), 1990, Hardcover.

In existence is a prototype and precursor to Creation: what will be known in Time as the City Forever and its Garden.

Outside the Sphere of Its own Being, the One unravels and differentiates Itself as Mind in Time, and Creation comes into existence. This is the First Cause and the Cosmos is created. Woven into the Cosmos are two fundamental modes of existence: Order and Chaos. There is a way of connection created between the Presence of the One and the Cosmos: From the Presence descends the Rainbow Vortex, from which descends the Crystal Highway, which passes through the Sphere of the Golden Moons before leaving the Sphere and coming to the Realm of Emergence. From there, the way later becomes known as the Star Walk, the Gateway Path, and the Hall of Worlds, and it descends and winds its way between the worlds of the mortal realms. Four mortal beings from the future of the Creation named Macros, Pug, Tomas, and Ryath are present in the Garden of the City Forever due to the machinations of their Enemy, of the future Midkemian god named Banath, and of the future Midkemian species of Dragon, and they bear witness to the One’s First Cause. They also become the first mortals to walk the Hall of Worlds before they remove themselves back to their own place in Time.

At the same moment as the First Cause, another aspect of the One is spun out of Its Spere of Being. This aspect is fear and longing and it is self-aware. Itself being outside of Mind and Time, yet also outside the Sphere, its sole purpose is to return to the Sphere, the state of Bliss and Oneness that existed before the First Cause. In order to accomplish that end, Mind, Time, and Creation must be reverted to the Bliss of the Sphere. This aspect of fear and longing is given several names by mortals in the Creation: the Enemy, the Darkness, and the Dread. Within the being of the Dread is a metaphorical “space” that lies between units of Space and Time and is called “the Void”. Between the Void and the Creation is a region known as “the Boundary”.

The Mind, also known as the Ultimate, creates the Second Cause, a being of majesty, power, and light, known later as the Shining One, among many other names. This being, as near perfect as possible in its beginning, eventually begins to question the purposes of the Mind as the Creation unfolds and other beings, lesser than he but nevertheless of an angelic nature like unto him, are created. This pride leads to solitary brooding, and thence to rage and envy of the other angelic beings.

The Shining One creates imitations of his angelic brethren. These beings are later known as Demons and they worship the Shining One as the angels worship the One.

This act is followed by the Sundering, and the Cosmos is separated into several different universes that exist at different energy levels and are called Planes or Circles. The highest Circles lie adjacent to the Realm of Emergence, where the Mind of the One becomes Created Reality. One plane, later known as the “First Circle”, will be home to mortals such as the Aal, Valheru, Dragons, Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Goblins. The next lower Circle, the “Second Circle”, will become the home of the beings known as the Dasati. The fourth and fifth lower planes, called the “Fourth and Fifth Circles of Hell”, become the dwelling-place of the Demons and of the Shining One, who becomes the first Demon King.

Being outside of Time, the Dread simultaneously, from its own point-of-view, pierces the Boundary and attacks the Creation at several points in the Space and Time of the several universes. Instantiations of the Dread within Time and Space appear as beings known as, depending on the nature of their appearance and their relative power, Dreadlords, Dreadmasters, Dread, Dreadlings, Wraiths, and Wights, among others. Attacks are made upon the Fifth, Fourth, Third, Second, and First Circles. Although the world of Kelewan in the First Circle is a target, the main focus of the Dread’s attack upon the First Circle is focused on the world of Midkemia, and it is the keystone that will allow the Dread to revert the Mind and all of Creation back to the Bliss of the Sphere of the One, wiping out all of the events within the Creation as if they had never existed. In its assault upon Midkemia, the heart of the Dread, the Dreadking, is engaged in eternal, Timeless battle in the Void by the most powerful being in the history of that world. With the largest portion of the Dread locked in eternal battle with this being, the attacks of the Dread upon Creation at other points in Space and Time are blunted.

Stars, planets, and galaxies are formed within the universes, i.e., Circles, of Creation.

The first sentient physical beings in the First Circle, known as the Aal, come into existence. They become known across the universe as not only the eldest race, but also for the power of one of their own, called the Oracle, to see all of the possible ways events may unfold in Time within the Mind that is the Creation. In later times, it becomes necessary for the Oracle to inhabit the body of others, which inevitably causes madness in the host. In the eons that follow, the Aal call three worlds their home, living on each until its destruction.

Archetypes within the Mind that is Creation are imagined to have personal characteristics by sentient species throughout the universes of the Circles, and gods are born.

A certain being on the world of Kolgen in the First Heaven, the Circle immediately higher than the so-called First Circle, gathers armies and mighty engines of war and attacks the Gods of that world, in his vanity demanding they recognize him as the newest of their number. The Gods of Kolgen destroy his war engines and armies. For his vanity, the Gods curse him. He is chained to a mountain beneath the sea. When the sea is no more, he watches as the world is destroyed in wars he put into motion ages past. Finally, he is forced to help anyone that happens upon the desolation that was Kolgen to continue on their way without the enjoyment of their company. He becomes known as Pepan the Thrice-cursed.

In a time when the Aal are already an ancient race, localized and archetypal expressions of Order and Chaos straddle a world later known as Midkemia (which is the counterpart of the world of Kolgen in the First Heaven). The force of Order takes the prime material of Creation, Space and Time, and weaves them together, while the force of Chaos tears them apart and breaks them down. Some of the fibers elude the force of Order and fall to Midkemia. From these fibers, Life, Consciousness, and Sentience are created on that world. The Valheru are born. In order to comprehend them, the Valheru give personal aspects to the two primal forces of Order and Chaos and worship them as the Two Blind Gods of the Beginning, Rathar and Mythar, respectively.

At some time, what appear to be beings of great beauty, exuding happiness and contentment to those around them, appear on many worlds throughout Creation, including Midkemia, placed as beacons to mark those particular worlds by the Dread, since the Dread are outside of Time and thus have difficulty perceiving things within Time. On Midkemia, these beacons appear in the mountains later known as the Peaks of the Quor and on an island later known as the Isle of the Snake People and become known as the Sven-ga’ri. The Valheru recognize the danger of these objects and manufacture a new species from the plant-life of Midkemia, the Quor, to act as a guard over the Sven-ga’ri in the Peaks.

The species of Dragon arises on Midkemia. They are intimately connected with the Mind that is the Creation and are Its servants, having the ability to manipulate Time and to navigate the Void. In their service to the Mind that is Creation, they consent to serve the Valheru and become their steeds. The Valheru begin to plunder across the universe of the First Circle, becoming known as the Dragon Lords and the Dragon Host, the supreme power in the universe, as the Mind that is Creation begins to reorder itself.

The species of Elves, known as the Edhel, arises on Midkemia. The Valheru enslave the Edhel and they are divided into several sub-races: the Eldar, the most powerful spellweavers of the Edhel who become the lorekeepers and special slaves of the Valheru; the Eledhel, the slaves of the fields and forests; and the Moredhel, the menial and personal slaves of the Valheru.

In the Fifth Circle, the Demons thrive. Outside of the Shining One’s own region of influence, in what is known as the Centre of the Fifth Circle, they are of a chaotic nature and kill and feed on each other to survive and grow stronger and more intelligent. Eventually, demons of great strength arise. The stronger and more intelligent demons begin to enforce a more orderly nature upon themselves, forming societies and civilizations. Five kingdoms arise around the Centre of the Fifth Circle. The kingdoms are known to men of the future by the names Pandemonia, Discordia, Despair, the Miasma, and the Fallen. In time, the most powerful of their kind evolve and the Demon Kings Dahun, Maarg, Simote, Sebran, and Chatak, among others, arise. Dahun forms a kingdom in a region between the original five kingdoms and the outer regions, becoming one of the Second Kingdoms, and begins to force a modification of behavior upon his subjects. His kingdom becomes the most civilized of the Fifth Circle outside of the Centre. Maarg becomes the ruler of the primitive chaotic demons of the outer regions.

On the world later known as Kelewan, several species evolve intelligence: the insectoid Cho-ja, the centaur-like Lasura (later known as the Thun), the fearful Sunn near the shores of the sea, the airborne Thrillillil, the Cha-desh, and the creeping Nummongnum. As time passes, the Sunn become victims of genocide and become extinct. The Thrillillil and Nummongnum, too, become extinct after a thousand years of warring against each other.

As species and races across the universe of the First Circle grow in knowledge and ability, they begin to enter the Hall of Worlds to use it as a way to travel between worlds. There they find others who have stumbled into the Hall accidently. Some make the Hall their home, plying their trades within its confines.

On Midkemia, the Valheru Hali-Marmora gives birth to a son, Ashen-Shugar. He gains control over the giant eagles, which then care for him in his infancy. He defeats and absorbs the power of Lowris-Takara and seven other Valheru and becomes known as the Ruler of the Eagles’ Reaches. He “tames” his first dragon, kills his mother Hali-Marmora, and takes her halls for his own. He sires the female Alma-Lodaka and then, by mating with Alma-Lodaka, he sires the male Draken-Korin.

Both Draken-Korin and Alma-Lodaka create sentient and intelligent servants for themselves: Draken-Korin creates his Tiger-men, while Alma-Lodaka creates her Serpent-people from the snakes of the swamps of Novindus. The Serpent-people are divided into several sub-races: barely intelligent Magic artisans called the Shangri or Panath-Tiandn, the Serpent-priesthood who worship Alma-Lodaka as a goddess, the warm-blooded warriors known as the Saaur, in addition to a common caste.

A number of Alma-Lodaka’s Serpent-people are placed to stand guard over the Sven-ga’ri on what will later be known as the Isle of the Snake People. The influence of the feelings exuded by the Sven-ga’ri significantly alters the personalities of the Serpent-people there, and they become a kind and gentle race. They construct the city of Pantathia around the Sven-ga’ri. The Valheru also place some of the Edhel in the Peaks of the Quor to act as guardians of the Quor as they, in turn, guard the Sven-ga’ri there. This group of the Edhel becomes known as the Anoredhel, the “Sun Elves”.

The Valheru Dragon Host raids across the universe. All who oppose them are defeated: among them the Contemplators of Per, the Tyrant of the Cormoran Empire, the Masters of Majinor, the Grand Alliance, the Marshals of Dawn, and the Siar Brotherhood. Only the Aal escape destruction. On the world of Timirianya, the Timirian are also obliterated by the Dragon Host, including the High Priest of the god Dhatsavan, Rlynn Skrr. The Gods of Timirianya, archetypal aspects of the Mind that is the Creation personalized by the Timirian, devise a plan to thwart the Valheru by crystallizing the “mana”, the stuff of the Mind that is the Creation, i.e., the Magic, of that world. The Valheru escape, abandoning Alma-Lodaka’s Shangri servants to their fate, while the Gods themselves, including those named Dhatsavan and Sutakami, are crystallized into seven great pillars. In the struggle, one of the Seven Gods of Timirianya is killed. Over the subsequent millennia, two more fade away.

The Eldar fashion the forest city of Elvandar on Midkemia, centered around one of their creations: many sentient trees that they call “Stars”. Care for the Stars and the Sacred Grove of Elvandar is given over to the Eledhel. As eons of this service pass, the Eledhel become the most conformed of all the Edhel to the principles of Life and all that the Edhel hold dear.

At some time, the Dragon Host battles the Teld-Katha of the world of Riska. In a desparate attempt to banish the Valheru, the Teld-Katha hastily cast a mighty spell as their final act before their extinction. The spell fails and a portal opens on Riska to the Second Circle. Through the portal come denizens of that plane which attack the Valheru, but are eventually defeated. The Dragon Host, sensing the power residing in the Second Circle, flies through the portal hoping to conquer new realms. They come upon the highly advanced civilization of the Dasati Empire and attack. The Valheru are overwhelmed by millions of the Dasati and their powerful warriors known as Talnoy. For the first time in their existence, the Valheru know fear. The Valheru Kindo-Raber, Master of Serpents, is the first of many of the Dragon Host to be slain. They flee the Second Circle and, in their fear, close the portal by destroying the entire planet of Riska.

The Dragon Host pierces the Boundary and enters the Void. They encounter the Dread and do battle against it, but are unable to overcome it and are forced to flee for their lives back to the First Circle of the Creation.

As a result of the actions of the Dragons in the future, the presence of a keep boy from the distant future, named Tomas, enters Ashen-Shugar’s mind. As a result, Ashen-Shugar begins to experience human thoughts and emotions, something distinctly alien to the Valheru.

Ashen-Shugar slays his rival, the Valheru Algon-Kokoon, drinks his blood, and gains his power. Soon afterward, he sits brooding upon his throne, troubled by something he cannot identify. One of his slaves, the moredhel Princess Alengwan, notices his troubled state. For that, Ashen-Shugar kills her.

The depredations of the Valheru across the Cosmos change Reality in the Mind that is the Creation. The Mind that is the Creation, the Cosmos, begins to reorder itself once again, and morality comes into existence. From the loose fibers of life and power left unwoven on Midkemia by the archetypal concept of Order personalized by the Valheru as Rathar, is born archetypal Balance. From the other loose fibers, archetypal Balance, later known as the god Ishap, weaves other archetypal Concepts within the Mind that is the Creation into being. These new archetypes are later personalized, given conscious personalities by the mortals of Midkemia, and are called the “Controller Gods”.

The Controller Gods of Midkemia:

Ishap: God of Balance and Order, He who is Above All; Arch-Indar: Goddess of Good, the Selfless; Nalar (aka the Nameless One): God of Evil, the Mad God, the Selfish; Abrem-Sev: Forger of Action, the Giver of Laws; Ev-Dem: Worker from Within, Calculator of Odds; Graff: Weaver of Desire, Granter of Wishes; Helbinor: the Abstainer, all that which is hidden.

These “Controller” archetypes then weave a subset of one hundred more specific archetypes, later personalized, given conscious personalities by the mortals of Midkemia, and are called the “Lesser Gods”.

Some of the Lesser Gods of Midkemia:

Astalon: the Just, the Builder, He Who Brought Order; Banath (aka Kalkin): the Artful Dodger, the Prankster, Caretaker of Knowledge; Dala: Goddess of Passive Strength, Shield of the Weak, the Protector; Drusala: Goddess of Healing; Eortis: God of the Sea; Guis-wa (aka Yama): the Red-jawed Hunter, the Bayer after Moons; Isanda: Goddess of Dance; Ka-hooli: God of Justice and Vengeance, the Howler after Fugitives; Kilian: Goddess of Love, the Singer of Green Silences; Lims-Kragma (aka Lady Kal): the Mistress of Death, the Drawer of Nets, Judger of Souls; Onanka: the Planner of Battles; Prandur (aka Agni): God of Fire, the Burner of Cities, the Light Bringer; Ruthia: the Lady of Luck, Goddess of Love Scorned; Sarig: God of Magic; Silban: the Earthmother, the Bringer of Harvests; Sung (aka La-Timsa, aka Durga): the White, the Pure, the Follower of One Path; Tith: the Joyful Warrior; Wodar-Hospur: God of Knowledge, the Lorekeeper.

This change in the Mind that is the Creation towards morality and specifity causes the primal archetypes to descend into the near-death of deep memory and the Valheru see this as the disappearance of Rathar and Mythar, the Blind Gods of the Beginning. The Valheru see this reordering of the Cosmos and the appearance of the new Gods as an existential threat.

In what will later be called the “Disturbance”, the Boundary is pierced and the Creation comes under attack by the Dread, initiating the Chaos Wars. The Dread invade the Fifth Circle and the Void enters the Centre and begins to slowly expand, devouring the Fifth Circle and its inhabitants as it does so. It is probably around this time that the first Demon King, the Shining One, is killed. Three of the Demon Kings of the Second Kingdoms ally to combat the Enemy, while the Demon Kings Maarg and Dahun hold back their forces, seeking opportunity and advantage.

A great and powerful Dreadlord later known as the Dark God breaches the Fourth Circle. As he prepares to continue to the next Circle, he drains all life from the universe of the Fourth Circle, leaving it completely devoid of all but the smallest possible motes of existence. He then breaches the Third Circle and begins to repeat the process.

On the world of Midkemia in the First Circle, Draken-Korin gathers the Dragon Lords together to meet the threat presented by the new Gods. The Valheru order the construction of great cities, including those which will later be known as Sar-Sargoth and Sar-Isbandia, that are constructed by the geomancers and artisans of the Eldar and completed by the Moredhel. The final city becomes a sort of capital for the Valheru and rests on the site of the future human city of Sethanon. In their delusion, thinking to craft an ultimate weapon that could be used against the Gods and to enable themselves to replace them, the Valheru purpose to fashion a gem which will contain and focus all of the individual life-forces on the world of Midkemia, including their own. Ashen-Shugar returns to the city to witness the creation of the gem, which becomes known as the Lifestone. Deeming it unnatural madness, Ashen-Shugar refuses to have anything to do with their plan, having a mysterious protective feeling toward the mortal denizens of Midkemia.

At some time, the Dragons ensure that a set of Draken-Korin’s arms and armor are infused with his essence and are left in his halls in the south of the continent of Novindus.

The Valheru, without Ashen-Shugar, rise to battle the Gods. The attack by the Valheru also sets off internecine conflict amongst the Gods themselves. Dire Magics are unleashed and denizens of the other Circles, angels and demons among them, take part in the conflict. On Midkemia itself, some of the Edhel also become mad and aggressive, and they become known as the Glamredhel. Many of the Valheru abandon their servants on other worlds. The scholars amongst the Eldar are stranded on the world of Kelewan, while Alma-Lodaka abandons the Saaur warriors on the world of Shila.

The period also becomes known as the Time of Star Death as the Cosmos, Space and Time, is rent asunder and the Mind that is the Creation undergoes yet another re-ordering as the very nature of Reality changes. The Boundary is breached and parts of the Dread join the battle. The Dragon Host merges together into a single entity of power and madness and becomes subverted into a tool of the Dread.

As the Chaos Wars rage, the god Ishap, archetypal Balance, is destroyed. Without Ishap, the other Controller Gods are unable to combat the depredations of the Mad God Nalar. Arch-Indar sacrifices herself so that Nalar may be defeated. The remaining four Controller Gods, even the Abstainer, act in concert to imprison Nalar beneath a huge mountain on a gigantic world in the universe most remote from Midkemia. It is not enough, however, to prevent Nalar from dreaming of Midkemia and, through his dreams, having influence over some of the inhabitants of its universe, with some, in the future, becoming his agents. Indeed, if a mortal were to even think of his name, it would draw Nalar’s attention, and therefore his name becomes the greatest secret in the history of Midkemia and he is referred to in the future as "the Nameless One”.

Seventy-eight of the Lesser Gods, including Isanda, are also destroyed during the Chaos Wars. Onanka and Tith are mortally wounded. They combine their essences and become Tith-Onanka, the War God with Two Faces. Sarig, Drusala, Eortis, and Wodar-Hospur vanish. Drusala’s fallen staff is picked up by her sister Sung, who keeps it against the day of her return. Kilian takes over Eortis’ demesne and becomes the Goddess of all Nature. The Gods, realizing that they are losing the Chaos Wars and that the loss of Balance embodied by Ishap leaves them especially vulnerable to the Dread, decide that something drastic and beyond their own capabilities must be done to save Reality. The Gods are constrained by the fact of their own individual archetypal natures, but Banath, the Trickster god, who breaks rules by his very nature, does not know these constraints. Banath begins to create agents and to put events in motion across Time and Space; many separate gambles that, if won, may help save the Mind that is the Creation.

Despite their losses in the present, the Gods of Midkemia manage to hold the Valheru and the Dread at bay. The identity of Draken-Korin returns to Midkemia to make use of the Lifestone and is met and challenged by Ashen-Shugar. The avatar of Draken-Korin is slain by Ashen-Shugar and his essence returns to that which the Valheru have become.

Meanwhile, the survivors of the ravages of the Valheru and the Dread on an unknown world gather together to escape the destruction visited on that world. They open rifts with bridges of golden light to three other worlds. One rift terminates on Midkemia, and species known as Humans and Dwarves come through. The species known as Orcs and Goblins also come through the rift, although their kin, a race that dedicates itself to a priesthood of Magic, remains on their homeworld. No human magicians of the Greater Path come to Midkemia, and since the Midkemian God of Magic, Sarig, has died, only the Lesser Path of Magic is practiced on Midkemia in the future. The newcomers spread out upon the continents of Triagia, Novindus, and Wiñet, encountering the indigenous species as they go. Three dwarven leaders, brothers, each found the realms of the Grey Towers, Stone Mountain, and Dorgin. Conflicts inevitably erupt; for example, between the dwarves that settle the mountains of the Grey Towers on the continent of Triagia and the moredhel already living there, and the Dwarves and Moredhel, between them, completely wipe out the Orcs. Those of the Eldar still remaining on Midkemia, a group of two thousand that includes their artificers, decide to flee through a rift they call the “Starbridge” to the somewhat inhospitable world of Andcardia. They bring with them seven saplings of the great trees, or Stars, of Elvandar. Upon arrival on Andcardia, the rift closes behind them. They plant the Stars and build the city of Tarendamar around them. They come to call themselves the Taredhel, or Star Elves, and begin using the magic of the Stars to make Andcardia a more hospitable world. Back on Midkemia, in time, equilibrium is more or less reached between Men, Edhel, Dragons, Dwarves, and Goblins.

Meanwhile, the second rift opens to an unknown world and the Lea Orcha, or Greater Goblins, flee through it, accompanied by some humans and dwarves.

The third rift opens onto the world of Kelewan and the Golden Bridge descends to a plain adjacent to the sea. Down the Bridge come many races of Humanity, including the Serpent Riders and those who will become the Tsurani, and also those who will become the desert dwellers of Tsubar. With them come their gods, conscious personifications of archetypes within the Mind that is the Creation. Given the new nature of Creation, these gods easily take control of the space, time, and lines of power surrounding Kelewan and its star. Being other facets of those same archetypes that are also personalized as the Gods of Midkemia, these beings become the Gods of Kelewan. As the last of the refugees descend from the Bridge, magicians of both the Greater and Lesser Paths come through and begin to close the rift. The Dread and its Valheru tool, collectively known as “the Enemy” or “the Darkness”, send through a great surge of power and hate that strikes the magicians. Only one in a thousand survive. At that moment the Gods of Midkemia, having brought their internecine struggles to an end, unite and cast the Valheru into the Void and seal the Boundary of the First Circle against the Dragon Host and the Dread, thus closing all of the rifts with their golden bridges between worlds.

By this time, Astalon, Banath, Dala, Guis-wa, Ka-hooli, Kilian, Lims-Kragma, Prandur, Ruthia, Silban, Sung, and Tith-Onanka are the only Lesser Gods of Midkemia remaining alive. Because of the loss of so many of the Gods, including Ishap, and because of the unnatural function and existence of the Lifestone, Midkemia remains a dangerously imbalanced world.

Some of the Kelewanese Twenty Gods of Higher Heaven:

Chochocan: the Good God, the Bringer of Rest, the Healer; Fa: the Sleeper, Master of the Night, the Retriever; Hilbantucan: the Architect, the Silent Builder, the Master of Works; Jastur: God of War, Bringer of Terror, the Revenger; Juran: God of Justice, God of the Home, Master of Life, Father of Winds; Keburchi: God of Chaos; Lashima: Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of the Inner Light, Queen of the Sky; Oxalaca: the Master of Oceans, Builder of Ships, Master of Fishers; Sibi: Goddess of Death, Lover of All, Dancer in the Darkness; Thanaxaca: Father of the Arts, Master of Song, Lord of the Dance; Zamach: the Leveler, the Fountain of Knowledge, the Master of Justice.

Some of the Kelewanese Twenty Gods of Lower Heaven:

Alihama: Goddess of Travelers; Baracan: God of Honor, Lord of Swords, Singer of Battle; Hantukama: God of Healing, Bringer of Blessed Health, Cloud Rider; Hilio: the Teacher, Master of Wisdom, Judge of Life; Iskisu: God of Trickery and Chance; Juru: Lord of Sailors, Father of Waves, Lord of Fish; Kelesha: Goddess of Mercy, Goddess of Brides; Lulondi: God of Farmers; Milianxana: Goddess of Love, Goddess of Singers, Mistress of Wine; Nictac: Lord of Thieves, Master of Assassins, King of Spies; Salana: Mother of Beasts, Harvest Mother, Mistress of Rain, Mother of Truth; Tomachaca: Bringer of Peace, Lover of Children, Protector of Orphans; Turakamu: the Red God of Death, the Killer God, Eater of Hearts, Brother to Death; Tuth: God of Builders, Master of Levels, Hewer of Stone, Lord of Laborers; Zurgauli: God of Ill Luck.

Other Gods of Kelewan of Unknown Heaven:

Indiri; Sularmina: Shield of the Weak.

The remaining Gods of Midkemia construct the City of the Dead Gods, the Halls of the Dead, and at the peak of the mountain known as the Pillars of Heaven, the Pavilion of the Gods, also known as the Celestial City.

From her Throne within the Halls of the Dead, Lims-Kragma becomes the judge of the souls of the newcomers to Midkemia after their death, returning them to Life for another turn of the Wheel, to Oblivion, or onward to the Bliss of the One.

On Kelewan, the Eldar go to the north and create a forest and city beneath the ice and name it Elvardein. The great trees, or Stars, in Elvardein remain in sympathy with those in Elvandar on Midkemia. The Eldar keep watch for signs of the Enemy’s return and become known as “the Watchers”.

A council is held among the people who will become the Tsurani and among them are Avarie and Marlee of the Alstwanabi. Marlee reassures them that the Watchers have said that they are now safe from the Enemy.

On Midkemia, a temple to the Nameless One, known as the Black Pearl Temple, is built along the northeastern coast of the Bitter Sea.

Mounted upon his dragon Shuruga, Ashen-Shugar travels the world of Midkemia, coming to the Tiger-men of Draken-Korin, the Serpent-people of Alma-Lodaka, the Eledhel, the Moredhel, and the Glamredhel, and declares to them their freedom. He casts a spell so that the city constructed by the Valheru, with the Lifestone within it, sinks deep into the ground and he commands that its existence be wiped from knowledge. The Eledhel (among whose number are the King and Queen of all the Edhel) and Moredhel retire west and north to Elvandar and its surrounding forests. Ashen-Shugar also frees the Anoredhel but charges them to continue their guardianship of the Quor and the Sven-ga’ri. Their leader, known by the title Castdanur, is adamant that the Anorehdel remain free and refuses to swear fealty to Elvandar. They build the city of Baranor in the Peaks of the Quor near to the Quor themselves. The Pantathians, too, are charged to continue their guardianship of the Sven-ga’ri present in their city of Pantathia on what will later be known as the Isle of the Snake People. The Glamredhel, taking several artifacts of power with them, go north. They begin to occupy the cities of Sar-Sargoth and Sar-Isbandia. The elves on the continent of Novindus, later called the Ocedhel, are cut off from their kin in Triagia. As time passes, their memory of the Edhel fades and Elvandar becomes a legend to them.

The Dragons become a reclusive race, almost never appearing openly to the other residents of Midkemia, though in later years they often use their shape-shifting abilities to appear human and live amongst humanity for a while.

Ashen-Shugar returns to his halls where he seats himself on his throne and slowly passes away. After many years, his dragon, Shuruga, dies. Many long years after that, comforted within by the presence of the keep boy and warrior Tomas from the future, and knowing that in the future Tomas has taken up his arms, armor, and cause, Ashen-Shugar, at the behest of, and with the aid of, a dragon that is present, casts his final spell and his essence and power dissolves into his arms and armor. They will become a psychic link for the keep boy in Midkemia’s future named Tomas.

The Controller Gods of Midkemia form an artifact within the mountains known as the Grey Towers that allows the world’s inhabitants to not only communicate with the Gods, but also to receive the gift of Magic from them. The artifact, which becomes known as the Tear of the Gods, is effective for only ten years but, before it expires, a new Tear is formed. Responsibility and care for the Tear of the Gods falls to the Order of Ishap, a group of priests and monks dedicated to bringing the dead god back to life, although the Order is pledged to keep the fact of Ishap’s demise a strict secret. With the Tear, the Order receives a prophecy from the Gods, that when one appears that knows the secret, with companions, the world will change.

At some time, a seer of the Pantathian Serpent-people prophesies: “When the Cross of Fire lights the night and the Lord of the West dead is, shall then return the Power.”

Over the ages on Midkemia, the Eledhel find and destroy as many Valheru artifacts as they can find, lest they fall into the hands of those who would make use of them, especially the Moredhel. At some time, a great golden dragon, Rhuagh, takes up residence in Ashen-Shugar’s ancient halls beneath the Grey Towers. Due to the shielding effect of Rhuagh’s Magic, the Eledhel are unable to detect Ashen-Shugar’s armor.

At some time, a cloistered clerical order called "the Keepers" is formed with the duty of protecting the approach to the Gods in the Celestial City. A dwelling to house the order, named the Bastion, is built on the pathway up the Pillars of Heaven. At its height, the order boasts a thousand Keepers in residence.

At some time, having consumed most of the Third Circle, the Dreadlord known as the Dark God breaches the Second Circle and does battle with the Gods of the Dasati. The followers of the Dasati God of Death, Bakal, are subverted by the Dark God. The Dasati are split into factions following either the one they believe is Bakal or following the other gods, and they make war upon one another. The Dark God defeats the Gods of the Dasati. The Gods of Midkemia in the First Circle offer the Gods of the Dasati, including Bakal and the Dasati God of Battle, Kantas-Barat, safe haven on Midkemia. The Dasati Gods inhabit suits of armor belonging to the Talnoy, the personal elite guards of the TeKarana, the leader of the Dasati Empire. Thus protected, they travel to Midkemia and are hidden in a cavern in Novindus finished by the Pantathians.

The Deathpriests of the Dark God eventually reign supreme and the Bloodwitch Sisterhood, which is concerned with Life and is dismayed by the drastic changes to the Dasati culture, is declared anathema. The Great Purging occurs and those that refuse to worship the Dark God are slain, with their life-energies going to feed the Dark God in his home within the Temple of the Black Heart on the world of Omadrabar (which is the Second Circle counterpart to the world of Kelewan in the First Circle). Although a tiny remnant are able to hide and survive, thus retaining their true nature, the vast majority of the Dasati are warped under the influence of the Dark God and they become a cruel and amoral race. Regular sacrifices and purgings are initiated to feed the Dark God and, over the following centuries, he gains in power with every life fed to him as he prepares to breach the First Circle. A new TeKarana arises among the Dasati and all of Omadrabar and the Dasati Empire falls under his rule. His opponents flee Omadrabar and come to the world of Delecordia.

Over the following centuries, the inherent energy level of the world of Delecordia increases until it comes to occupy a place that can be considered midway between the Second and First Circles. As a result, the Dasati occupying Delecordia are changed, becoming the new race known as the Ipiliac.

On Kelewan, invaders from across the sea threaten the Tsurani City of the Plains. Messengers are sent north to the Tsurani city-states along the river Gagajin. The city-states unite and ally with the City of the Plains. The invaders are repulsed in a huge battle, the Battle of the Thousand Ships, in which a hundred-thousand men are slain and a thousand ships burned. The battle gives name to Battle Bay and the Sea of Blood. The alliance formed by the Tsurani city-states eventually grows into the Empire of Tsuranuanni. Five brothers of the first Emperor form the High Council. Their own families later become known as the Five Great Families: House Keda, House Xacatecas, House Tonmargu, House Oaxatucan, and House Minwanabi.

At some time, the Serpent Riders on Kelewan form their own nation, the Thuril Confederation, which will come to border the Empire of Tsuranuanni. At some time, the city of Darabaldi is built and it becomes the capital of the Confederation.

A warrior of the Empire of Tsuranuanni named Anchindiro battles Lord Tiro of the Keda for the hand of his daughter. He wins her hand, earns the title of Lord, and founds House Acoma. House Acoma becomes powerful in the Empire, second only to the Five Great Families.

At some time, two other families become powerful within the Empire: House Shinzawai and House Anasati.

As time passes for the Empire of Tsuranuanni, the Emperor’s position becomes more contemplative in nature. A new office, that of the Warlord, is created. The Warlord is elected by the High Council and is always chosen from one of the Five Great Families. The magicians of the Empire begin to come together and associate, forming the Assembly of Magicians. No women, however, are permitted within their ranks.

Having learned much from the mages of the Cho-ja, the magicians amongst the Thuril form a society wherein men and women with the talent are taught not only the magical arts, but also to serve the common folk. The society has an elected position called “the Kaliane”, who acts as its spokesperson. Some time later, using their arts, the magicians of the Thuril construct the city of Dorales.

At some time on the world of Andcardia, the Taredhel nation, now called the Clans of the Seven Stars, discovers the Magical technology of translocation and begin to form rifts to other worlds. They eventually colonize several worlds, including Estandarin, Dastin-Barin, Komilis, Diaziala, Garjan-Dar, Utameer, Katan-jara, Shinbol, Locre-Amar, Telesan, and Baladan.

On Midkemia, the Eledhel have driven the Moredhel from their forests for attempting to follow in the footsteps of their former masters and taking to the Dark Path of Power. A leader arises among the Moredhel named Murmandamus. He seeks to emulate the Valheru and to conquer the entire world of Midkemia. To that end, Murmandamus raises the Dragon Banner and musters the might of the Moredhel. Having gained dark powers, including Necromancy (a type of Magic closely associated with the nature of the Dread), he creates a company of warriors that renounce their mortality and become known as "the Black Slayers”. He attacks the Eledhel and attempts to invade Elvandar but fails. Murmandamus also wages a war of genocide upon the Glamredhel. The Moredhel capture Sar-Sargoth and Murmandamus makes the city his capital. During the final battle of the war at Sar-Isbandia, he is slain and a remnant of the Glamredhel escapes the slaughter. Murmandamus’ captains are unable to choose a successor and the Moredhel cease to be a nation. They disperse and organize themselves into tribes, clans, and families. Sar-Isbandia is deserted and the remnant of the Glamredhel seeks refuge in a place called Neldarlod, making it their new home.

Over time, the Moredhel change such that they lose the ability to breed with the other races of the Edhel.

On the continent of Triagia, the city-state of Kesh comes to dominate the other nations around the Overn Deep, including the nation of Queg, giving rise to the Empire of Great Kesh. In time, the Empire of Great Kesh grows to include all of mainland Triagia north to the Bitter Sea and what will become known as the Sea of Kingdoms, in addition to the region north of the Bitter Sea known as Bosania. The last tribe of Quegans is given title to the large island in the midst of the Bitter Sea, and they migrate to it from their former homes along the southern shore of the Overn Deep. They name the island after their lost nation, Queg.

At some time, a schism forms within the Church of Ishap between two factions, one of which believes that Ishap is the One God Above All, while the other believes that the lesser gods are but facets of Ishap, or Al-maral, as this faction calls him. The followers of Al-maral are proclaimed heretics and are hunted down. Some in Great Kesh flee into the Jal-Pur Desert, where they die, while others escape by sea, eventually coming to the continents of Novindus and Wiñet and settling there. The Keshian language is spread throughout Novindus and the lower Duathian Plain in Wiñet by the followers of Al-maral. The faith of Al-maral also begins to spread amongst the Ocedhel in Novindus.

At some time on the world of Omadrabar in the Second Circle, the underground Bloodwitch Sisterhood creates an organization known as “the White”, whose goal is to oust the Dark God and restore Balance to the Dasati. They initiate a breeding program that will result, centuries hence, in a male that will be destined to overthrow the TeKarana and what will be known as the Empire of Twelve Worlds, and who will aid one known as the Godkiller in the destruction of the Dark God.

At some time on Midkemia, the King of the Dwarves, Tholin, is lost in the dwarven mines of Mac Mordain Cadal. After his disappearance, the Dwarves do not take another King.

At some time in Novindus, several human city-states arise: Maharta, Lanada, Khaipur, Kilbar, Hamsa, Port Grief, Palamds, Chatisthan, Ispar, Point Pünt, Irabek, and Sulth.

In Triagia, the city-states of Rillanon and Bas-Tyra engage in a series of trade wars.

At some time in Novindus, a meeting place for the southern tribes, located near the mouth of the Serpent River, grows into a city. Eventually, the City of the Serpent River is established and comes to be ruled by the Kings of the largest fourteen tribes, each ruling for one year in a fourteen year cycle.

At some time in the city of Kesh, various criminal gangs engage in a loose collaboration called the Ragged Brotherhood. The collaboration is facilitated by a person known as the Magistrate.

-740 = Dannis conDoin manages to unite all of the clans on the island of Rillanon and becomes the first King of Rillanon.

At some time, the island nation of Roldem arises in the eastern part of what will become known as the Sea of Kingdoms. People of the same race also begin settling north of the Straits of Ithros driving the native people, later known as the Orosini and the Orodon, into the remoteness of the mountains and the northern coastlands, respectively. The Roldemish people settle several small territories in the region – Olasko, Aranor, Salmater, Miskalon, Roskalon, Far Loren, Opast, Bardac’s Holdfast, County Conar, High Reaches, Farinda, and Latagore – while people from the city of Ran form the nations of Maladon and Semrick. These territories later gain their individual independence, most during a civil war on the isle of Roldem, and are later collectively known as the Eastern Kingdoms. The capital cities of the nations of Roskalon, Miskalon, and Salmater – Prandur’s Gate, Watcher’s Point, and Micel’s Station, respectively – later become safe harbors for Ceresian pirates.

-504 = Dolgan, a descendant of Tholin, the last King of the Dwarves, is born to the Dwarves of the Grey Towers.

c. -490 = After years of war, Delong conDoin, the Great, conquers the city-state of Bas-Tyra and the Kingdom of the Isles claims its first territory on the mainland of Triagia. Afterwards, the combined strength of Rillanon and Bas-Tyra conquers Salador and it, too, is brought into the Kingdom. As the years go by, the Kingdom grows in all directions, from the Teeth of the World and the Northern Guardians in the north, to the borders of the Eastern Kingdoms and Roldem in the east, and to the borders of the Empire of Great Kesh in the south and west.

At some time on Kelewan, treacherously breaking its agreements and treaties, the Empire of Tsuranuanni makes war upon the Cho-ja hives. The Cho-ja mages, who have scant abilities for war-craft, are no match for the might of the Assembly of Magicians. Terms are imposed upon the Cho-ja hives within the Empire wherein they are no longer allowed to include mages and are to have no communication with other cho-ja outside the Empire. These terms come to be known collectively as “the Forbidden”. In the wake of this event, no longer trusting humans, the cho-ja within the Thuril Confederation, including the cho-ja city-state of Chakaha, cut off their ties of friendship with the Thuril.

c. -430 = About this time on Midkemia, a boy is born to a tailor and his wife in the city of Kesh. The boy will someday be known by the name Macros.

c. -420 = The boy later known as Macros is lured into a trap by slavers. On his way to be auctioned off in Durbin, he manages to escape into the mountains. Almost dead from starvation, he comes into an ancient ruined temple and prays to the god of the temple to save him and, in return, the boy promises to serve the god. The boy’s prayer is answered by the god Banath, although the boy believes the answer comes from the lost God of Magic, Sarig, whose temple it is. The boy, in his vanity and arrogance, believes that he is becoming an avatar of Sarig, but in reality he is an agent of Banath and is manipulated by the Trickster God for the remainder of his life. As the boy grows and matures, he becomes Macros indeed and, as Banath’s agent and weapon of the Gods in the continuing struggle against the Dread, he becomes the greatest human magician to have ever lived up to this point in history.

At some time, the Order of Ishap builds its mother temple in the city of Rillanon. Every ten years, the new Tear of the Gods is transported to the Temple from the mountains of the Grey Towers.

At some time, a saint of the Ishapian Order, Luc d’Orbain of Bas-Tyra, wields a powerful magic talisman which, in later years, becomes known as the Hammer of Luc d’Orbain.

At some time, a human named John, fleeing from some denizens of his own world, stumbles into the midst of a battle in the Hall of Worlds. He almost immediately steps off into what appears to be the Void between doors and finds himself in a stable space. He returns to his world and comes back with workers, building an establishment in the space that becomes known simply as, “the Inn”. The Inn becomes a central place of community for the denizens of the Hall, and its owner, who becomes known as “Honest John”, eventually becomes perhaps the wealthiest man in the known universe.

At some time in Novindus on Midkemia, the people of the City of the Serpent River stage a revolt against the tribal Kings. After failing to succeed without rulers, the people of the City choose to be ruled by a council of their clan chieftains.

c. -400 = About this time, Richard, Prince of the Isles and younger brother of King Henry II, begins a campaign to put down rebellion to the west of Malac’s Cross. Prince Richard exceeds his mandate and moves continually westward, battling and conquering as he goes. He builds the fortress of Darkmoor. Leaving a contingent of soldiers there to secure the area around the fortress, among them Knight-Lieutenant Sebastian Sandovar, Prince Richard, accompanied by his brother, Prince Leontin, continues battling westward until he finally defeats a tribe known as the Krondor on the eastern shore of the Bitter Sea. It is said that he so loves the beauty of the sunset from the hill upon which his campaign comes to an end, that he starts building a city there. It is named after the final defeated tribe: Krondor. In future years, Krondor becomes the point from which the Western Realm comes into being and expands, and indeed it becomes the capital of the Western Realm. It is always governed by a Prince and it eventually becomes tradition that the Prince of Krondor be the Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom.

Sebastian Sandovar creates a garrison between the Dimwood and the Great Velt that eventually becomes the city of Sethanon (built, unknowingly, above the ancient buried city of the Valheru which still contains the Lifestone). Upon retirement, Sandovar, the son of a winemaker in Rodez, relocates his family to a village which will later be known as Ravensburg. A certain Knight-Captain von Darkmoor gives control of the village to Sandovar and the King bestows upon him the rank of Squire with title to the village and the surrounding area. Sandovar and his family plant vine cuttings in the region and, with the region’s accomodating climate, they begin making wine. In later years, the region of Ravensburg produces wine famous throughout the Kingdom and even in parts of the Empire of Great Kesh.

At some time, the magician Macros goes to the aid of the Eledhel in Elvandar.

At some time on Kelewan, a wandering star approaches the planet and is detected by a magician of the Assembly. A message is sent to the Warlord. Although skeptical, he takes the news to the Emperor who, in turn, demands proof. The Assembly begins a propaganda campaign.

Sudkahanchoza, thirty-four times Emperor of Tsuranuanni, is crowned. He orders that a great castle be built for the Assembly of Magicians upon an island in the center of a lake in the mountains of the province of Ambolina. The Assembly of Magicians gathers at this fledgling City of the Magicians and begins to formulate a solution to the problem of the wandering star, which has become known as “the Stranger”.

As the Stranger closes in on Kelewan, seven thousand magicians gather and, unknown to them, the mighty Midkemian magician Macros stands in their midst. They incant a spell from the City of the Magicians and create a rift to swallow the wandering star. In the Void, the Dread becomes aware of the rift and warps it, sending it towards Kelewan so that it may instead be brought into the Void and the demesne of the Enemy. Macros steps forth and changes the rift once again, directing Kelewan away from the Enemy waiting in the Void. Kelewan and its sun are sent to a region of space devoid of stars. Most of the magicians are killed or driven mad by the powers unleashed in the creation and subsequent warping of the rift.

The magicians of the Assembly incant a spell, years in the making, that brings Kelewan and its sun back to its place among the stars and the Stranger is no longer a threat. The Emperor commands the presence of the full Assembly, two hundred magicians, at his residence in the Holy City of Kentosani. Tukamaco, forty times Emperor of Tsuranuanni, abases himself before the Assembly and asks them to stand as protectors of the Empire. The Emperor proclaims them the Great Ones and outside the Law, not to be commanded by anyone, not even the Warlord.

The Assembly takes measures to ensure the continuation of its power within the Empire. It actively promotes the Game of the Council, setting House against House in battles of useless and bloody honor, so that none may arise to challenge their supremacy. The office of Warlord more and more comes to dominate the administration of the Empire, while the power of the Emperor and the Temples wanes. Further, since no women are allowed into the ranks of the Assembly, any girl or woman within the Empire found to have magical talent is brought to the City of the Magicians and teleported to the bottom of the lake surrounding the City, killing them.

At some time on Midkemia, the various criminal gangs in the city of Rillanon form a loose association around the largest gang in the city: the Sewer Rats. Similarly, at some time, the criminal gangs in the city of Roldem come together to form the organization known as the Shadows.

c. –300 = On Midkemia, the future King of the Glamredhel of the Edder Forest, Earanorn (“Redtree” in the King’s Tongue), is born. About this same time, a mendicant friar of the Ishapian Order of Wanderers comes upon an extremely defensible, yet abandoned, fortress near the town of Sarth which had formerly belonged to a robber baron who was overthrown by his people. The friar sends word of the fortress to the Temple of Ishap in the city of Kesh and soon the Temple obtains permission from the people of Sarth to use the fortress as an abbey. Many underground chambers and tunnels are added to those already existing beneath the abbey and the Ishapians begin collecting books, scrolls, scraps of parchment, and all other written knowledge they can find to store beneath the abbey. At some time after, with the prophecy received with the Tear of the Gods in mind, the Order of Ishap begins to prepare another place to store and preserve their collected knowledge from the destruction of the world. The place chosen is high in the mountains of Yabon and will someday be known as That Which Was Sarth. In Novindus, a man named Samas comes to the Bastion upon the path up the Pillars of Heaven to the Celestial City, and he becomes a Keeper.

A child containing a fragment of the god Banath within himself is born in the Keshian province of Isalan, and is destined to not only aid Banath’s other tools and agents, but also to ensure the destruction of the Dreadlord known as the Dark God, now residing upon Omadrabar in the Second Circle. As he grows, he begins to manifest some powers and he uses them to facilitate pranks on others. Eventually, because of his behavior, his father throws him out of his village and he begins to wander, learning all he can as he goes. The child will later be known by the name Nakor. At some time, he joins Bresandi’s traveling fair, a troupe of traveling performers.

c. -290 = The Temple of Tith-Onanka in Elarial is invaded and attacked by a horrific monster conjured by Pantathian Serpent-priests.

c. -250 = The King of the Isles dies and civil war erupts in the Kingdom between factions led by his two sons, Borric and Jon. A battle is fought on the plains northwest of Salador, and the war ends when Borric kills his brother, known to history as “Jon the Pretender”.

About this time, in the region of Satumbria in northern Novindus, a mad woman, who has the second sight and has made compacts with dark powers, gives birth over several years to three sons. They are named Sidi, Belasco, and Amirantha. As the boys grow, they each exhibit prodigious magical ability, each in their own fashion. Sidi inherits his mother’s madness and becomes fascinated with the energies released at the moment of death and begins dabbling in Necromancy, the Magical art closely associated with the nature of the Dread. Belasco also inherits some madness but in his case, it manifests as anger and rage. His interests in Magic and power are varied and he dabbles in many different areas of the Dark Arts. Amirantha remains relatively sane, given his family and upbringing, and is able to sense presences upon other planes. He comes upon a cave once used by a shaman in the far past and finds runes cut into the wall. He comes to an understanding of the runes and, with his new knowledge, he is able to summon his first demon, an imp from the outer regions of the Fifth Circle named Nalnar.

In a war between neighboring nations, Satumbria is laid waste and its people are massacred. Among the few survivors are Sidi, Belasco, Amirantha, and their mother.

Being afraid of Sidi, Belasco often makes Amirantha the target of his anger. Finally, in the midst of receiving a beating from Belasco, Amirantha summons the imp Nalnar to his aid. Nalnar drives off Belasco, injuring him in the process. From that point on, the three brothers keep away from each other, even though they all remain in proximity to their mother.

As part of a conspiracy between the Trickster god Banath and the Nameless One, Sidi comes across an amulet on a necklace that his mother had found, which in reality is a talisman of the Nameless One. The amulet speaks to Sidi, greatly aggravating his madness. He slaughters his mother and the murder provides him with a great amount of power. Belasco, knowing what has happened, flees before Sidi can get to him. Amirantha comes to the scene of the murder and Sidi moves to attack him. Summoning a swift winged demon named Wusbagh’rith, Amirantha flees Sidi and is able to escape him. Amirantha meets Belasco afterwards and Belasco accuses him of being responsible for their mother’s murder, and they part as enemies.

The three brothers never associate again, although occasionally Belasco, his rage turned to hatred by his mother’s murder, will find Amirantha and attempt to kill him. Both Belasco and Amirantha go on to become powerful sorcerers, and Amirantha eventually becomes a Demon Master, able to summon, bind, and command a variety of the weaker Demons from the outer regions of the Fifth Circle. Sidi is able to persevere and survive his madness. His practice of Necromancy leads him into becoming an unwitting agent of the Dread, but with an unexpected destiny: Due to his possession of the talisman of the Nameless One, a fragment of the Nameless One is embedded in Sidi’s soul and will become, at the proper time, the Godkiller, the weapon of the Midkemian Gods to be used against the Dreadlord currently known as the Dark God of the Dasati in the Second Circle. In response to the presence of the Nameless One in Sidi’s soul, since it is part of her nature to be the opposite of the God of Evil, a memory in the mind of Lims-Kragma of the Controller Goddess Arch-Indar also takes on a presence upon Midkemia. She begins to haunt Sidi and follows him about, thwarting his plans wherever she can. At some time, using his knowledge of Necromancy, Sidi places his soul in a soul jar which, as long as it is unbroken and whole, allows him to resurrect by taking over someone else’s body if his current body dies.

-236 = A son, Gorath, is born to the Chieftain of the moredhel Hawk Clan.

-224 = A moredhel called “the Speaker” seeks to raise the Dragon Banner of Murmandamus and gathers the moredhel clans. Eventually, the peace imposed by the Speaker dissolves and his dream is shattered. In the aftermath, the Chieftain of the Hawk Clan is killed by Jodwah, the Chieftain of the Eagle Clan of the Northern Lakes. His young son, Gorath, becomes the new Chieftain. He marries Cullich, also known as Clothild, the daughter of the Chieftain of the Snow Leopard Clan. He takes his people into the heights of the great ice mountains where they become cave-dwellers.

By this time in the Second Circle, the Dasati have invaded and conquered six more worlds, killing every living thing on each world to feed their life energies to the Dark God. The Dasati worlds, including Kosridi, the manifestation of Midkemia in the Second Circle, have then been seeded with plants and animals from their home world of Omadrabar. The leader of the Empire of Twelve Worlds is the TeKarana on Omadrabar, while the leader of each world is given the title of Karana.

On Midkemia, as Nakor works with Bresandi’s traveling fair, he learns more and more of what he calls “tricks”, what other people would term “Magic”. He meets a village girl named Jorna and eventually marries her. After some time, as she learns Magic from Nakor and becomes more powerful, it becomes apparent that he is unable to provide her with the secrets and power she craves, so she leaves him, the only woman that Nakor will ever love. At some time, she changes her name to Jania. She eventually encounters Macros and marries him.

A dream comes to Nakor in which he is told to seek a certain artifact. He does so and finds the Codex of Wodar-Hospur, an artifact that contains all of the Knowledge that could be asked about by mortal beings. Nakor takes it and finds that when he sleeps with it nearby, he does not dream. Because of this, Nakor descends into madness. After some time, however, Nakor realizes the source of his madness and ceases to sleep near the Codex. His dreams return and his condition improves, but he is never completely healed of the madness.

The Chieftain of the moredhel Snow Leopard Clan dies and his daughter Liallan, the sister and sister-in-law of Cullich and Gorath, respectively, becomes Chieftain.

-199 = Gorath, Chieftain of the moredhel Hawk Clan, in order to avenge his father, kills Jodwah, the Chieftain of the Eagle Clan of the Northern Lakes, and his brother Ashantuk. The Eagle Clan of the Northern Lakes then merges with the Hawk Clan, and they become collectively known as the Ardanien, with Gorath as their Chieftain.

At some time, three sons, one of them named Arkan, are born to Gorath and Cullich.

The Moredhel attack the Glamredhel, driving them from their home of Neldarlod. The Queen of the Glamredhel is killed, and their King, Earanorn, leads them to a new home in the Edder Forest.

Delekhan, the son of Jodwah and a sworn enemy of Gorath’s, becomes a Lesser Chieftain of the Raven Clan. At some time, he marries Liallan, the Chieftain of the Snow Leopard Clan.

At some time, the northernmost oupost of the Empire of Great Kesh in Bosania, Birka, is attacked and destroyed by the moredhel, known to humans as the Brotherhood of the Dark Path.

c. -190 = A daughter, Miranda, is born to Macros and Jania in Kesh.

Macros discovers that Jania is trying to steal the secrets of Magic from him and he refuses to teach her anything further. Jania leaves Macros, also abandoning their daughter Miranda. Macros leaves Miranda with strangers as he carries on with doing the will of Sarig, or so he believes.

Miranda begins to manifest some Magical abilities, which she hides from her foster-parents. When she learns that they plan to marry her off, she runs away. She finds a kind old magician named Gert who takes her in and teaches her what she knows. When Gert dies, Miranda seeks out other teachers and, over time, grows in knowledge and power.

At some time, the moredhel Gaduin, a Lesser Chieftain of the Raven Clan, captures Anleah, the daughter of Vergalus, the Chieftain of the Badger Clan. Both of Gaduin’s sons, Morvai and Bovai, fall in love with her. Anleah returns Morvai’s love and Murad, the Paramount Chieftain of the Raven Clan, grants permission for the two to marry, a bond which allies the Raven and Badger Clans, all according to Gaduin’s original plan. Morvai’s marriage to Anleah also earns him the enmity of Kavala of the Badger Clan, who was next in line after Vergalus for the Chieftainship, and who is also in love with Anleah.

Three years later, Morvai awakens to the Returning and flees to Elvandar. He is pursued by his brother Bovai, but he is able to reach Elvandar before he is caught. Morvai takes the eledhel name Tinuva. Gaduin forces Anleah to marry Bovai and war resumes with the Badger Clan.

Four years later, Vergalus is killed, the Badger Clan is absorbed by the Raven Clan, and Kavala bows before Murad.

Ten years of war with other rival clans follow. Gaduin’s family’s honor, however, does not recover from Morvai's betrayal. When Gaduin dies, Bovai must constantly contend with another Lesser Cheiftain of the Raven Clan, Delekhan, for Murad’s favor. Meanwhile, Tinuva, having the talent, studies with the Spellweavers of Elvandar. The blood feud between Bovai and Kavala on one side, and Tinuva on the other, goes on for centuries.

c. -150 = A baker named Shamo Kabek in a small town near the city of Kesh attacks a Trueblood tax collector for assaulting his wife. Kabek is sentenced to twenty years of hard labor and dies six years later in a mining accident. When his two sons grow to manhood, they sneak into the tax collector’s home and cut his throat. Someone in the house awakens and the brothers end up killing the tax collector’s entire family and household. The brothers eventually marry, have children, and begin to form a clan, most trained as killers. The clan becomes known as the Brotherhood of Assassins or the Guild of Death. They begin wearing black amulets in the shape of a hawk and thus also become known as “Nighthawks”.

c. -100 = A group of small nations south of the Girdle of Kesh that are tributary to the Empire of Great Kesh unite to form the Keshian Confederacy and rebel against the Empire. As the conflict drags on, the Empire is forced to withdraw troops from its northern regions, including the province of Bosania. The common people of Bosania are left to defend themselves without any military assistance. A Keshian garrison stationed north of the Vale of Dreams and west of the Sea of Dreams is left to die defending their fortress. In later years, the fortress falls into ruin and becomes known as the Tomb of the Hopeless, while the valley to the west of it becomes known as the Valley of Lost Men. The members of the Keshian Inner Legion stationed on the island province of Queg, led by Lord Vax, successfully revolt against the Empire of Great Kesh, since the Empire is unable to draw troops away from the war with the Kehsian Confederacy to put down the rebellion. Queg becomes its own independent nation.

The King of Roldem commands a tournament to determine the greatest swordsman in the world. Count Versi Dango wins the honor and donates his winnings toward the construction of an academy for swordsmanship. A new tournament is held every five years and the academy becomes known as "the Masters’ Court”.

With the Keshian district of Yabon left defenseless against the Moredhel, the Yabonese invite the Kingdom’s protection. An unknown cousin of Prince Nicholas conDoin, the third and youngest son of the King of the Isles, builds the fortress that will later be known as Castle Mondegreen. Once the immediate threat of the Brotherhood is dealt with, the Kingdom decides to keep a permanent presence in Yabon. It is not long before Yabon is absorbed into the Kingdom and it becomes a duchy.

In the northwest of Yabon, some of the Hadati hillmen resent the presence of the Kingdom and soon there is open rebellion. The Kingdom crushes the rebellion and the rebels flee northward over the mountains and into the Northlands. They eventually find the long-abandoned ancient glamredhel city of Sar-Isbandia and make it their new home, naming it Armengar.

The cities of Natal, Port Natal, Bordon, Margrave’s Port, Lan, Walinor, and Hush are conquered for a short while by Queg. They revolt, driving out Queg, and unite into a confederation, calling themselves the Free Cities.

Prince Nicholas conDoin invades Bosania. He is unable to conquer the Free Cities, although Walinor is laid waste and Natal is besieged for a time. Nevertheless, he pushes westward from Ylith until he comes to the Kehsian keep at Crydee, which he conquers and makes his own. From there, he wages a ten-year campaign before finally conquering Carse and Tulan. Western Bosania is claimed for the Kingdom of the Isles and becomes the Duchy of Crydee, with Prince Nicholas conDoin as its first Duke.

Two military scouting units arise, descendents of the Imperial Keshian Guides: the Natalese Rangers, based in the Free Cities, and the Krondorian Pathfinders.

The Vale of Dreams becomes a region of dispute between the Kingdom of the Isles and the Empire of Great Kesh. Many battles and campaigns are fought over its ownership in subsequent years.

A revolt occurs in Queg against Lord Vax. Refugees from the revolt settle on the island known as Insula Beata and they build a homestead they name Villa Beata. Some time after, Macros begins to reside in the villa.

At some time, Nakor marries a woman named Sharmia, and stays with her until she dies.

The Snake Clan of the City of the Serpent River in Novindus becomes corrupt, presumably due to the influence of the Pantathian Serpent-priests. The other clans unite and wage genocide upon the Snake Clan, killing them all. From this time forward, clan chieftains are sworn to kill any member of the Snake Clan that may appear.

A human mercenary from an unknown world, who at some time becomes known as Boldar Blood, stumbles into the Hall of Worlds. He wanders the Hall and almost starves before being taken under the wing of a thief. He, like others before him, becomes a denizen of the Hall, wandering it and the worlds it connects to, living a life of adventure.

At some time on Kelewan, within the Empire of Tsuranuanni, a blood feud erupts between House Minwanabi and House Acoma.

c.- 75 = On Midkemia, some moredhel clans are driven from the Northlands by more powerful clans. They migrate south and some come to trouble the Dwarves of the Grey Towers.

Persecution of magicians within the Kingdom of the Isles reaches its height. Macros, retreating to Villa Beata after a long absence, finds it in ruins and its people gone. Fearing for the safety of his library and for the safety of those people that he plans on bringing to the island, he builds a sinister castle on the coast of the island and spawns the legend of Macros the Black Sorcerer. The island becomes known as Sorcerer’s Isle.

Macros travels to the original homeworld of the Goblins. There he finds Gathis, the last member of a race, akin to the Goblins, that had dedicated itself to the priesthood of the God of Magic on that world, a personification of the same archetype as Sarig, the lost God of Magic, on Midkemia. Macros and Gathis become fast friends and Macros brings him to live on Sorcerer’s Isle. He becomes Macros’ chief assistant and companion. They dedicate themselves to bringing the Greater Path of Magic back to Midkemia since, with its every use, it would serve to bring Sarig closer to a return to life. Over time, Macros welcomes others to make their homes on the Isle, only a few of them human.

Macros, accompanied by Gathis, comes to the ancient halls of the Valheru Ashen-Shugar beneath the Grey Tower mountains, now occupied by the great golden dragon Rhuagh, since Macros wishes to learn the dragon’s Magic. Rhuagh battles Macros for three days before the dragon is bested. It is then that Macros makes his intentions known. They become friends and Macros stays with Rhuagh for three years. Although it had already been done in ages past, and playing upon Macros’ vanity, Rhuagh leads him to believe that it is he that forms the arms and armor of Ashen-Shugar into a conduit through Time that will establish a psychic link between Ashen-Shugar in the past, and the armor’s wearer that Macros foresees will come in the future. Before he departs, Macros leaves a gift to be used at Rhuagh’s death and puts the Hammer of Tholin and the arms and armor of Ashen-Shugar into a box, saving them for the future.

At some time, the Dread find a way to place a wraith near the lair of Rhuagh in an attempt to thwart the Dragons’ plan.

At some time, manipulated by the god Banath, Macros discovers the Pantathian caverns wherein reside the Gods of the Dasati from the Second Circle, housed in the armor of the Talnoy. Having no way of ridding Midkemia of them, he places strong wards around the cavern but, influenced by Banath, he also places one Talnoy in the entrance cave so that it may be found at the proper time in the future.

-56 = The son of King Earanorn of the Glamredhel is slain by trolls.

c. -55 = As the Taredhel explore worlds throughout the First Circle, some begin to talk of trying to find their ancient Home, the world of Midkemia.

-43 = A daughter, Lakeisha, is born to the Royal Imperial House of Kesh.

-39 = The moredhel attack the Duchy of Crydee and lay siege to Carse. The Dwarves of the Grey Towers and Stone Mountain, led by Dolgan of Tholin’s line and Harthorn of Hogar’s line, respectively, come to the aid of Crydee and lift the siege at Carse. About this time, the moredhel Bovai, Lesser Chieftain of the Raven Clan, meets a man named Angus Hartraft in battle. Bovai’s arm is nearly severed and Angus loses an eye, but both survive the encounter. At some time, Angus is made Baron of Valinar in recognition for his service to the Kingdom against the Moredhel.

-38 = On Kelewan, the warrior Keyoke begins to serve House Acoma.

On Midkemia, the wife of King Rodric III, Queen Beatrice, dies. He later marries Janica, the daughter of Caldric, Duke of Rillanon.

Duke Caldric of Rillanon begins the practice of bringing heirs of the nobility to the King’s Court in Rillianon as squires. Brucal of Yabon becomes the Senior Squire and among those squires under his oversight are Prince Borric conDoin of Crydee (the grandson of Duke Nicholas conDoin), Dulanic of Krondor, and Guy du Bas-Tyra. Being distant cousins, it becomes Guy’s duty to teach Borric courtly manners. In time, although they are frequent rivals and adamantly hold to opposing political points of view, Borric and Guy become particularly close friends.

At some time, Borric takes part in fighting in the Vale of Dreams, possibly in the company of Guy, Dulanic, and Brucal.

Nakor finds his way into the Hall of Worlds and visits Honest John’s. There he hears rumors that the Demons of the Fifth Circle are trying to force their way into the higher Circles.

-29 = The younger son of the Duke of Crydee, Malcom, dies of the fever. The Duke sends to Rillanon for his son Borric to return home. Before he leaves, at the behest of the Duke of Crydee, King Rodric names Prince Borric of Crydee Warden of the West.

-28 = A first cousin to Queen Janica, and niece to Duke Caldric, Catherine, arrives at the Court in Rillanon as a lady-in-wating to the Queen. She and Guy du Bas-Tyra fall deeply in love and pledge themselves to each other in secret.

At some time, Brucal returns to Yabon and Guy becomes Senior Squire of the King’s Court in Rillanon.

-27 = The Duke of Crydee dies and his son, Prince Borric con Doin, becomes Duke and Heir Presumptive to the Throne of the Kingdom of the Isles. As required, Duke Borric travels to Rillanon to swear fealty to King Rodric. On the way, he stops in Yabon and pays a visit to his former Senior Squire, Brucal. He is attracted to a serving maid, Margaret, and spends the night with her before continuing on to Rillanon. Duke Borric arrives in Rillanon and swears fealty to King Rodric. He falls in love with Catherine, and after two months of rivalry, he and Guy no longer speak to each other. In secret, Borric talks to the King. Given his doubts about his son’s abilities, as well as his concerns about the health of his younger brother Erland, King Rodric is eager to tie Duke Borric closer to the Throne and therefore decrees that Catherine be wedded to him. When Guy hears the news, he flies into a rage and accosts Borric. They fight a duel and nearly kill each other. By the time Guy recovers, Borric and Catherine are wed and on their way to Crydee. As a public display of his shame, Guy henceforth wears only black clothing and armor.

At some time, the Empire of Great Kesh launches an invasion of the Kingdom in order to gain the lands between the Peaks of Tranquility and the Sea of Kingdoms. Guy is put in command of the Kingdom armies and confronts the Keshians at Deep Taunton. Guy fights with careless abandon, leading attack after attack until the Keshians surrender, thus beginning his legendary reputation as a general. Eventually, Guy becomes the Duke of Bas-Tyra.

-26 = A son, Martin, is born to Margaret of Yabon, the bastard son of Duke Borric of Crydee. She leaves the boy with the monks of Silban’s Abbey near the border of Elvandar. The boy grows up playing with the elven children and hunts with Prince Calin of Elvandar, who is the son of King Aidan and Queen Aglaranna, and with Prince Calin’s cousin Galain. A boy named Amos Trask is born.

At some time in Krondor, a man begins settling disputes between rival criminal gangs. He eventually brings them together, organizes them into a guild, and cares for them. He builds a home for the guild that becomes known as “Mother’s” and he begins to call himself “the Square Man”. The new Guild of Thieves becomes known as “the Mockers”.

The Duchy of Maladon conquers the Duchy of Semrick and the ruling families of the two nations are united in marriage, thus forming a new nation called, simply, the Duchy of Maladon and Semrick.

On Kelewan, the Empire of Tsuranuanni makes war and invades the Thuril Confederation. The war continues for many years and the Tsurani make little headway against the Thuril.

At some time, House Acoma leads a campaign into the Thuril Highlands. The warrior Keyoke becomes acquainted with Ixal’t, a cho-ja warrior of the Kait’lk hive.

-21 = On Midkemia, Duke Borric learns of his illegitimate son, Martin, but he chooses to let the boy remain in the care of Silban’s Abbey.

-20 = Aidan, King of Elvandar, is killed in a hunting accident. The boy Martin is with the hunting party when an itinerant priest who happens to be in the area, in ignorance of Elven beliefs, offers to resurrect the King. The Queen refuses the offer. Queen Aglaranna becomes the ruler of Elvandar and begins the customary twenty years of mourning. Prince Calin becomes the Warleader of Elvandar. A son, Prince Lyam conDoin, is born to Duke Borric and Duchess Catherine of Crydee. Borric begins to feel remorse for not knowing his bastard son, Martin.

-18 = A son, Prince Arutha conDoin, is born to Duke Borric and Duchess Catherine of Crydee.

-15 = On Kelewan, a daughter, Mara, is born to Sezu, Lord of House Acoma, and his wife, Lady Oskiro. Lady Oskiro dies in childbirth and Mara is reared by her mother’s maid Nacoya. On Midkemia, Lakeisha ascends the Falcon Throne of the Empire of Great Kesh and becomes Empress.

At some time on Kelewan, enmity arises between Sezu, Lord of the Acoma, and Tecuma, Lord of the Anasati.

-14 = On Midkemia, a maid in the town of Crydee lies with a wandering soldier and becomes pregnant. The baby, a boy, is born with more potential for Magical ability than any other born in the history of Midkemia to this point, and is destined to be another powerful weapon used by the god Banath in the struggle against the Dread. Manipulated by Banath, Macros comes to Crydee and unlocks the potential within the babe. The baby’s mother then brings the newborn to the priests of Dala near the town of Crydee, claiming she found him on the road as an orphan. He is then brought to the keep where Duke Borric declares him a freeman. He is named Pug and is adopted by Megar the cook and his wife Magya. Pug grows up as a brother to their newborn son Tomas. A daughter, Princess Carline conDoin, is born to Duke Borric and Duchess Catherine of Crydee. Duke Borric has his bastard son, Martin, brought to Crydee. The Duke does not acknowledge him, however, for fear of shaming Duchess Catherine. The boy Amos Trask goes to sea for the first time.

-13 = Rather than subject Martin to the Choosing at the Festival of Banapis, the Duke appoints him directly as the apprentice to the Huntmaster. Due to this special treatment, Martin becomes the object of disapproval from the townsfolk. He eventually earns the surname “Longbow” and becomes, in his turn, the Duke’s Huntmaster.

At some time in Krondor, Donald the Chandler takes over the Mockers and calls himself “the Upright Man”. He consolidates the power that was the Square Man’s and makes the Mockers into a powerful organization.

-12 = About this time, a bard named Wolfgar, a frequent guest of Angus Hartraft, Baron of Valinar, beds Prince Rodric’s favorite woman in Rillanon and composes a derogatory song about the Prince. Warrants are issued for Wolfgar’s arrest and he flees Rillanon and travels past the northern borders of the Kingdom. He meets up with a wandering group of performers and falls in love with one of them, a woman named Roxanne. The performers know of a hidden valley within the Teeth of the World which is a base and a refuge for them. Wolfgar and Roxanne marry and have two daughters, Alyssa and Roxanne. The mother Roxanne dies giving birth to the daughter Roxanne. Rodric III conDoin, King of the Isles, dies without naming an heir. His brother Prince Erland conDoin, due to the secret of his ill health, does not accept the Crown. The King’s young son is crowned Rodric IV conDoin. Erland is named Prince of Krondor. Duke Guy du Bas-Tyra attempts to conspire to be named Regent. Duke Borric finally arrives in Rillanon with his family and, with Prince Erland and Duke Brucal of Yabon, supports Duke Caldric of Rillanon as Regent, and he becomes so. A daughter, Sojiana, is born to Empress Lakeisha of Great Kesh. On Kelewan, the brother of Lord Kamatsu of the Shinzawai, Fumita, is found to have Magical talent. Forced to leave his family, he becomes a member of the Assembly of Magicians. Lord Kamatsu adopts Fumita’s son, Hokanu, as his own.

-11 = On Midkemia, a farmer near Tyr-Sog, claiming too many mouths to feed, throws out his twelve-year-old and eldest son, Laurie. With a neighbor boy named Roald, he goes to Tyr-Sog and lives on the street. Laurie eventually joins a traveling troupe of musicians and, in time, becomes a wandering troubadour. Roald, meanwhile, joins a mercenary band as the cook’s monkey, and eventually becomes a soldier.

c. -10 = Queg makes an attempt to seize Port Natal from the Free Cities, but is repulsed.

-9 = The Moredhel stir up the Goblins and fighting occurs between the Goblins and the Duchy of Crydee.

-8 = Baron Bernarr ap Lorthorn of Land’s End, visiting Rillanon, becomes enamored of the young Lady Elaine du Benton. He forces her into marriage although, unbeknownst to him, she is already with child by her lover, Lord Zakry Kethry. The Baron returns to Land’s End with his new bride. About this time in Krondor, a certain Mr. Barret opens a coffee house to serve as a place where local businessmen can conduct business over a meal. It is an instant success.

-7 = King Rodric begins a campaign of public improvements, eventually intending to rebuild and beautify the entire city of Rillanon. Taxes soon become excessive. It eventually becomes apparent that periods of madness are slowly overtaking the King. Over the years, Duke Guy du Bas-Tyra fosters his influence over the King. The only check upon his influence is Duke Caldric of Rillanon. Duchess Catherine of Crydee passes away. Henceforth, in mourning, Duke Borric wears only black. In Land’s End, friends of the Baroness, including Lord Kethry, pay her a visit. While out on a hunt, Zakry kills a boar that the Baron had meant to take. In a fit of rage and jealousy, Baron Bernarr causes him to fall from a cliff and Lord Zakry Kethry is slain. Upon return to the manor, the Baron claims that Zakry had received a message and had departed for Rillanon. He also learns that Elaine is with child. Her guests depart. On the night that the Baroness goes into labor, a great storm descends on the region and the mad necromancer Sidi arrives at the manor in the guise of a magician named Lyman Malachy. The child is born, a boy, but Baroness Elaine is near death. Malachy offers his help and he ensorcels her, bringing Time around her to a near standstill. Although the Baron orders that the baby be left for the wolves, Meg the midwife brings it to a pair of farmers that she knows, Ossrey and Allet by name. They adopt the baby and name him Bram. Malachy stays on at the manor, ostensibly to help the Baroness, but in secret attempting to bring an entity of the Dread into the world. Baron Bernarr brings many priests and healers over the years to the manor but none are able to help Baroness Elaine. Malachy, in the meantime, eventually persuades the Baron to begin kidnapping children, supposedly so that they may be sacrificed and their life-force fed to Elaine, but in truth it is used towards the summoning of the Dread. About this time, the nations known as the Keshian Confederacy once again rebel against the Empire and are able to hold their own against Kesh’s military might.

At some time, the Satumbrian Demon Master Amirantha finds himself in Land’s End. Although he does not dare to approach him, Amirantha catches sight of Lyman Malachy, recognizing him as his brother Sidi.

-6 = Prince Erland of Krondor visits Crydee. A daughter, Princess Anita conDoin, is born to Prince Erland and his wife, the Princess Alicia. Amos Trask becomes the captain of a ship and a member of the Captains of the Coast, the loose organization of pirates, tolerated and sometimes employed by the Empire of Great Kesh as privateers, based in Durbin. Amos becomes known as Captain Trenchard and over the next several years, with the exception of Durbin and Krondor, he raids almost every port on the Bitter Sea. In Krondor, the Upright Man fathers a son by a street whore, and he is named Lysle. Pug and Tomas, as is the custom in the Duchy of Crydee, begin periods of training under each of the Craftmasters of Crydee.

On Kelewan, Almecho of House Oaxatucan becomes Warlord. During the course of his ascension in the Game of the Council, many Houses are obliterated.

The ninetieth Emperor of Tsuranuanni dies, and his heir, Ichindar, takes the Throne as ninety-one times Emperor of Tsuranuanni.

-5 = On Midkemia, in Krondor, the Upright Man fathers another son by the street whore. The boy is named Jimmy, and he grows up in the whore house with his older brother Lysle. Pug makes his first journey outside of the surroundings of Crydee when, in training under the Master Wainwright Francis, he goes with the master to deliver two wagons to a farmer in Carse.

-4 = On Kelewan, since the Warlord has committed so many forces to the war with the Thuril Confederation, Szetac Province and the Holy City of Kentosani are left vulnerable to the depredations of the Thun during their migration period. The Assembly of Magicians therefore orders the Warlord to end the war with the Thuril. As a result, the War Party loses much prestige within the High Council.

-3 = In training as a sailor, Pug makes a brief voyage from Crydee to Tulan and back.

At some time, the Great One Ergoran, having ambitions of becoming sole ruler of the Empire of Tsuranuanni and replacing the High Council with the Assembly, manipulates his brother, the Great One Elgahar, into joining him in his corrupt vision.

At some time on Midkemia, Prince Abdur Rachman Memo Hazara-Khan of the Empire of Great Kesh founds the Imperial Intelligence Corps, which to outsiders he always maintains does not exist.

-2 = A captain in the garrison of Rillanon, Steven Argent, transfers to the city of LaMut within the Duchy of Yabon. He eventually becomes the Swordmaster of the Earl of LaMut.

-1 = Squire Roland, the son of Baron Tolburt of Tulan, is sent to Crydee to learn the management of the Duchy and the ways of the Duke’s court. He becomes enamored of the Princess Carline. A delegation of nobles goes before King Rodric to ask him for relief from the excessive tax burden. Rodric accuses them of treason and has them executed. Prince Erland of Krondor goes to Rillanon and demands reparations be paid to the families of the executed nobles. The King nearly arrests the Prince, but is restrained by Duke Caldric and his counselors. Prince Erland leaves Rillanon and never sets foot in the capital again. [Magician, Chapter 1]. A celebration is held in Elvandar as Queen Aglaranna ends her period of mourning. Martin Longbow attends the festivities.

0 = [Magician, Chapters 2–3]. In violation of tradition, King Rodric declares that the Armies of the West may not be mustered without his permission. On Kelewan, the Assembly of Magicians creates a controllable rift which they believe to be free of the Enemy’s influence. The world on the other side of the rift is unsuitable for life. They open another rift, this time to the world of Midkemia, in a high valley of the mountains known as the Grey Towers, on the continent of Triagia. Outside of Time, the rift is a means for the Dread to exert its influence and gain agents to do its will as it attacks the Mind that is the Creation, the focus of its attack being the world of Midkemia. The Tsurani send scouts through the rift and precious metal is found lying about, samples of which are brought to the Warlord. The moredhel occupying a fort in the valley abandon it and the valley itself. At this time, a coalition led by the Blue Wheel Party has almost ousted the War Party from its control of the High Council. But with news of the discoveries on Midkemia, the Warlord and the War Party call for an invasion to secure the wealth that has been found. A faction within the Assembly of Magicians, led by the brothers Ergoran and Elgahar and a young magician named Tapek, fall under the influence of the Dread and supports the action. Ergoran and Elgahar attach themselves to Warlord Almecho. The fortunes of the War Party begin to rise once again, with Ergoran as the genius manipulating events behind the scenes. The Alliance for War is formed, led by the Warlord and House Minwanabi. Tasaio, the nephew of Lord Jingu of the Minwanabi, is chosen as the Warlord’s First Subcommander on Midkemia. On Midkemia, the Dread, using the entity that is the collective mind and power of the Valheru, establishes contact with the Pantathian Serpent-priests. Believing that they are facilitating the return of their goddess and creatrix, the Valheru Alma-Lodaka, the Pantathian Serpent-priests choose one of their number to take on the appearance of the legendary moredhel leader Murmandamus. He appears to a moredhel shaman and fasts and chants with him for three days and nights. A month later, he appears to Murad, the Paramount Chieftain of the Raven Clan. Murad pledges himself to Murmandamus and, as a sign of his devotion to Murmandamus and the dark powers behind him, cuts out his tongue. Murmandamus and Murad, accompanied by the Pantathian Serpent-priest Cathos, appear before the Lesser Chieftains of the Raven Clan, including Bovai. It is not long before Murmandamus gains the support of all of the Moredhel Chieftains, including Gorath, Liallan, and Delekhan. Murmandamus is acknowledged as the Master of the Moredhel race. He raises the Dragon Banner and sets up his capital in the ancient city of Sar-Sargoth. Delekhan becomes a member of Murmandamus’ council. Murmandamus and his agents also begin recruiting assassins to the cause, and he awakens the original Murmandamus’ undead warriors, the Black Slayers.

At some time on Kelewan, Mara, the daughter of Lord Sezu of House Acoma, against her father’s wishes, determines to join the Order of Lashima, the Goddess of Inner Light. She travels to the Temple of Lashima in the Holy City, Kentosani, and becomes a novice in the Order.

1 = On Midkemia, the Tsurani scouts are noticed by the Eledhel as they pass near the borders of Elvandar. Prince Calin, as Warleader, orders that they be followed. [Magician, Chapters 3–4]. It becomes apparent to the Eledhel that the foreign scouts are alien to Midkemia and are mapping the mountains and forests as a possible prelude to invasion. Alarmed, Queen Aglaranna, Prince Calin, and the Queen’s most senior advisor, the spellweaver Tathar, lead forth an embassy to consult with Duke Borric in Crydee. The Tsurani foothold in the northern valley grows to nearly ten thousand troops. Moredhel and goblins are driven out of their villages in the Grey Towers and down and southward into the depths of the forest known as the Green Heart. Some groups raid the dwarves’ herds in the lower valleys, causing the dwarves to increase their patrols. On Kelewan, a ship sails from Yankora with a Great One, Fanatha, on board, on a mission for the Warlord. The ship founders during a severe storm and, in an attempt to escape it, Fanatha opens a rift to Midkemia. The ship sails through the rift and crashes onto the rocks of Sailor’s Grief near Crydee. [Magician, Chapters 5–12]. The Tsurani attack the Free Cities near Walinor, as well as Elvandar, Stone Mountain, and Crydee. Prince Lyam and the garrison of Crydee defeat the Tsurani and drive them into the forest. Walinor is captured by the Tsurani. The estates of Valinar being a vital key to his plans, Murmandamus orders the elimination of Baron Angus Hartraft and his family. An assassin named Corwin is assigned the task. Corwin finds he is unable to carry out the assassination, so when he learns that the Tsurani are marching for Valinar, he poisons the guards on watch in the mountain pass and allows them to attack the settlement just before dusk on the night of the wedding of the Baron’s grandson, Dennis, to his childhood sweetheart, Gwenynth. The entire settlement is slain, including Baron Hartraft and his son, but Dennis and Gwenynth, his father’s closest friend Jurgen, and a handful of others escape. Outside the settlement, however, Corwin is waiting with a crossbow. He fires at Dennis but the bolt misses and hits Gwenynth instead. She dies in Dennis’ arms as Corwin flees. The survivors swear vengeance upon the Tsurani and name themselves the Marauders. Hartraft’s Marauders begin to serve as a raiding company, usually working behind Tsurani lines, under Baron Moyet of Tyr-Sog. [Magician, Chapters 13–14]. When Princess Carline in Crydee hears the news of Pug’s disappearance, she is devastated. About this time, the Ranger Grimsworth of Natal delivers messages to Dukes Borric and Brucal from Dolgan, including the news that Tomas is alive. A son is born to Baron Belefote of Timons and is named Owyn. About this time, the mother of the Upright Man’s illegimate sons, Lysle and Jimmy, is killed by a customer of the whore house in which they live and work. Jimmy flees and is forced to live on the streets. Lysle is sent to Romney where he is fostered by the Rigger family. Jimmy is eventually found on the streets by the Mockers and is officially recruited. Over the years, with the secret patronage of his father the Upright Man, Jimmy becomes a thief of uncommon skill and he becomes known as Jimmy the Hand. He will not, however, remember having an older brother. [Magician, Chapter 15].

2 = [The Wood Boy, pages 603–611]. [Daughter of the Empire, Chapters 1–7, page 173]. On Midkemia, upon the death of his father, Captain Vandros becomes the Earl of LaMut.

3 = [Daughter of the Empire, Chapter 7, pages 173–174]. [The Wood Boy, page 611–The End]. [Magician, Chapter 16]. [Daughter of the Empire, Chapter 8, pages 175–199]. About this time on Midkemia, the mad necromancer Sidi begins to formulate a plan to gain control of one of the next Tears of the Gods so that he can use it to free the Nameless One from his prison and allow him to return to Midkemia. Jazhara Shala Nema Hazara-Khan, the great-niece of Prince Abdur Rachman Memo Hazara-Khan, is born in the Empire of Great Kesh.

4 = [Daughter of the Empire, Chapter 8, pages 199–203]. The Blue Wheel Party joins the Alliance for War. Soon after, the Houses of the Blue Wheel Party, including House Shinzawai, join the invasion forces on Midkemia. [Daughter of the Empire, Chapters 9–12, page 291]. [Magician, Chapters 17–18]. [Daughter of the Empire, Chapter 12, page 291–The End]. On Midkemia, Kevin, the third son of the Baron of Zun, and his company of soldiers are captured and enslaved by the Tsurani.

5 = On Kelewan, House Minwanabi is attacked several times by others probing their weaknesses, including an attack by House Xacatecas. The Minwanabi Force Commander, Irrilandi, thwarts all of the attacks. Lord Chipino of the Xacatecas begins to mull over a possible relationship with Lady Mara and House Acoma. Having been stirred up by bribes and weapon shipments from the Minwanabi, the desert nomads of Tsubar begin to raid the Imperial province of Dustari in earnest. The High Council, through political maneuvering by House Minwanabi, sends the forces of House Xacatecas, let by Lord Chipino himself, to Dustari. On Midkemia, the wandering minstrel from Tyr-Sog named Laurie, wishing to see the Tsurani, accompanies a patrol of Kingdom soldiers. The patrol runs into a major Tsurani offensive and Laurie is captured and enslaved. He is brought to Kelewan and sent to the Great Swamp south of Jamar to work, and there he meets and befriends Pug. By this time, with the lessons of the long war against the Thuril Confederation in mind, Emperor Ichindar becomes willing to take a hand in the Game of the Council and to command the Warlord to make peace. He will not do so, however, unless it is guaranteed that King Rodric is willing to come to terms. In absolute secrecy, he enlists the aid of the Blue Wheel Party and the Party of Peace, particularly Lord Kamatsu of House Shinzawai. Also involved are two Great Ones of the Assembly of Magicians, Hochopepa and Fumita, who was once the brother of Lord Kamatsu and is the biological father of Hokanu. It is determined to send a secret emissary to King Rodric, although it is a very long journey from the rift in the Grey Towers to Rillanon. To this end, it is decided that Lord Kamatsu’s son, Kasumi, will be the emissary and Midkemian slaves will be found to teach him the language and customs of the Kingdom of the Isles. [Servant of the Empire, Chapters 1–4]. [Magician, Chapters 19–20, page 354]. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 5]. [Magician, Chapter 20, pages 354–365]. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 6, pages 83–91].

6 = [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 6, pages 91–101]. [Magician, Chapter 20, pages 365–382]. Pug begins his training with the Assembly. As part of the training, his memories are taken from him. Many in the Assembly, including the Great One Makala, wish Pug to be killed. They are particularly troubled by the fact that they are unable to read Pug’s mind; they are forced to rely on interrogations, drugs, and training drills in an attempt to ensure his loyalty to the Empire.

7 = On the Shinzawai estate, Katala gives birth to her and Pug’s son and names him William. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 7, pages 102–111]. [Magician, Chapter 21]. About this time, in the mountains north of Romney, the parents of a little girl named Gamina, who is able to speak with her mind, are killed by their fellow villagers and, fearing she is a demon, they leave her in the forest to die of exposure. An old blind seer named Rogen, who had also been chased out of his own village out of fear of his ability, is living in the forest nearby and he rescues Gamina. He raises Gamina as his own and they become inseparable. They eventually move and settle in the forests near Salador. The Red Raven, the ship of the pirate Trevor Hull, also known as Captain White-eye, is burned off the coast of Elarial by Imperial Keshian cutters. Hull, his first mate Aaron Cook, and some of his men escape to shore and make their way to Durbin. Jimmy the Hand crosses paths with the man who murdered his mother. Jimmy arranges for him to drink poison at a whore house, and the man dies without knowing who killed him or why. About this time in Krondor, Barret’s Coffee House moves to a larger location to accommodate its increased popularity. Businessmen begin to buy exclusive space in the establishment and begin to form syndicates and brokerages within its walls. It eventually becomes, outside of Rillanon, the most important trading center in the Kingdom.

8 = [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 7, page 111–Chapter 11, page 195]. [The Messenger].

9 = [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 11, pages 195–208]. On Midkemia, a member of House Tondora, Sugama, is assigned as second-in-command to Force Commander Asayaga. House Tondora is a client house of House Minwanabi and Sugama is assigned to Asayaga’s unit as an agent in an attempt to discredit Clan Kanazawai, of which Asayaga is a member. In Krondor, with the permission of the Upright Man, the pirate Trevor Hull and his men set up smuggling operations in the city. The smugglers and the Mockers become business partners. The Tsurani begin to push west and north, striking Crydee and Stone Mountain. Meanwhile, as Murmandamus continues to consolidate his influence over the Moredhel, he orders Bovai, Lesser Chieftain of the Raven Clan, to lead a major raid south, to both provide training and to ascertain whether the Moredhel could retake lands lost to the Kingdom, Eledhel, and Dwarves before the Tsurani invasion. Bovai’s raid is accompanied by mountain trolls, human mercenaries, and goblins. They are also accompanied by Corwin, the assassin responsible for the destruction of Valinar at the beginning of the war, who has been ordered to the south by Murmandamus. It may be about this time that the mercenary band which has as one of its members Roald of Tyr-Sog, Laurie’s childhood friend, holds back a force of two hundred goblins in Cutter’s Gap for three days until they are relieved by Baron Brian of Highcastle. [Honored Enemy, Prologue–Chapter 17]. Despite everyone’s agreement to keep silent about the events in the North, word does get out and Captain Dennis Hartraft is put on trial before Dukes Borric and Brucal and Earl Vandros for consorting with the enemy and allowing an elite Tsurani unit to escape. None of the witnesses, however, implicate Dennis in the charges against him. Hartraft’s Marauders, however, are disbanded and Captain Hartraft is detached to duty under Earl Vandros for the remainder of the war.

At some time, Lysle Rigger, the son of the Upright Man being fostered in Romney and Jimmy the Hand’s older brother, begins working for the Mockers.

At some time, King Rodric’s paranoia moves him to hang Duke Kerus of Salador. The King also orders Kerus’ family to be hanged, but they are able to make good their escape to Kesh. A supporter of Guy du Bas-Tyra, Richard, Baron of Dolth, becomes the new Duke of Salador, the third most powerful duchy in the East after Rillanon and Bas-Tyra.

10 = On Midsummer’s Day, at the behest of Murmandamus, a gathering of the moredhel clans takes place at the ancient city of Sar-Sargoth. Liallan of the Snow Leopard Clan attends, despite the presence of her supposedly hated husband, Delekhan, Lesser Chieftain of the Raven Clan, who stands at Murad’s right hand. The Chieftain of the Ardanien, Gorath, also attends. The moredhel clans and their servants, the mountain trolls, the goblins, the giants, and human mercenary bands, finally unite under Murmandamus and the Dragon Banner and begin to prepare for war. Baron Corvallis of Cavell contrives for an “accident” to befall his wife’s lover, a sculptor and mason named Sandau. The “accident” results in a cave-in that kills several men and, it is thought, the son of the Baron’s wife and Sandau, Neville, even though the Baron has accepted Neville as his own son. In reality, however, Neville survives and escapes. [Magician, Chapter 22]. [Magician, Chapter 26, pages 506–510]. On Kelewan, the Warlord, feeling tremendous pressure from within the High Council to justify the conduct of the war on Midkemia, offers huge concessions to the members of the Blue Wheel Party to regain their support. Lord Kamatsu sees the confusion of a large offensive as being good cover for Kasumi and Laurie to slip through the lines and deliver the Emperor’s message of peace to King Rodric. Therefore, House Shinzawai leads the Blue Wheel Party back into the Alliance for War with the Warlord and the War Party. [Magician, Chapter 23, pages 435–450]. Meanwhile, seeing the madness in the King and perceiving Prince Erland to be a weakling, Duke Guy du Bas-Tyra formulates a plan for the salvation of the Kingdom. He persuades King Rodric to name him as Viceroy of Krondor. With that done, he plans to force a marriage with Princess Anita to secure his succession to the Throne. He would then murder the King, take the Throne for himself, and offer Duke Borric the Western Realm as a separate nation, allowing Borric to also name Guy’s heir, even if it were to be one of Borric’s own sons, Prince Lyam or Prince Arutha. Guy marches into Krondor and is greeted by Prince Erland. Erland cooperates fully with Guy and the King’s command. Many warships from the Eastern Realm sail into the Bitter Sea, which becomes a matter of great concern for Queg. [Magician, Chapter 23, pages 450–460]. In Krondor, Guy incorporates his secret police, under the leadership of Baron Jocko Radburn, and institutes press gangs. Prince Erland protests. Lord Barry, Admiral of the Prince’s fleet, dies of a heart seizure, although no word of the cause of his death is known outside of Guy’s inner circle. Guy puts his own Admiral, Jessup, in command of the Krondorian fleet. Prince Erland writes a letter to the King demanding Guy’s dismissal, but it is intercepted. Guy orders the Prince, his wife Princess Alicia, and his daughter Princess Anita, placed under guard in the palace. Fearing civil war and the prospect of either betraying his King or facing Duke Borric on the field of battle, Dulanic, Duke of Krondor, resigns. He retires to the abbey of Ishap near Sarth and becomes a monk, taking on a new name, Micah. The Empire of Great Kesh decides to test the Kingdom by sending its Dog Soldiers into the Vale of Dreams. [Magician, Chapter 23, page 460–Chapter 24, page 473]. News of the Keshian incursion into the Vale of Dreams reaches Krondor. Duke Guy, realizing that he must march his army south to counter the Keshians, also orders four thousand Krondorian troops north to reinforce Dukes Borric and Brucal along the Tsurani front. Before he marches out, Guy informs Princess Anita that he will be marrying her and that the childless King will name him Heir Presumptive to the Throne of Rillanon (in succession after Prince Erland). However, Prince Erland refuses to sign the proclamation of betrothal and Guy has him imprisoned in the dungeon until he does so. The cold and damp exacerbates the Prince’s already fragile health, and his condition rapidly deteriorates. Baron Jose del Garza is left in command of the City during the Duke’s absence. One of Princess Anita’s maids passes along news of the royal family’s situation to her sister who is a member of the Mockers. The Upright Man, losing a great deal of business due to Guy’s secret police, being a loyal subject of His Highness, the Prince of Krondor, and for a considerable fee, decides to help the Princess. During the night, when Duke Guy marches forth for the Vale of Dreams, the Mockers smuggle Princess Anita out of the palace. The Upright Man enlists the aid of the smuggler and former pirate Trevor Hull in the endeavor. While they attempt to figure out a way to get her out of Krondor, they keep Anita at a safe house within the city. When the Upright Man learns the extent of Guy’s plans, he determines to dedicate his resources to thwarting him. Jocko Radburn becomes desperate to get the Princess back before Duke Guy’s return. [Magician, Chapter 24, page 473–Chapter 25, page 489]. On their way to Yabon City for the winter, Dukes Borric and Brucal and their advisors stop in LaMut. When they leave, Kulgan’s pet firedrake, Fantus, elects to stay in LaMut and he becomes somewhat of a pet to Earl Vandros’ Swordmaster, Steven Argent. [Murder in LaMut]. Meanwhile, Duke Guy du Bas-Tyra arrives at Shamata and runs up his banner. The Keshians recognize it, make one more perfunctory attack, and sue for peace. Guy receives word of Princess Anita’s disappearance, as well as Arutha’s presence and disappearance, and leaves immediately for Krondor. He sends orders that Prince Erland be released from the dungeon but, in a panic, Baron del Garza does not obey the order, hoping to keep some leverage against the escaped Princess Anita. [Magician, Chapter 25, page 489–502]. [Jimmy the Hand, Chapters 1–6]. About this time, Captain Dennis Hartraft catches sight of Asayaga and Tasemu in the aftermath of a battle at an inn. Meanwhile, near Jonril, Squire Roland of Tulan leads out a patrol to stop a group of hungry Tsurani from raiding a certain farmer’s cows. He is shot with an arrow and dies. [Jimmy the Hand, Chapters 7–18]. [Magician, Chapter 25, pages 502–505]. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 11, page 208–Chapter 12]. On Midkemia, Duke Guy du Bas-Tyra returns in triumph to Krondor to find Prince Erland still in the dungeon and very near death. Baron Jose del Garza manipulates blame for Erland’s condition so that it rests on the deceased Jocko Radburn. [Jimmy the Hand, Epilogue]. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 13]. [Magician, Chapter 26, page 510–Chapter 27]. In the days that follow, by Macros’ design now that the danger has passed, Tomas finds that he has access to the full power and senses of the Valheru. About this time, Erland con Doin, Prince of Krondor, finally succumbs to his illness and dies. The fact of his death, if not the rumor, is kept secret and only the Crown is informed. Fighting erupts once again between the Empire of Great Kesh and the Keshian Confederacy. [Magician, Chapter 28, pages 543–561]. The Crown of Isles denies the claim of Bram, the illegitimate son of Baron Bernarr, and another of the Crown’s choosing becomes Baron of Land’s End. Bram, however, is rewarded handsomely for his service. He marries Lorrie and becomes a very wealthy farmer. King Rodric musters the Armies of the East and marches for the Grey Towers to deal with the “traitor” Duke Borric, and to put an end once and for all to the Tsurani invasion. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 14, pages 262–270]. Almecho, the Warlord of the Nations of Tsuranuanni, launches his campaign, the Kingdom Armies of the West are routed, and a large portion of the front falls, cutting off the Armies of the West from Crydee, Elvandar, and Stone Mountain. During the fighting, Duke Borric leads a counterattack to rescue some auxiliaries to the garrison of Yabon, among them every fighting man of the Iron Hills Clan of the Hadati hillmen. Among the Hadati is a warrior named Baru Serpentslayer, of Ordwinson’s family. Duke Borric receives a mortal wound in the battle and is brought back to the Dukes’ camp, where he lingers dying for some time. Duke Brucal takes command of the Armies of the West. [Magician, Chapter 28, pages 561–563].

At some time, the mad necromancer Sidi, unknowning agent of the Dread, subverts the Guild of Death, the assassins known as the Nighthawks, and becomes their leader. Some time afterward, they are enlisted by agents of Murmandamus, and several of his Black Slayers join their ranks. At some time, Neville, the illegitimate son of the wife of Baron Corvallis of Cavell, joins the Nighthawks. He begins going by the name Navon du Sandau.

11 = It may be about this time in the far north of Kelewan that Macros visits the Eldar in Elvardein and tells them that a student may come to them in the near future. He travels to Kentosani to secretly attend the Imperial Games. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 14, page 270–Chapter 15, page 290]. [Magician, Chapter 29, pages 564–572]. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 15, pages 291–298]. [Magician, Chapter 29, pages 573–581]. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 15, pages 299–312]. [Magician, Chapter 29, pages 581–587]. In the City of Magicians, the Assembly gathers. Ergoran, Elgahar, Tapek, Makala, and the other “pets” of the Warlord call for Milamber’s death, while Hochopepa and Shimone argue on his behalf. Unprecedented turmoil reigns within the Assembly. In the High Council in Kentosani, the Party for Progress and the Party for Peace openly ally themselves with the Blue Wheel Party. Almecho, Warlord of the Nations of Tsuranuanni, takes his own life in shame. [Magician, Chapter 30]. Word reaches the Dukes’ camp that Duke Guy du Bas-Tyra has fled Krondor. It is plain to the Dukes that he has no doubt gone to Rillanon where he will be in hiding and watching events. Volney, Earl of Landreth, who formerly was the assistant to Duke Dulanic of Krondor, takes over the administration of the Principality of Krondor. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 16, pages 313–332]. [Magician, Chapter 31–Chapter 32, page 630]. Among the Emperor’s retinue, Subcommander of the Warlord Jeshurado of the Minwanabi, the Imperial Force Commander, and Halesko of the Anasati are killed. All of the Lords of the Five Great Families are killed: Desio, Lord of the Minwanabi, Warchief of Clan Shonshoni; Chipino, Lord of the Xacatecas, Warchief of Clan Xacala; Andero, Lord of the Keda, Warchief of Clan Kanazawai; the Lord of the Tonmargu, Warchief of Clan Ionani; and Pimaca of the Oaxatucan, Warchief of Clan Omechan. Force Leader Kasumi of the Shinzawai stands nearby and, unable to persuade the Emperor to quit the field, he strikes Ichindar on the head, rendering him senseless, and orders him carried back through the rift to the City of the Plains on Kelewan. Seeing no one of higher rank in the battle, Kasumi assumes the rank of Force Commander and directs the battle as more Kingdom cavalry charges his position from the northern pass. [Magician, Chapter 32, pages 630–634]. The Dread is immediately aware of Macros’ work and it attacks him, although Pug is unaware of it. Nevertheless, Macros is able to complete the destruction of the rift machine. Hundreds of soldiers surrounding the rift machine on Midkemia are killed in the explosion. As Pug’s consciousness fades away he is able to establish contact with Kulgan through the staffs, and he reappears in the valley on Midkemia. The staffs disappear. [Magician, Chapter 32, pages 635–644]. Among the Tsurani that surrender under Kasumi's command is Asayaga. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 16, page 332–Chapter 19]. As with Axantucar’s predecessor, the Great One Ergoran and his brother Elgahar attach themselves to the new Warlord, and once again Ergoran begins to manipulate the fortunes of the War Party. [Magician, Chapter 33]. About this time, Guy du Bas-Tyra arrives in Rillanon. He stays underground, keeping a close watch on events. Macros is defeated and the Dread imprison him in the Garden of the City Forever. A trap is contrived and set for those who may attempt to rescue him. [Magician, Chapter 34, pages 654–660]. Although he was planning to turn himself in, when Guy hears of Martin’s claim to the Throne, he worries about civil war and decides to wait out the events of the day. Friends manage to smuggle him and his vassal, Armand de Sevigny, onto the King’s ship, the Royal Swallow. [Magician, Chapter 34, page 660–The End]. Amos Trask discovers Guy du Bas-Tyra and Armand de Sevigny aboard his ship. Guy is able to convince him to take him to Bas-Tyra so that he may put his affairs in order before giving himself up. Earl Kasumi meets a merchant’s daughter in Rillanon, Megan. They are soon married and she becomes Countess of LaMut. The Royal Swallow docks in Bas-Tyra and word reaches them that the King has banished Guy. With that news, Guy, Amos, and Armand decide to sail for the Keshian Confederacy, to make a name for themselves there. Three days out of Bas-Tyra, they begin to be chased by a fleet of Ceresian pirates. Amos is unable to shake them until they hit bad weather. The gale blows them northward and they find themselves along an uncharted coast, presumably somewhere north of the Lands of the Orodon. Amos takes the ship up a river to weigh anchor and make repairs. Two nights later, they are attacked by goblins and overwhelmed. The goblins set fire to the Royal Swallow and take the survivors of the fight captive as slaves to pull Murmandamus’ siege engines. Prince Arutha dispatches Sergeant Gardan to Krondor to assume command of the City and Palace Guards, becoming the Captain of the Prince’s Royal Household Guard. He, in effect if not in title, becomes Krondor’s Knight-Marshal. Meanwhile, Volney, Earl of Landreth, remains in his position administering the Principality and becomes, in effect, the Principate Chancellor. In Crydee, Baron Bellamy takes on the administration of the Duchy until Duke Martin’s return. For their part in the rescue of Princess Anita, Prince Arutha pardons the smuggler Captain Trevor Hull and his First Mate Aaron Cook and enlists them into the Royal Customs Service. Captain Hull takes command of the customs cutter Royal Raven. At Duke Caldric’s suggestion, King Lyam reassigns many of Guy du Bas-Tyra’s vassals to the border fortresses of Northwarden, Ironpass, and Highcastle. Baldwin de la Troville and Anthony du Masigny are assigned to Highcastle under Baron Brian. Guiles Martine-Reems is given command of the City of Bas-Tyra as Baron du Corvis. King Lyam, Prince Arutha, and Duke Martin begin a tour of the Eastern Realm and the Eastern Kingdoms. The night before their departure, Prince Arutha and Princess Anita come to an understanding of what they mean to each other. While Princess Alicia returns home to Krondor, Anita contrives reasons to remain in Rillanon. Princess Carline and Laurie begin a romantic relationship. In time Carline becomes determined that they be married, while Laurie remains reluctant to settle down. Meanwhile, the goblins that have Guy, Amos, and Armand captive meet up with some moredhel with more captives in tow. Eventually, they reach the Plain of Isbandia on the final leg to Sar-Sargoth. It is there that they are attacked by warriors from Armengar who have been warring with Murmandamus’ servants, and the moredhel and goblins are slain, although Guy loses an eye in the fight. Guy, Amos, and Armand are brought to Armengar. Their capabilities soon become apparent and, at the instigation of the current Protector, Gwynnath, the volksraad names Guy Protector of Armengar. Guy begins using the methods of modern warfare against Murmandamus’ servants and the Armengarians, who had been losing the war, begin to hold their own. Guy and Gwynnath fall in love. At some time during his tour of the East, King Lyam enters into an agreement with King Carole of Roldem for the hand of his daughter, Princess Magda. This arrangement would place the first child of Lyam and Magda first in line for the Throne of Isles and second in line for the Throne of Roldem, behind Crown Prince Dravos. Pug, Kulgan, Meecham, Katala, and William go to the island of Stardock in the middle of the Great Star Lake, which Duke Borric had titled to Pug. There they begin to build their academy for magicians. Gathis sends Macros’ library to Pug and Kulgan at Stardock. Word of the Academy spreads. The old blind seer Rogen and the girl he cares for that speaks with her mind, Gamina, leave their home in the forest near Salador and make their way on foot to Stardock. When they finally arrive at the island, they are welcomed with open arms by Pug, Katala, and Kulgan. [Servant of the Empire, Chapters 20–21]. The Great One Ergoran leads his brother Elgahar, the Great One Tapek, and others of his faction in calling into question the Assembly’s own autonomy. Given their involvement in the disaster that befell the peace conference, Hochopepa and Fumita dare not act. Simultaneously, in Kentosani, Axantucar, manipulated by Ergoran, begins a great push in the High Council. He begins using Imperial Whites to put an end to disputes between Houses, always favoring his allies. Given the loss of face suffered by the Emperor and the Blue Wheel Party during the betrayal at the peace conference on Midkemia, their political power dwindles while the power of the Warlord and the War Party comes to dominate the High Council almost completely.

12 = On Midkemia, a son, Prince Calis, is born to Queen Aglaranna and Lord Tomas. About this time, Captain Dennis Hartraft marries Wolfgar’s daughter Roxanne. He is also reassigned to duty under Baron Brian of Highcastle. At some time, he is promoted and given title to Wolfgar’s old valley, becoming Squire of Wolfgar’s Hold. A son is born to Dennis and Roxanne and is named Jurgen. In turn, at some time, Asayaga marries Wolfgar’s other daughter Alyssa. About this time, the mad necromancer Sidi, as an unknowing agent of the Dread, enlists two sorcerers to his cause: the brothers Savan and Neman. They are killed and raised from the dead as liches. Due to the madness incumbent upon being raised as one of the undead, Sidi is forced to imprison Savan beneath the Black Pearl Temple near the village of Haldon Head. A force of undead warriors becomes Savan’s Death Guards. [Silverthorn, Prologue]. Murad, at Murmandamus’ orders, begins mustering the moredhel clans at Sar-Sargoth. Cathos finds the prophecy regarding the Bloodstones and the Cross of Fire, and that it also speaks of the Bane of Darkness, also called the Lord of the West. It is determined that this is a reference to the Prince of Krondor, Arutha conDoin. Murmandamus sends orders to the Nighthawks and Murad leads forth the Black Slayers to eliminate the threat posed by Prince Arutha. Cathos and several of the Black Slayers join the Nighthawks in Krondor where they set up their base of operations at a high-class brothel, the House of Willows. As Murad and his retinue make their way south, he stops to destroy the Hadati village of Baru Serpentslayer, killing all of its inhabitants. Baru begins a Bloodquest to kill Murad and heads southward. The Nightwarden of the Mockers in Krondor, Laughing Jack, and a confidence man named Golden Dase are approached by their mutual friend Havram, a merchant of Questor’s View who works as a smuggler for the Mockers, and he recruits them into the Nighthawks. Laughing Jack has second thoughts but is then made to witness a ritual conducted by Cathos wherein a little girl is sacrificed. In fear, he agrees to work with them. One of the gwali – gentle, semi-intelligent, ape-like creatures – named Olnoli, is killed and eaten by a rock serpent at Moraelin. With all of the other dark and dangerous happenings in the Northlands, the gwali migrate south into the forests of Elvandar. [Silverthorn, Chapters 1–19]. On Kelewan, in light of the threat posed by the Enemy, and also desiring to balk Lord Tasaio of the Minwanabi, the Assembly of Magicians allows Emperor Ichindar’s acquisition of temporal power, despite their ancient policy of preventing drastic change within the Empire. On Midkemia, in preparation for his wedding to Princess Carline, Laurie is named the new Duke of Salador by King Lyam. Arutha also has Gardan named Knight-Marshal of Krondor, while a sergeant named Valdis is named Captain of the Prince’s Royal Household Guard. Jimmy takes up his duties as Senior Squire of the Prince’s Court. Over the next several months he and Squire Locklear of Land’s End become fast friends. Roald is paid his commission for joining the quest for Silverthorn and is given a room in the Palace. Over the next several months, he enjoys himself thoroughly. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 22, pages 449–460].

13 = [Silverthorn, Epilogue]. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 22, pages 460–475]. On Midkemia, in Krondor, Prince Arutha and Princess Anita are married. Soon after, Duke Laurie and Princess Carline are also married. As per his agreement with King Carole of Roldem, made during his tour of the Eastern Kingdoms, King Lyam marries Princess Magda of Roldem. Shortly after, Caldric, Duke of Rillanon, Royal Chancellor, and First Advisor to the King, passes away. As the nobles of the Eastern Realm jockey for political advantage, three border skirmishes break out, but none serious enough to cause the King to send in the Armies of the East. Twin sons, the Princes Borric and Erland conDoin, are born to Princess Anita and Prince Arutha of Krondor. About this time, the revolt of the Keshian Confederacy is finally and brutally crushed by the Empire. Cities are burned to the ground, people are enslaved, and entire cultures are exterminated. [A Darkness at Sethanon, Prologue]. As the festival for the Presentation of Princes Borric and Erland approaches, the Upright Man learns that Nighthawks may have returned to Krondor. He dispatches a personal agent of his, the gambler Tyburn Reems, to learn what he can. Later, Reems’ body is found floating in the bay. [A Darkness at Sethanon, Chapters 1–3]. At some time, large groups of goblins and human mercenaries are spotted heading into the Northlands by the Eledhel of Elvandar. The gwali flee the elven forests for the Green Heart to the south.

14 = [A Darkness at Sethanon, Chapters 4–13]. The Ardanien and their Chieftain, Gorath, hold the flank against the Edder Forest while Murmandamus’ host assaults Armengar, guarding against any possible attack by King Earanorn and the Glamredhel. [A Darkness at Sethanon, Chapters 14–17]. During the assault on Highcastle, a third of the Ardanien are slain, including Gorath’s cousin Melos. [A Darkness at Sethanon, Chapters 18–19]. After Murmandamus’ disappearance, it is Gorath who gives the order for the Moredhel to withdraw from Sethanon. [A Darkness at Sethanon, Chapter 20]. For giving the order to withdraw at Sethanon, Gorath faces contempt and ridicule upon his return to the Northlands. His wife, Cullich, leaves him. A remnant of the Nighthawks survives their service to Murmandamus. Under the continued leadership of the mad necromancer Sidi, they begin to rebuild and to seek out new bases from which to operate. At some time, one of their major bases is set up in the caves and tunnels beneath the ruined fortress known as the Tomb of the Hopeless, south of Shandon Bay and north of the Vale of Dreams. Another nest is made beneath an inn in Krondor called Ye Bitten Dog. At the Tomb of the Hopeless, Sidi places the Nighthawks under the command of the two undead lich sorcerers: the brothers Savan and Neman. During the performance of some dark ritual, they come into contact with the Demons of the Fifth Circle. The Demon King Dahun, desperate to flee the Darkness consuming the Fifth Circle (which is another manifestation of the attack by the Dread upon the Mind that is the Creation), subverts the Nighthawks at the Tomb of the Hopeless, and they become a cult dedicated to doing Dahun’s will, with the goal of eventually bringing him into the First Circle on Midkemia. Moving forward in his plans to gain control of the next Tear of the Gods in order to free the Nameless One from his prison, Sidi comes to the Black Pearl Temple, close by the prominence of Widow’s Point near the village of Haldon Head, and makes his dwelling there, sharing the place with Savan and his undead Death Guards. Soon afterward, Lims-Kragma’s memory of the dead Controller Goddess Arch-Indar appears there, as ever, to oppose Sidi’s plans. She takes on the physical form of an old wise-woman named Hilda and makes her home in a hut on Widow’s Point, above the subterranean Black Pearl Temple. [Servant of the Empire, Chapter 23–The End]. Mara, Lady of House Acoma, Servant of the Empire, and Warchief of Clan Hadama, weds Hokanu, the heir of House Shinzawai. The majority of the Assembly of Magicians, in its perpetual interest of preventing change within the Empire, opposes the absolute rule of Emperor Ichindar and comes to view his entire faction as a threat, particularly Lady Mara of the Acoma. At this point, however, they stay their hand, not yet daring to harm a Servant of the Empire. Chumaka, First Advisor to House Anasati, without Lord Jiro’s knowledge, recruits the former warriors of House Minawanabi that Lady Mara had freed but had then refused to take service with House Acoma. Chumaka establishes a secret garrison for them. On Midkemia, a son, Randolph conDoin, is born to Lyam and Magda, King and Queen of the Isles. Most of the survivors from Armengar begin to settle in the Duchy of Yabon. About this time, Father Tully passes away. In Novindus, the clans of the City of the Serpent River begin to war on each other. As the fighting escalates, a mercenary captain named Valgasha appears in the City and takes control of the council building, declaring the bazaar and the docks under his protection. He negotiates a peace among the clans and takes for himself the title of Overlord. As peace returns, he begins to organize a standing army and takes the old Kings’ palace as his own. Eventually, on Kelewan, rumors of the events beneath Sethanon circulate amongst the Assembly of Magicians. The interest of the Great One Makala is especially piqued. He travels to Midkemia and spends time at Stardock.

Although the entity that was the combined mind and power of the Valheru no longer exists, its life-force absorbed into the Lifestone, the Pantathian Serpent-priests continue to serve the Dread, still believing that they may resurrect their goddess, the Valheru Alma-Lodaka.

At some time on Midkemia, the sorceress once known as Jorna makes a pact with the Pantathian Serpent-priests, to serve their ends in return for eternal youth. She receives a new body and becomes known as Lady Clovis. To maintain her youth, she becomes vampiric. She becomes the consort of a powerful necromancer in Novindus named Dahakon.

Jealous of the notoriety that the beautifcation of Rillanon begun under King Rodric IV, and continued under King Lyam, have brought to the Kingdom of the Isles, Emperor Jumillis of Queg orders the same for the Imperial capital, the city of Queg. The beautification of Queg comes to a halt, however, once the marble quarries have been depleted.

Macros travels to the world of Telesan and lives with the people known as the Edhara.

15 = On Kelewan, Lady Mara gives birth to a boy, the son of Kevin of Zun, and names him Justin. It is agreed that Justin will become the next heir to House Shinzawai.

At some time, Asayaga is promoted and becomes a squire under Baron Moyet of Tyr-Sog. Ironically, he is given title to Dennis Hartraft’s old lands and becomes Squire of Valinar.

At some time, a mad warlock within the Empire of Great Kesh, thinking to serve his god, attempts to summon a demon in order to gain a gift of long life in return. When he opens the portal to the Fifth Circle, rather than summoning the usual imp, a powerful demon with the powers of possession and invisibility is sent with a mission to create chaos and to keep the forces of Order within the Kingdom of the Isles distracted. When the demon fails to appear, the warlock steps within the summoning circle and the demon takes possession of him. The demon also takes possession of many others after discarding the warlock, creating as much chaos as it can along the way.

At some time, Duchess Carline and Duke Laurie of Salador welcome the births of two sons.

At some time, Jerome, Senior Squire of the Court of the Prince of Krondor, becomes Housecarl of the Palace.

At some time, inspired by the defenses of Armengar that he witnessed in action, Duke Martin rigs a booby trap in the Magician’s Tower of Crydee Keep, Kulgan and Pug’s old home, that will use Quegan Fire to immolate and destroy the entire keep, killing all within it.

Under the influence of the Dread, the Pantathian Serpent-priests begin the creation of a stone, empowered with the life-force of thousands of people and animals that are captured and sacrificed, that, they suppose, will act as a key to free their mistress, the Valheru Alma-Lodaka, from the Lifestone.

As the years pass, Squire James gradually develops a small network of informants within the City of Krondor.

16 = [Honored Enemy, Epilogue].

17 = A daughter, Elena conDoin, is born to Prince Arutha and Princess Anita of Krondor. Kevin of Zun takes service with Prince Arutha and is assigned to serve under the Border Barons at Highcastle and Northwarden. In the City of the Serpent River, the necromancer Dahakon and his consort, the Lady Clovis, appear and Dahakon becomes Overlord Valgasha’s Grand Adviser. Dahakon develops a fearful reputation. Magic is outlawed in the realm and any fellow magician that comes into his reach is killed. He creates a cadre of secret police called the Black Rose. Finally, he recruits and trains a corps of fanatic soldiers. He names them the Red Slayers and red-colored helms are fashioned for them that are identical in shape to those of Murmandamus’ Black Slayers. Valgasha’s rule as Overlord of the City of the Serpent River becomes absolute. [Mistress of the Empire, Chapters 1–4].

18 = On Midkemia, Jazhara Shala Nema Hazara-Khan, the great-niece of Ambassador Abdur Rachman Memo Hazara-Khan, having Magical abilities, goes to study at Stardock, against her great-uncle’s wishes. Prince Hazara-Khan, however, does nothing to stop her. Shortly after her arrival at Stardock, William, Pug and Katala’s son, becomes enamored of her. Volney, Duke of Krondor, dies unexpectedly and Gardan is made both Duke and Knight-Marshal of Krondor.

20 = [Mistress of the Empire, Chapters 5–9]. On Midkemia, Navon du Sandau, leading a group of Nighthawks, brings them to the home of his youth. They burn Cavell Keep, forcing Baron Corvallis to move into the town. The Nighthawks keep harassing the Baron in order to keep him afraid to go out into the open, thus preventing him from rebuilding the Keep. The Nighthawks set up a base in Cavell Run, the caves and tunnels underneath the Keep.

Two of the most powerful and influential magicians at Stardock, the Keshian brothers Korsh and Watoom, who are also agents of the Imperial Keshian Intelligence Service, begin to build cults of personality around themselves.

The Keshian magician Miranda is arrested by the Secret Police. She is recruited by Raouf Manif Hazara-Khan, the brother of Ambassador Abdur Rachman Memo Hazara-Khan, as a spy. She is specifically tasked with discovering what exactly happened during the Battle of Sethanon.

At some time, the Mockers’ chief basher, Ethan Graves, receives a calling and joins the Order of Ishap. He is unfortunately assigned to the Temple of Ishap in Krondor where he is amongst his past. He falls in love with a girl he used to know, Katherine, or Kat, and begins a relationship with her.

21 = [Mistress of the Empire, Chapter 10]. On Midkemia, a major border clash occurs between the Kingdom of the Isles and the Empire of Great Kesh, but it is soon resolved. About this time, the demon sent to Midkemia to create chaos takes possession of Lady Shandra, the wife of the Governor of Durbin. Being now in a position of some financial and political power, the demon begins to plan to start a major war between the Kingdom of the Isles and the Empire of Great Kesh. Owyn, the son of Baron Belefote of Timons, with the encouragement of his teacher, the magician Patrus, defies his father’s wishes and goes to study at Stardock. In turn, Baron Belefote banishes Patrus from Timons. The Great One Makala makes the acquaintance of the moredhel spellweaver Nago who, along with his brother and fellow spellweaver Narab, serves Delekhan, the Chieftain of the Raven Clan (and sworn enemy of Gorath, Chieftain of the Ardanien). Nago leaves the Northlands to work with Makala and shows the Tsurani Great One how to enter the ancient Valheru city beneath Sethanon. Makala discovers the existence of the Lifestone. In Novindus, two mercenaries, Prajichetas (commonly known as Praji) and Vajasiah (commonly known as Vaja), begin working and traveling together.

22 = The demon possessing Lady Shandra of Durbin creates a fictional crime organization based in Krondor led by a figure known as the Crawler. The organization forges a relationship with the Nighthawks led by Navon du Sandau and begins to make moves to take over ports and river-trade in the East, particularly in Silden and Romney. Keshian assassins, known as Izmalis, join the Nighthawks. Further, the Crawler employs men as fake Nighthawks in order to sow confusion. The organization led by the mythical Crawler learns of Ethan Graves’ relationship with Kat. Navon du Sandau comes to Graves and threatens Kat’s life if Graves refuses to work with the Nighthawks. Graves agrees to do so. Patrus comes to Salador and makes the acquaintance of Duke Laurie. After a time, Laurie informs Patrus that Baron Gabot of Northwarden is looking for an advisor in regards to the Moredhel Spellweavers. Patrus leaves Salador and arrives in Northwarden. Navon du Sandau, leader of the Nighthawks, begins courting Ugyne, the daughter of his one-time father, Baron Corvallis, in order to torment him with the knowledge. At some time, Jazhara has an affair with one of her teachers at Stardock. When Ambassador Hazara-Khan hears of it, deeming it improper, he arranges for Jazhara’s teacher to reject her and leave Stardock. In turmoil, Jazhara turns her attentions to William and they have a brief affair, until Jazhara realizes she is only using William and she ends the relationship. Although Pug fervently wishes his son to remain at Stardock to study and explore his talents, William defies his father and enlists as a cadet in the Armies of the Kingdom. He is assigned to train under Swordmaster McWirth of Krondor. Possessed with fear of what Pug and the Kingdom could do with the Lifestone, the Great One Makala and six other members of the Assembly, including the Great One Zatapek, form a complex plan, travel to Midkemia, and, through Nago, befriend Delekhan, Chieftain of the moredhel Raven Clan. Delekhan raises the Dragon Banner once again, claiming that Murmandamus is being held captive beneath the city of Sethanon. Any who oppose Delekhan are struck down by Magic wielded by Makala’s companions, who have become known as “the Six”. Also serving Delekhan are the two moredhel spellweavers, the brothers Nago and Narab. Makala and the Six set up an operation wherein Tsurani grey warriors steal gems on Kelewan, bring them through the rift to Midkemia, and sell them to certain dodgy merchants. The gems are then bought by the organization led by the mythical Crawler in Krondor and are given to the Moredhel. The Moredhel, in turn, sell the gems for armor, weapons, and mercenaries to be used in Delekhan’s coming invasion of the Kingdom, which will be used by Makala as a diversion while he and the Six unlock the Lifestone and steal it away to the Imperial Palace in Kentosani. The organization led by the mythical Crawler, but in reality led by the demon possessing Lady Shandra of Durbin, in a bid to aid Delekhan’s invasion and expand its own power base, sows discord in the cities along the invasion route, particularly in Romney, making use of Navon du Sandau’s Nighthawks to do so. A son, Marcus conDoin, is born to Duke Martin and Duchess Briana of Crydee.

At some time, King Earanorn leads the Glamredhel from the Edder Forest to the forests of Elvandar where they are welcomed by the Eledhel. The Glamredhel do not yet decide, however, if they will remain a separate people living alongside the Eledhel or whether they will fully join them and submit themselves to the authority of Queen Aglaranna.

At some time, the Panath-Tiandn or, as they call themselves, the Shangri, the creations of the Valheru Alma-Lodaka that were stranded upon the world of Timirianya in ages past, come under the influence of the Dread.

23–24 = [Mistress of the Empire, Chapters 11–17]. On Midkemia, Squire Locklear becomes involved with the daughter of a powerful merchant in Krondor. The couple is found out and Prince Arutha is forced to transfer Locklear to service under Baron Moyet in Tyr-Sog. Owyn Belefote, having failed at his studies in Stardock, decides to visit relatives in Yabon before returning to his father in Timons. Gorath, Chieftain of the Ardanien and enemy of Delekhan, is arrested and imprisoned in Sar-Sargoth by the spellweaver Narab. Liallan, Chieftain of the Snow Leopard Clan and wife to Delekhan, supposedly to thwart Delekhan and delay his invasion of the Kingdom, arranges for Gorath to escape. Gorath’s escape is a ruse and part of Delekhan’s plan, but he is nevertheless pursued relentlessly into Yabon and beyond. [Krondor: the Betrayal]. At the death of Delekhan and his son Moraeulf, Liallan, their wife and step-mother, respectively, absorbs some members of the Badger Clan into the Snow Leopard Clan. Narab becomes the new Chieftain of the Badger Clan. [Krondor: the Assassins]. In view of the current crises within Krondor and the Western Realm, Prince Arutha once again delays Duke Gardan’s retirement. Jazhara begins to journey to Krondor to take her position, with Pug’s recommendation, as court magician for Prince Arutha. Sidi recruits a pirate captain named Bear to attack the ship that will carry the Tear of the Gods across the Bitter Sea to Krondor. Sidi gives Bear the amulet that had transferred a fragment of the essence the Nameless One into his soul long ago, and it works dark Magic on the pirate as well. Sidi also recruits goblins to his command and they take up residence in the Black Pearl Temple in order to provide more protection and to foment chaos within the region. To that same end, he then summons a Vampire Lord to the village of Haldon Head. The Vampire Lord begins making vampires out of unwary villagers and farm-folk in the surrounding area. Sidi also begins to work to turn the townsfolk of Haldon Head against Hilda, the old wise-woman who lives at Widow’s Point, who is actually Lims-Kragma’s memory of the dead goddess Arch-Indar. [Krondor: Tear of the Gods]. [Jimmy and the Crawler]. Prince Abdur Rachman Memo Hazara-Khan, the Ambassador of the Empire of Great Kesh to the Kingdom of the Isles and founder of the Imperial Intelligence Corps (which, officially, does not exist) passes away. Empress Lakeisha names Lord Toren Sie as the new ambassador to the Kingdom.

24 = A son, Nicholas conDoin, is born to Prince Arutha and Princess Anita of Krondor. A son, Harry, is born to Henry, Earl of Ludland.

Sir James Jamison is given the rank of Baron of the Prince’s Court and is named Chancellor of Krondor, the first assistant to Duke Gardan. Squire Locklear is also given the rank of Baron of the Prince’s Court and is named Knight-Marshal of Krondor.

At some time, Jerome, Housecarl of the Palace of Krondor, becomes the Master of Ceremonies of the Court of the Prince of Krondor and is given the rank of Court Baron.

24–26 = [Mistress of the Empire, Chapters 18–23].

25 = On Midkemia, the Upright Man, also known as Donald the Chandler, dies. Leadership of the Mockers passes to one known as the Virtuous Man. A daughter, Margaret conDoin, is born to Duke Martin and Duchess Briana of Crydee.

26 = Prince Randolph conDoin, the son of King Lyam and Queen Magda and Heir Apparent to the Throne of the Isles, is drowned in an accident. Prince Arutha of Krondor once again becomes Heir Apparent.

27 = [Mistress of the Empire, Chapters 24–33].

At some time, Prince Calis, the son of Queen Aglaranna and Tomas of Elvandar, begins making visits to Crydee where he spends time with his grandparents Megar and Magya. He befriends Duke Martin and Duchess Briana’s son Marcus.

29 = Justin, ninety-two times Emperor of Tsuranuanni, seeks an exchange of ambassadors between the Empire and the Kingdom of the Isles. Since he speaks fluent Tsurani, Kevin of Zun is recalled to Krondor by Prince Arutha, given the title of Court Baron, and is named the Kingdom’s Ambassador to the Empire of Tsuranuanni. [Mistress of the Empire, Epilogue]. On Midkemia, Princes Borric and Erland conDoin, the unruly twin sons of Prince Arutha and Princess Anita of Krondor, are sent north to serve with the Border Barons.

At some time on Kelewan, a distant cousin of the late Tasaio of the Minwanabi is married to a cousin of Emperor Justin, a member of House Acoma. At the behest of the Emperor and Mara, Mistress of the Empire, House Minwanabi is revived and resumes its place among the Five Great Families.

At some time, the Midkemian God Banath, aware of Pug’s affection and concern for the peoples of Kelewan and wishing to give him a gift, causes a magical box containing a message written in Pug’s hand to appear in the Imperial Court in Kentosani. Mara, Mistress of the Empire, takes possession of the message which appears to be directed at a future Emperor of Tsuranuanni – a warning to pay heed to Miranda and to prepare to evacuate the world of Kelewan. She shares the message with her son, Emperor Justin, and it is afterwards shared only between the Emperors and their heirs, the most closely guarded secret in the history of the Empire.

30 = Baron James of Krondor visits the Baron of Land’s End and, while in the area, becomes reacquainted with his old friends Bram and Lorrie. James makes use of Bram and Lorrie’s trading concerns in the Empire of Great Kesh to finally place an agent in the Imperial Palace in the city of Kesh.

At some time in the city of Tarendamar on Andcardia, the taredhel Undalyn becomes the Regent Lord of the Clans of the Seven Stars.

32 = On Midkemia, the god Banath begins to send messages to Pug, in Pug’s own handwriting, and causes them to appear in a box on his desk in his study at Stardock. Pug believes that he is sending them to himself from the future. The first of these messages instructs him to have Baron James of Krondor tell a man that he will meet that, “There is no Magic.” It becomes clear to the royal chirurgeons and priests that Queen Magda of the Isles will have no more children. Since King Lyam is without a male heir, it becomes clear that Prince Arutha’s eldest son, Prince Borric, will one day be King of the Isles. [Prince of the Blood, Chapters 1-5]. Pug says farewell to his beloved wife Katala. She crosses through the rift to Kelewan and travels to her homeland, the Thuril Highlands. There, a short time later, Katala, Duchess of Stardock, passes away. A Quegan fleet begins raiding the Free Cities and Kingdom coastal towns near Questor’s View. Prince Arutha orders a fleet under the command of Admiral Bruhall to find and sink the Quegans. [Prince of the Blood, Chapters 6-8]. The Kingdom fleet under the command of Admiral Bruhall destroys the Quegan raiding fleet that had been raiding the Kingdom and the Free Cities. [Prince of the Blood, Chapters 9–The End]. Gardan, Duke of Krondor, is finally allowed to retire and King Lyam’s First Advisor, Earl Geoffrey of Ravenswood, becomes the new Duke of Krondor. Prince Diigai, the son of the Commander of the Imperial Charioteers, Lord Jaka, marries Princess Sharana, the granddaughter of Lakeisha, Empress of Great Kesh. The Empress names Diigai as the Heir to the Falcon Throne.

33 = About this time at Stardock, Kulgan passes away. In his grief, Meecham leaves Stardock and disappears, never to be seen by his friends again. Pug, his wife, children, and mentors gone and him not aged, abandons Stardock and goes to Sorcerer’s Isle. Knowing that he, unless killed, will live a very long time, and not wishing to be forced to witness those that he cares about grow old and die, he leaves word with Prince Arutha that he does not wish to be disturbed or visited. He does, however, leave Arutha with means to contact him if there is great need. He restores Villa Beata and, with Gathis and Macros’ old community, makes his home there. He welcomes a few other extraordinary beings, as Macros used to do, as members of the community, and some as students. The governance of Stardock is given over to a triumvirate, two of whom are the Keshian magician brothers Korsh and Watoom. Nakor the Blue Rider comes to Stardock. He finds the ways of Korsh and Watoom to be pretentious and self-important. He sets about to undermine their officiousness, teaching that there is no Magic, only “tricks”. He gathers several students to his point of view and they name themselves “the Blue Riders”.

At some time, Amos Trask, Admiral of the Prince’s Fleet of the Kingdom Navy, begins keeping company with Alicia, the Dowager Princess of Krondor and the late Prince Erland’s widow.

At some time, Lakeisha, Empress of Great Kesh, passes away and her Heir, Diigai, ascends the Falcon Throne to become Emperor.

At some time, Prince Borric conDoin, Heir Presumptive to the Throne of Isles, marries Princess Yasmine of the people of the Jal-Pur Desert of the Empire of Great Kesh.

At some time, Prince Erland conDoin marries a lady named Genevieve.

At some time, William conDoin, the son of Duke Pug and the late Duchess Katala of Stardock, becomes the Knight-Marshal of Krondor.

34 = Ghuda Bulé comes to Elarial, finds an inn to buy, which he names the Inn of the Dented Helm, and settles down with a widow and her children.

A son, Arutha, is born to Lord James Jamison and Lady Gamina.

36 = Princes Borric and Erland of Krondor are sent to live and work in the King’s Court in Rillanon.

At some time, Lord James Jamison becomes the Duke of Rillanon.

At some time in the Empire of Tsuranuanni on Kelewan, women begin to be admitted to the Assembly of Magicians.

At some time in Novindus on Midkemia, a three-way war erupts between the Overlord of the City of the Serpent River, the Raj of Maharta, and the Priest-King of Lanada.

At some time, Duke Martin sends a message to Stardock, requesting that a magician be sent to Crydee to serve as the Duke’s advisor on the subject of Magic. As an insult, they send a young magician named Anthony, who appears to have little talent, to the Court of Crydee.

At some time, the Pantathian Serpent-priests begin to bring to fruition a plot that they have hatched to create a magically virulent plague, to disguise some of their number as certain citizens and nobles of the Kingdom, infect these copies, and transport them to Krondor where they will infect the Palace and the City, creating chaos and weakening the Kingdom enough for the Serpents to invade, reach Sethanon, and activate the Lifestone in order to return the Valheru Alma-Lodaka to Midkemia. Lady Clovis and Dahakon co-opt the Overlord of the City of the Serpent River and his resources for the Serpent-priests’ plan. Messengers are sent overseas to recruit the pirates of the Sunset Islands under Captains Render and Dread, members of the Durbin Slavers’ Guild, Quegan renegades, including one Vasarius, and members of the Tsurani Brimanu Tong on Kelewan.

40 = Princess Elena of Krondor, the daughter of Prince Arutha and Princess Anita, marries Gunther, the eldest son of the Duke of Ran. Squire Harry, the son of Earl Henry of Ludland, is sent to live and work in the Court of the Prince of Krondor. He is quickly singled out to be the personal squire and companion to Prince Nicholas. After a few years of retirement in Crydee, fishing and telling stories, Gardan, former sergeant of the garrison, and former Duke and Knight-Marshal of Krondor, passes away.

About this time on Sorcerer’s Isle, Pug receives a message from the Oracle of Aal portending imminent danger. Also sensing this future, Nakor leaves Stardock and goes in search of Ghuda Bulé.

41 = [The King’s Buccaneer].

Praji and Vaja return to Novindus, becoming the first on the continent to be friends, and sometimes agents, of the Kingdom of the Isles.

At some time on Andcardia, Undalyn, the Regent Lord of the Clans of the Seven Stars, is subverted and begins to serve the Dread.

About this time on the world of Shila, the Saaur of the Patha Horde of the mighty Empire of Grass come to the city of priests known as Ahsart. The priests refuse to pay tribute and, in anger, the Sha-Shahan of the Empire of Grass, Jarwa, rides forth to personally lead the final attack on the city. Rather than succumb, the high priest, Myta, under the influence of the Dread, unseals the portal to the outer regions of the Fifth Circle. The Demon King Maarg, also under the influence of the Dread, sends his legions through the portal to Shila and the First Circle. Although Jarwa leads seven million Saaur warriors against them to preserve their race, the Demons, led by Tugor, the First Servant of Maarg, steadily push them back. The Demon King Dahun, seeking escape from the advancing Dread in the Fifth Circle, sends agents to Shila who pillage the libraries and temples of the Saaur, returning scholarly material back to Dahun in the Fifth Circle so that he can learn about the First Circle.

At some time, Marcus conDoin weds Abigail of Carse, Margaret conDoin weds Anthony the magician, and Harry of Ludland marries Brisa.

The Virtuous Man is succeeded by Lysle Rigger as the leader of the Mockers who, unbeknownst to him, is the older brother of Duke James of Rillanon. Lysle calls himself the Sagacious Man and, in mundane life, takes on the identity of a man named Brian Dunstan.

At some time, Duke James of RIllanon purchases the estate of Vencar upon the isle of Rillanon.

The Shangri of Timirianya, under the influence of the Dread, make contact with their Pantathian kin in Novindus on Midkemia and offer their services. An Emerald Crown, that in ancient times was the property of the Valheru Alma-Lodaka, is given to Lady Clovis. She becomes the Emerald Queen, the figure around which an army is raised for the conquest of Novindus, the invasion of the Kingdom of the Isles, and the eventual capture of the Lifestone. Among her recruits is a very capable captain, Fadawah, who rises to become the Commanding General of the Emerald Queen’s army.

Clovis begins to realize that the Emerald Crown contains some of the essence of Alma-Lodaka and that it is overwhelming her personality. Her spirit flees her body and takes over the body of Kahil, an old friend of General Fadawah who is his Captain of Intelligence. The body of the Emerald Queen continues on, acting only under the influence of the essence of Alma-Lodaka through the Emerald Crown.

The Shangri and the Pantathian Serpent-priests construct a gem which will act as a key to release the life-force energies contained within the Lifestone.

The army of the Emerald Queen marches forth and conquers the city of Point Pünt. The defenders of the city are given the choice of joining the Queen’s army or be given a day to withdraw. The remaining men of the city are ordered to join the army or witness their families being impaled. Those men that withdraw are hunted down and killed.

At some time, Vaslaw Nacoyen dies and his son, Hatonis, becomes Chieftain of the Lion Clan of the City of the Serpent River.

42 = A son, Prince Patrick conDoin, is born to Prince Borric and Princess Yasmine of the Isles.

44 = The city-state of Irabek falls to the army of the Emerald Queen.

45 = Nakor joins Pug on Sorcerer’s Isle.

In the course of their explorations, the Taredhel come to a world completely devoid of life yet containing recent ruins. In the ruins, they find a translocation portal that takes them to the world of Shila. The Demon King Maarg, under the influence of the Dread, directs his legions to attack the Taredhel explorers, and they are joined by the armies of the Demon Kings Sebran and Chatak, among others – five demon armies in all. The Demon Legion is able to follow the Taredhel as they flee. The Demon Legion pours forth through the portals and thence to the world of Estandarin. The Demon Legion eventually overwhelms the defenders of Estandarin and they manage to capture the translocation portal on that world, using it to travel to the next Taredhel colony on Dastin-Barin. When the Demon Legion captures the translocation portal on that world, they are given access to four more Taredhel colony worlds and the slow defeat and withdrawal of the Taredhel continues. Eventually, the Demon Legion gains the translocation hub on the world of Komilis and all of the Taredhel worlds are threatened. Over the following decades, the pattern repeats itself until, one-by-one, the worlds of the Clans of the Seven Stars fall to the Demon Legion. This fulfills the will of the Dread, which wishes to drive the Taredhel back to their ancient homeworld of Midkemia.

At some time, the First Host of Heaven, led by the Master of the First Host, the angel Riakel, is dispatched from the Sphere of the One to answer the presence of the Demons in the First Circle. They assemble at the edge of the Realm of Emergence, at the very top end of the Hall of Worlds, awaiting the Call to unleash the Wrath of Heaven upon those who jeopardize the universe, cleansing the mortal realms and saving the Created Reality from destruction. The Call, however, never comes.

At some time on Andcardia, the Circle of Light, the self-governing body of the Taredhel magicians, is disbanded by decree of the Regent Lord Undalyn. The taredhel magicians, including their most preeminent members such as Laromendis, an illusionist and Master of the Arts of the Unseen, come under the direct supervision of the Regent’s Meet, those who govern the Taredhel under the Regent Lord.

At some time, as they conquer worlds of the First Circle, the Demon Legion encounters and wars against a race of the Edhel lost to the memory of the other elven races.

On Telesan, the Edhara, in their explorations of different worlds, open a portal to a world occupied by the Demon Legion. The Demons invade Telesan and wipe out the Edhara, but do not reveal their presence to the Taredhel occupying lands to the south of the Edhara. Macros flees the Demons, at some time returning to Midkemia where he becomes a hermit and attempts to merge his consciousness with that of the lost God of Magic, Sarig.

46 = A soldier in the service of Baron Daniel de la Troville of Highcastle named Robert de Loungville is sentenced to be hanged for killing another soldier in a brawl. Prince Calis of Elvandar, visiting Highcastle, seizes the opportunity to recruit a band of desperate men with which he plans on returning to Novindus. Baron Highcastle releases de Loungville into Calis’ custody. It is necessary for Calis to beat him into submission several times, but de Loungville comes around and eventually becomes a sergeant in Calis’ band.

47 = Port Sulth and the towns along the Manstra River fall to the Emerald Queen. Her armies also march along the River Dee but are stopped in the foothills of the Ratn’gary Mountains by the dwarves that inhabit that region. Nevertheless all of the Westlands fall under the Emerald Queen’s control.

At some time, Arutha Jamison, the son of Duke James of Rillanon and Duchess Gamina, marries Lady Elena of Roldem.

48 = Slavers from Durbin raid a village in the nearby hills. A young boy named Subai, a grandson of a member of the Imperial Keshian Guides, survives the raid by hiding. When the raiders are gone, Subai finds his grandfather and father murdered and his mother and sister taken. Subai tracks the slavers to Durbin and kills three of them, although he is not able to find his mother and sister. He stows away on a ship bound for Krondor. Upon arrival in the city, he finds a family in a nearby village to serve in exchange for food, clothing, and shelter.

49 = The new Baron of Darkmoor, Otto, falls in love with a girl of the town of Ravensburg named Frieda. They are married in secret and Otto petitions the King for the Throne’s permission for the wedding. King Lyam denies the request and orders Baron Otto to marry Mathilda, the daughter of the Duke of Ran. The Baron’s Swordmaster, Owen Greylock, brings word to Frieda only to find that she has given birth to Otto’s son, Erik. Afterwards, every time the Baron visits Ravensburg, Frieda brings Erik forth and publicly demands that the Baron acknowledge him as his son, earning her the enmity of Baroness Mathilda. The Baron never does so, but neither does he refute the claim, and thus Erik is allowed to carry the von Darkmoor name. The Baron soon fathers two legitimate sons: Stefan and Manfred. Frieda is taken in by Milo, owner of the Inn of the Pintail, and she becomes the kitchen drudge. Before long, however, she is operating the inn with authority. Milo and his daughter Rosalyn and Frieda and Erik become like a family. A son is born in Ravensburg to a teamster named Tom Avery, a distant relative of the pirate John Avery. He is named Rupert and nicknamed “Roo”. Roo’s mother dies in childbirth, Tom takes to drink and, when Roo is older, Tom beats him when drunk. As they grow up, Erik befriends Roo, despite the fact that Roo is usually running wild and causing trouble. A son, James, is born to Arutha Jamison and Lady Elena in Rillanon.

King Lyam names Arutha Jamison the Earl of Vencar.

51 = A son, Dashel, is born to Earl Arutha Jamison and Lady Elena at Vencar.

At some time, Harry of Ludland and his wife Brisa are named the Duke and Duchess of the Sunset Islands.

At some time, [Profit and the Grey Assassin].

Word reaches Prince Arutha of the conquering armies in Novindus and he sends thirty men across the sea to investigate the rumor. Only one man returns to confirm the truth of the matter.

At some time, Korsh and Watoom pass away and the governance of the Stardock Academy passes to a five-member Council of Magicians. Among their number is Korsh’s first devotee, a magician named Chalmes. A former leader of Nakor’s Blue Riders, Naglek, also comes to sit on the Council. Eventually, however, the Blue Riders are marginalized because of their refusal to conform to the views of the self-important leaders of the Academy.

At some time, Duke Martin conDoin of Crydee retires from his duties and goes to live out his days in Elvandar. His son and daughter-in-law, Marcus and Abigail, become the new Duke and Duchess of Crydee.

53 = Prince Arutha forms a company of soldiers from the length and breadth of the Armies of the Kingdom, led by Prince Calis of Elvandar, as an expedition to Novindus. Upon arrival in Novindus, they assume the identity of a mercenary band called the Crimson Eagles. It is probably at this time that Calis establishes friendly relations with Hatonis and the other Chieftains of the Clans of the City of the Serpent River, as well as with the Jeshandi. It is very likely that Calis also reconnects with Praji and Vaja at this time. Calis and the Crimson Eagles lend what aid they can, but are forced to retreat and eventually return to the Kingdom. Prince Arutha calls Calis the “Eagle of Krondor”, and the appellation sticks. Subai goes to Krondor and enlists in the Prince’s army. His skills become apparent and he becomes a member of the Krondorian Pathfinders.

54 = By this time the armies of the Emerald Queen have fought their way through the Forest of Irabek. The army of the Emerald Queen attacks the city-state of Hamsa. The King of Hamsa and his army, joined by hired mercenaries from the remainder of the continent, are able to keep them at bay.

57 = By this time on Shila, the Demons have lost about one hundred thousand of their number, and of the seven million Saaur warriors, less than fifty thousand remain, and those have retreated to the region of Cibul, the capital city of the Empire of Grass. Here they are contacted by the Pantathian Serpent-priests of Midkemia who, with the aid of the Shangri, were able to fashion a rift to Shila. In supposed return for a generation of service, the Serpent-priests will provide an escape for the remaining Saaur through a rift to the continent of Novindus on the world of Midkemia. [Shadow of a Dark Queen, Prologue]. The Demon Lords attempt to reopen the rift in order to wreak vengeance upon the Pantathians and to devour yet another ripe world. However, they are only able to send a small demon through to Midkemia to wreak havoc upon those who allowed the Saaur to escape before the rift collapses. The demon finds itself in the underground galleries and dwellings of the Pantathians beneath the mountains in Novindus. It hides itself and devours those it captures along the fringes of the communities, gradually growing in size, strength, and power.

58 = Erik von Darkmoor begins to assist Tyndal, Ravensburg’s blacksmith. Despite Tyndal never delivering on his promise to make Erik his apprentice, Erik eventually takes over most of his work since Tyndal is usually drunk.

59 = King Lyam conDoin, son of Duke Borric and Duchess Catherine of Crydee, dies in Rillanon. His nephew Borric conDoin becomes King Borric II of the Isles. King Borric’s son, Prince Patrick, becomes Heir Apparent to the Throne. One of Krondor’s wealthiest merchants, Jacob Esterbrook, sets up a coach line between the cities of Krondor and Salador. At some time, he also becomes an agent of the Empire of Great Kesh.

At some time, Duke Laurie of Salador passes away and Princess Carline becomes the Dowager Duchess of Salador.

At some time, the Keshian magician Miranda discovers that, whatever happened at the Battle of Sethanon, the secrets surrounding it are beyond matters of purely national interest. She therefore deserts from her service to the Empire and continues to investigate on her own. She eventually makes contact with the Oracle of Aal.

59–60 = As the army of Hamsa is forced to retreat, Prince Arutha sends two thousand men, led by Calis and Robert de Loungville, on ten ships to Novindus to aid them. Even with that aid, they are forced back and the city of Hamsa is finally besieged. In Hamsa, Calis meets Miranda and they begin working together, eventually also becoming romantically involved. The siege goes on for most of a year before the city falls. The remaining men of the Kingdom flee east and kill the wounded rather than leave them behind. Calis carries the wounded Bobby de Loungville for two days as they flee. They reach the steppes where the Jeshandi cover their retreat and give them shelter. From there, the sixty men of the Kingdom that are left alive are able to make it to the City of the Serpent River, from whence they sail back to the Kingdom. Miranda stays in Novindus for a while longer, keeping watch, until she too returns to Triagia.

At some time, Calis is given the rank of Duke in the King’s Court in Rillanon, while Robert de Loungville is given the rank of Baron in the Prince’s Court in Krondor.

At some time, gems and gold are found in the mountains near Jonril, in the Duchy of Crydee, attracting many men searching for their fortune and, in the process, helping to rebuild the Far Coast.

62 = Calis and Robert de Loungville convince Prince Arutha to form a hand-picked “desperate” band of men to make one more attempt at an expedition to Novindus in order to gather intelligence and try to learn of any weaknesses the Emerald Queen’s forces may have. They insist that all of these men be of a certain mettle: desperate to stay alive, yet also willing to follow orders. All of the surviving veterans of the siege of Hamsa are also recruited. Additionally, Miranda, with knowledge provided by the Oracle of Aal, joins the cause and begins to visit certain men to whom she has been directed by the Oracle. These men are steered to Krondor where, one way or another, they are recruited, usually because they have committed a capital crime and are given the choice to be trained by Bobby de Loungville or face execution. Pug, knowing that his loved ones are in danger if he presents a threat to the Serpent-priests, disappears. Unbeknownst to the residents, he begins to work from his protected study at the Academy of Stardock. He also travels the Hall of Worlds, seeking to throw anyone hunting him off of his trail, yet allowing a way for the right person to find him if need be. Subai becomes Captain of the Krondorian Pathfinders.

63 = The city-state of Kilbar falls to the armies of the Emerald Queen.

64 = Prince Arutha orders a compound built in the countryside near Krondor to serve as a barracks and training facility for Calis’ company. In Novindus, the armies of the Emerald Queen assault the city-state of Khaipur.

At some time, Pug receives a message from the god Banath, as always in Pug’s own handwriting, causing him to think that he is sending them to himself from the future. This message reads simply, “Trust Miranda.”

64–66 = [Shadow of a Dark Queen, Chapter 1–Epilogue].

65 = In Ravensburg, Rudolph the baker’s apprentice takes the pregnant Rosalyn as his wife. Rosalyn gives birth to Stefan von Darkmoor’s son and names him Gerd. When the Freeport Ranger returns to Krondor with the intelligence that Calis has sent back, Prince Nicholas informs the King that he is personally taking the ship back to Novindus. Nicholas resumes his old position as Admiral of the King’s Fleet in the West. Prince Patrick, the son of King Borric II and Queen Yasmine and Heir Apparent to the Throne, becomes the Prince of Krondor, guided and advised by his uncle, Prince Erland, as well as James, who has stepped down from his duties as Duke of Rillanon to become Duke of Krondor. Back in Ravensburg, Nathan the smith marries Erik von Darkmoor’s mother Frieda.

At some time, the honor guard of the Priest-King of Lanada, the so-called Immortals, are brought into the heart of the Emerald Queen’s army. They participate in horrible rites, pledging themselves to dark powers, and become the personal guards and servants of the Emerald Queen. Each night, one of them gives his life as she feeds on his life energy.

At some time, the Demon Lords are able to once again open the rift to Midkemia and the captains Jakan and Dogku are sent through into the demesne of the Pantathians. Jakan, under the influence of the Dread, betrays his masters, deciding to take Midkemia as his own, to feed on its life, and to eventually become a new Demon King. He leaves the Ratn’gary Mountains and makes his way to the Emerald Queen’s army. Disguising himself as a servant, Jakan enters the Emerald Queen’s tent and, catching her as she is drinking the life from her latest victim, devours her, ending the influence of Alma-Lodaka over the gathered armies of Novindus. He casts an illusion to appear as if he is the Emerald Queen and mystically enslaves her closest servants, General Fadawah and the Pantathian Serpent-priest Tithulta. As Kahil, Fadawah’s Captain of Intelligence, he who was once Clovis, Jorna, and Jania, observes what has happened and remains hidden, biding her time. Jakan begins to feel the same compulsion as the Queen to cross the Sea in order to reach an unknown goal, and therefore continues to lead the Emerald Queen’s army in her guise.

66–70 = [Rise of a Merchant Prince].

At some time, some of the Shangri from the world of Timirianya are brought to Shila to help the Demon Lords open the rift to Midkemia and to facilitate the passage of the Demon King Maarg to Midkemia, where he will use the key to the Lifestone constructed by the Shangri and the Serpent-priests.

71–72 = [Rage of a Demon King].

72 = On Shila, after having slain Macros, the Demon King Maarg comes through to the First Circle only to find the rift to Midkemia destroyed. In his absence, the Demon King Dahun annexes Maarg’s realm in the outer reaches of the Fifth Circle and seals shut the portal from that realm to Shila. When Maarg seeks to return to his realm in the Fifth Circle, he finds that portal also closed against him and he is unable to open it, trapping him on Shila. With almost no life remaining on Shila to feed on, Maarg slowly starves and weakens until he finally dies in the ruins of the city of Ahsart. Peace talks begin in Stardock between the Kingdom of the Isles and the Empire of Great Kesh. The talks are overseen by Pug, Kalied of Stardock, and for a time, Nakor. The Assembly of Magicians from the Empire of Tsuranuanni also sends the Great One Kalari as a representative. With some material help from Rupert Avery, Nakor begins to attempt to revive the worship of Arch-Indar, starting with an improvised temple in an abandoned warehouse in the city of Darkmoor. Having been caught in the path of the Emerald Queen’s army, a Keshian spy named Malar Enares is forced to hide in the hills east of Krondor throughout the winter. In Elvandar, as he recovers from his ordeals, Calis keeps company and begins to fall in love with Ellia, the ocedhel woman that Miranda had rescued from Novindus. Duke Martin conDoin of Crydee, called Longbow, the son of Duke Borric conDoin of Crydee and Margaret of Yabon, passes away in his sleep in Elvandar. A grandson of Emperor Diigai of Great Kesh, Prince Sezioti, is born. A few years later, another grandson of the Emperor, Prince Dangai, is born.

72–73 = [Shards of a Broken Crown].

73 = Prince Patrick conDoin of Krondor marries Francine, daughter of Duke Brian of Silden, in Rillanon.

At some time, Gathis realizes that his life is almost over and, in the way of his people, disappears from Sorcerer’s Isle and finds somewhere to pass away alone, the last of his people.

Grieving over the loss of William, Fantus visits Pug less and less in the coming years.

The Demon King Dahun allies with the other three Demon Kings against the Darkness that is the advancing Dread in the Fifth Circle, but he sends the demons from the outer regions, Maarg’s former subjects, into battle, preserving his own forces. He begins seeking a way to the world of Midkemia in the First Circle in order to beg aid from Pug and the Conclave of Shadows.

At some time, Nakor’s disciple Sho Pi becomes the Grand Master of an order of monks serving the goddess Sung the Pure.

King Borric II conDoin of the Isles, son of Prince Arutha and Princess Anita of Krondor, passes away. Patrick conDoin, son of King Borric II and Queen Yasmine, becomes King of the Isles.

At some time, Duke Marcus conDoin of Crydee, the son of Duke Martin Longbow, dies and his son Henry conDoin becomes Duke of Crydee.

Pug and Miranda are married on Sorcerer’s Isle.

79 = In the Second Circle, upon the world of Kosridi, a Dasati named Aruke is born, the son of the Lord of the Camareen, who is also a member of the White.

At some time on Midkemia, two sons, William and James, are born to Lord James Jamison.

At some time, Erik von Darkmoor becomes Commander of the garrison of the City of Krondor. Some time later, he becomes the Knight-Marshal of the King’s Army in the West and is named Warden of the West.

At some time, Earl James Jamison of Vencar becomes Duke of Krondor.

Manifestations of the power of the Gods – dreams, echoes, and memories – begin to appear with increasing frequency and come to the attention of the Conclave of Shadows.

c. 84 = A son, Kaspar, the grandson of Duke Kazamir of Olasko, is born to Duke Konstantine and Duchess Merianna of Olasko.

c. 85 = A baby girl named Marie is born in Stardock Town.

c. 87 = A son, Magnus, is born to Pug and Miranda on Sorcerer’s Isle.

c. 89 = A son, Caleb, is born to Pug and Miranda on Sorcerer’s Isle. As children, Magnus and Caleb spend considerable time at Stardock. While Magnus begins to develop ability with Magic, he spends his time with the Magically-talented children at the Academy. Caleb, however, was not born with Magical ability so he spends time with the children of the town of Stardock. He makes friends and becomes playmates with the Stardock Town-girl named Marie.

A son, Prince Ryan conDoin, is born to King Patrick and Queen Francine of the Isles.

At some time, the sorcerer Belasco finds his brother Sidi in Kesh and attempts to kill him. Sidi is forced to flee, leaving behind several scholarly works on the subject of Necromancy. Belasco takes Sidi’s books and begins to learn the dark art, adding it to his repertoire.

At some time, the activities of Sidi, now going by the name of Leso Varen, come to the notice of the Conclave of Shadows and several conflicts ensue, culminating in a confrontation between Varen and Pug himself. Both Pug and Varen survive the encounter and Varen escapes and evades the Conclave, which thinks him dead.

At some time, Prince Calis of Elvandar marries the ocedhel woman from Novindus, Ellia, and adopts her children.

At some time, the Earl of Carse dies without an heir. Duke Henry of Crydee (the grandson of Duke Martin Longbow), with King Patrick’s blessing, gives title to the Earldom to a family from the Eastern Realm of the Kingdom.

Rupert “Roo” Avery, the wealthiest man in the Kingdom of the Isles, passes away. It may be at this time that Dashel Jamison, also known as the Upright Man, takes control of the largest shipping company on the Bitter Sea.

96 = A son, Prince Matthew, is born to the daughter of the King of Roldem. A daughter, Natalia, is born to Duke Konstantine and Duchess Merianna of Olasko.

97 = On Kelewan, the grandson of Justin, Emperor of Tsuranuanni, and the great-grandson of Mara, Mistress of the Empire, and Kevin of Zun, is born. He is named Sezu after his great-great-grandfather.

c. 99 = On Midkemia, Caleb is sent to live in Elvandar. He learns woodcraft from the Eledhel, the art of swordfighting from Tomas, and the use of the bow from the Princes Calin and Calis. He becomes so proficient with the bow that the elves compare his abilities to those of the legendary Martin Longbow.

In addition to several other outposts throughout Triagia and Novindus, the Conclave of Shadows sets up a base of operations at Kendrick’s Steading near Latagore in the Eastern Kingdoms.

At some time, Dasher Jamison, the son of the Upright Man Dashel Jamison, is named Lord Carlstone and begins to serve in the Court of Rillanon.

At some time, Lord Dasher Jamison of Carlstone marries Lady Rowella Montonowsky of Roldem.

102 = A son, Henry conDoin, also called “Harry”, is born to Duke Henry, son of Duke Marcus, of Crydee.

103 = A son, Kielianapuna, or Kieli, is born to Elk’s Call at Dawn and Whisper of the Night Wind of the Orosini people in the village of Kulaam in the Lands of the Orosini, located in the mountain range known as the High Fastness in the midst of the Eastern Kingdoms. In Novindus, the Demon Master Amirantha takes into his care a street urchin named Brandos that he finds in the city of Khaipur. As Brandos grows into manhood, he becomes a powerful warrior and aids and protects Amirantha in his work with demons. On Kelewan, Pug, still known in the Empire of Tsuranuanni as Milamber, meets and befriends a magician of the Lesser Path from the city of Jamar named Sinboya. About this time on Midkemia, a son, James Dasher Jamison, is born to William Jamison, the son of Duke James of Krondor.

Among some other likely students, Miranda brings a young enchantress named Helena to Sorcerer’s Isle from the Academy at Stardock. She and Magnus begin a romantic relationship and Magnus falls in love with her. One day, while drunk, she is found by Magnus kissing another student named Anton. Magnus storms off, never to speak with her again. Pug sends Magnus to a monastery in the Ratn’gary Mountains in Novindus to learn how to deal with his anger, while Helena returns to Stardock. Helena serves the Conclave of Shadows, marries, and has three children, but never forgets Magnus. Magnus, for his part, can never bring himself to recover from their broken relationship.

104 = By this time, the order of Keepers guarding the path upon the Pillars of Heaven to the Celestial City from the Bastion is reduced to three in number: Samas, Jelemi, and Andani.

c. 105 = After his time in Elvandar, Caleb returns to Stardock Town, is reacquainted with his childhood playmate Marie, and they become lovers. After their summer together, Caleb once again leaves Stardock to join his brother and parents in working for the Conclave of Shadows.

106 = On Kosridi in the Second Circle, the Dasati Aruke is initiated into the White and kills his father in order to become the new Lord of the Camareen. About this time on Midkemia, after waiting more than a year for Caleb’s return, Marie is forced to give in to her father’s wishes and she marries a farmer named Brendan.

109 = A son, Prince Matthew con Doin, is born to Prince Ryan and Princess Anne of the Isles.

At some time, Carole VI of Roldem marries Gertrude, Grand Duchess of Maladon. They find themselves well-suited for each other and fall in love.

At some time, conflict erupts along the border between the Kingdom of the Isles and the Empire of Great Kesh. During the fighting, both sons of Duke James of Krondor, William and James Jamison, are killed. Duke James takes charge of his grandson, Jim Dasher.

111 = A son, Prince Constantine, is born to King Carole VI and Queen Gertrude of Roldem.

112 = A boy named Ralan Bek is born somewhere in Novindus with a fragment of the god Banath within his soul, and he is destined to be instrumental in Banath’s plans to defeat the Dreadlord known as the Dark God of the Dasati.

113 = A son, Prince Albér, is born to King Carole VI and Queen Gertrude of Roldem.

114 = In Krondor, a girl named Sandreena is born to a whore and drug addict. In Novindus, Amirantha builds a tower to reside in atop a hill overlooking the village of Talumba, near the city of Maharta. The villagers eventually come to accept his presence after he uses his Magic to save them from marauders. A boy named Jonathan “Jommy” Killaroo is born in the town of Mooree on the Serpent River in Novindus. About this time, a man named Alystan becomes a Ranger of Natal.

On Andcardia, it becomes apparent that the Taredhel will eventually be wiped out of existence by the Demon Legion. They therefore begin a search for a world that will be a safe refuge, and they intensify their search for the lost world they call “Home”.

At some time on Midkemia, as a way to earn money, Amirantha, with Brandos in tow, begins summoning demons to harass local populations, then conveniently arriving on the scene and charging money to banish them. As he does so to earn money, however, Amirantha and Brandos also undertake the banishment of demons that have found their way to Midkemia through either carelessness or the nefarious activities of others.

At some time, Leso Varen insinuates himself into the Court of the Duchy of Olasko. He is able to subvert Duke Kaspar to his will and sets himself up in Kaspar’s citadel in Opardum. In his residence in the citadel, as a contingency against the loss of his soul jar, he begins torturing and murdering innocents as he works to create a rift of such craftsmanship as has not been seen in memory on Midkemia. Working from his quarters in Opardum, one terminus is invisible, with a nearly microscopic opening in the grasslands north of the Kingdom city of Ran and west of the Duchy of Maladon and Semrick, and the other terminus within the Empire of Tsuranuanni on Kelewan. Due to his proximity to Leso Varen and the fragment of the Nameless One in his soul, Duke Kaspar comes to the attention of Lims-Kragma’s memory of the dead goddess Arch-Indar.

At some time, the boy Jim Dasher Jamison is sent to Roldem for schooling. He excels in his studies, far beyond his fellow students, but he cannot be kept away from the rougher parts of the city. When he returns to the Kingdom, he is given a minor position in the Court of Rillanon, but Jim again finds himself spending much time in gambling halls, inns, and brothels, and is arrested several times. Finally, he is sent to Krondor to work for his cousin, Jonathan Jamison, the son of the Upright Man, Dashel Jamison.

At some time in the Second Circle, the Battle of Trikamaga occurs and Jastmon, the son of Lord Aruke of the Camareen, is slain.

On Midkemia, Magnus destroys a death cult’s temple in southern Kesh.

Himself influenced by the Dread, and in order to add to the death and chaos surrounding his work, Leso Varen influences Duke Kaspar of Olasko to initiate a complex plan and a set of political and military moves which would place Kaspar on the Throne of Roldem.

116 = In the town of Stardock, a son named Tad is born to Marie and her husband Brendan. Marie’s best friend also gives birth to a son named Zane. On Kosridi in the Second Circle, Lord Aruke of the Camareen visits the keep of Lord Bekar. He takes a Cisteen Effector name Narueen, who is in reality a member of the Bloodwitch Sisterhood and a member of the White, to his bed. She later gives birth to Lord Aruke’s son, Valko, and takes him into Hiding, where a mother takes her vulnerable child into hiding in an attempt to keep him alive until he reaches adulthood and is able to defend himself. It is thought within the White that Valko, or his son, will be the culmination of the White’s breeding program and will be the one prophesied to destroy the Empire of Twelve Worlds and rid the Dasati of the Dark God.

c. 117 = Narueen and Valko’s place of Hiding on Kosridi is attacked. Narueen conceals herself and Valko as the other mothers and children are slain. A warrior named Martuch stumbles upon her place of concealment and, sensing some quality within him, Narueen entreats him to spare their lives. Baffled by his own thoughts and feelings, Martuch spares them and rides off, probably the first Dasati in known history to feel compassion. He later consults the Deathpriest Juwon, who happens to be a high-standing member of the White, and eventually joins the White himself.

On Midkemia, Prince Gregory conDoin, son of King Patrick and Queen Francine of the Isles, is born.

Prince Richard conDoin, son of King Patrick and Queen Francine of the Isles, is born.

119 = King Patrick conDoin of the Isles, son of King Borric II and Queen Yasmine, passes away. Ryan conDoin, son of King Patrick and Queen Francine, becomes King of the Isles. His son, Prince Matthew, becomes Prince of Krondor. When he leaves Krondor to ascend the Throne in Rillanon, Ryan takes Duke James with him and James Jamison becomes Duke of Rillanon. Erik von Darkmoor, Knight-Marshal of the King’s Army in the West, is named Duke of Krondor. A son, Prince Grandprey, also known as “Grandy”, is born to King Carole VI and Queen Gertrude of Roldem.

119–120 = [Talon of the Silver Hawk, Chapters 1–7].

120–123 = [Talon of the Silver Hawk, Chapters 8–13].

121 = In Novindus, Brandos meets a tavern girl from the Eastlands in Shingazi’s Landing and falls in love. He marries her and brings her to live with he and Amirantha in their tower near Talumba. They eventually have three children: Bethan, Meg, and Donal.

122 = Pug travels the Hall of Worlds and discovers the world of Salavan. Upon Salavan, Pug makes contact with an order of mind-magicians, and in return for knowledge of this type of Magic, Pug agrees to allow one of their number, Uskavan, to study on Sorcerer’s Isle. Uskavan eventually becomes a member of the Conclave of Shadows. On Kosridi in the Second Circle, Castle Camareen is attacked and Dusta, the son of Lord Aruke, is slain.

The Gods of Midkemia find a dying Dasati upon the world of Omadrabar in the Second Circle, give him a false life, and place within his mind certain memories from the life of Macros the Black. They implant the idea of a title for the Dasati to give himself, “the Gardener”, a reference to the time when Macros was imprisoned by the Dread in the Garden of the City Forever. The Gardener is able to conceal his new identity from the other Dasati and eventually makes contact with members of the White. By the force of his intelligence and charisma, the Gardener brings organization and structure to the White, as well as many new recruits for the cause. The Bloodwitch Sisterhood hears of the activities of the Gardener and sends Martuch to investigate. Martuch finds him and comes under his tutelage.

123 = Trolls raid the town of Stardock, killing many of its inhabitants before the magicians at the Academy take action and drive the trolls away. Zane’s parents are killed and Marie and Brendan take him in, raising him as a brother to their own son Tad. By this time, Jim Dasher Jamison is running a gang at the docks of Krondor named the Backwater Boys.

124 = Prince Matthew conDoin of Krondor, son of King Ryan and Queen Anne of the Isles, dies. Prince Robert, a cousin of King Ryan, becomes the new Prince of Krondor. About this time, at the behest of Duke James Jamison of Rillanon, and with the cooperation of his nephew Jonathan Jamison, Duke Erik von Darkmoor of Krondor abducts Duke James’ grandson, Jim Dasher. Hidden away in a cell in Krondor’s dungeon, Duke Erik gives Jim the option to work for him and the Prince of Krondor as an agent and, not having much choice, Jim accepts. He cultivates his persona as a noble of the Kingdom as well as a thief for the Mockers, calling himself “Jimmyhand” in order to make himself seem pretentious and an unlikely candidate for a descendant of the legendary Jimmy the Hand.

124–125 = [Talon of the Silver Hawk, Chapter 14–The End].

Gorath’s other sons having died, his son Arkan becomes Chieftain of the Ardanien.

At some time in the town of Stardock, Marie’s husband Brendan dies.

At some time, a magician from Salmater named Rosenvar becomes a member of the inner circle of the Conclave of Shadows.

At some time, Jonathan Jamison dies and Jim Dasher begins working directly for his great-uncle Dashel, the Upright Man.

At some time, the Upright Man, Dashel Jamison, the son of Duke Arutha Jamison of Krondor, dies. His son, Lord Dasher Jamison of Carlstone, becomes the new Upright Man.

126 = Eye of the Blue-Winged Teal, one of the survivors of the massacre of the Orisini, and the object of Talwin Hawkins’ childhood infatuation, enslaved in Opardum and having been repeatedly raped, gives birth to a son.

At some time on Midkemia, the Raj of Muboya, a city-state in the northwest regions of Novindus, begins to bring order to his city and the surrounding area. He consolidates his holdings and slowly expands his influence, bringing order along with it. A general named Prakesh Alenburga begins to serve him.

126–127 = [King of Foxes, Chapters 1–12].

127 = A very old and dying Fantus visits Pug and his family one last time before disappearing once and for all. A son, Prince Oliver conDoin, is born to Prince Richard, the youngest brother of King Ryan of the Isles.

127–129 = [King of Foxes, Chapters 13–17].

128 = On Kelewan, Sezu, the grandson of Emperor Justin and the great-grandson of Mara, Mistress of the Empire, and Kevin of Zun, becomes ninety-four times Emperor of Tsuranuanni and Light of Heaven. On Midkemia, Caleb returns to the town of Stardock and he and Marie reacquaint themselves with each other. As Caleb begins to visit Stardock as often as he can, he and Marie become lovers once more. A trader named Milton Prevence creates a consortium in Krondor of thirty like-minded individuals, including men named Jerome Flynn, Kenner, McGoin, Carter, Greer, Castitas, Jerrold, Fowler McLintoc, and Roy McNarry. They set sail from Port Vykor for Novindus in search of rare items which they could take back to the Kingdom to sell. A son, Henry conDoin, also called “Hal”, is born to Lord Henry “Harry” conDoin and Lady Caralin of Crydee.

129 = An earthquake in Novindus near the town of Malabra exposes the cavern containing the Dasati Talnoy from the Second Circle. The wards placed on the cavern by Macros the Black are deactivated and the local people find their way inside. They loot the outer chamber where they find many artifacts, including one of the Talnoy, but they are unaware of the existence of the deeper regions of the cavern where the other Talnoy rest. Milton Prevence’s trading consortium reaches the City of the Serpent River in the midst of an inter-clan war. They turn around and sail up the coast northward, make landfall, and travel overland to Shingazi’s Landing. They hire a boat and set off up the Serpent River. All goes well for the first few months, but then they begin to encounter bandits and fever. When they reach the town of Malabra, they set up a trading post. In exchange for the gold they brought, the local people start bringing them artifacts from the nearby cave housing the Talnoy. One of the artifacts, a ring, drives Greer mad and he murders Castitas. Greer is in turn killed by McGoin. In Krondor, Sandreena’s mother dies and her body is found floating in the bay. Due to her remarkable beauty, the Mockers begin training Sandreena as a whore and set her up in one of the finer brothels in the city.

129-130 = [King of Foxes, Chapter 18–The End].

At some time, Princess Stephané, daughter of King Carole VI and Queen Gertrude of Roldem, is born.

At some time, a rift into the Void forms near Baranor in the Peaks of the Quor and a group of Dreadlings and their hunting creatures come through. The Anoredhel of Baranor, fulfilling their role as guardians of the Quor and the Sven-ga’ri, hunt and fight the Dreadlings, as they are in turn hunted. The Anoredhel are unable to drive the Dreadlings and their creatures away and their population dwindles as more and more of them are slain. Castdanur, however, worried that doing so would sacrifice the freedom of the Anoredhel, does not send to Elvandar for aid.

At some time, Jommy Killaroo’s father throws him out of his house. He joins with a friend of his, Rolie, who has also been turned out by his father. The pair work their way down to the City of the Serpent River where they become sailors on a ship bound for Elarial in the Empire of Great Kesh. Not caring for the life of a sailor, they disembark in Elarial and find work as teamsters. At some time, Rolie is killed in a brawl in the Keshian town of Chigatha.

130 = The locals around Malabra bring one of the Talnoy to Milton Prevence’s trading post and Prevence and his men fall under the geas that had been placed on the Talnoy by the Gods. Intending to bring it back to the Kingdom, they close the trading post and take the Talnoy away downriver. Whenever they unknowningly go in a direction the Talnoy does not want to go, however, one of their number is killed. Also, small portals to the Second Circle, short in duration, begin to form in the vicinity of the Talnoy. Through one of these portals, a creature from the Second Circle called a wergon comes through and begins to stalk the men transporting the Talnoy. By the time they reach the town of Simarah, only Flynn, Kenner, and McGoin have survived. At the direction of Talwin Hawkins, Olasko becomes a province of the nation of Aranor, with both territories in vassalage to the Kingdom of Roldem. Duchess Natalia, sister to the former Duke Kaspar, marries Duke Varian Rodoski of Roldem and he becomes the new Duke of Olasko. Duchess Natalia is soon with child. Talwin Hawkins, formerly Talon of the Silver Hawk, the last man of the Orosini people, weds one of the few survivors of his people’s massacre, the girl of his childhood dreams, now much changed from her ordeals, Eye of the Blue-Winged Teal. Talwin also adopts her son and he is given the name Tyrone. Talwin brings his friends Lucien and Magary to Opardum from Salador and together they open a type of establishment that first became known in Bas-Tyra and is becoming popular throughout the civilized world – a restaurant – and they name it "the River House”. About this time, James Dasher Jamison is recruited into the Conclave of Shadows. At some time, he visits Elvandar. There, he is named “elf-friend” and given a trinket as a token of that friendship by Queen Aglaranna. [Exile’s Return, Chapters 1–4].

130–131 = [Exile’s Return, Chapter 5–The End].

131 = Magnus brings the Talnoy to the City of the Magicians on Kelewan and asks the Assembly to learn what they can about it. Robert d’Lyes, magician and member of the inner circle of the Conclave of Shadows, passes away. Uskavan of Salavan assumes Robert’s role within the Conclave. Kaspar takes on the false identity of André, Comte du Bassillon of the Duchy of Bas-Tyra. Leso Varen resurrects, goes to the city of Kesh, kills Emperor Diigai, and takes over his body. He quickly re-establishes his rule over the Nighthawks and anyone who suspects something is wrong in the Palace or with the Emperor is assassinated. Jommy Killaroo finds himself jobless and stranded in the city of Kesh. A boy named Karrick, possibly the son of James Dasher Jamison by a whore, is born in the city of Rillanon.

At some time, King Ryan of the Isles falls ill. Several trusted priests attempt to ascertain the cause of his illness and to heal him, but all fail and he steadily becomes weaker as the years pass.

At some time in the Second Circle, the Gardener sends Martuch to the Hall of Worlds and thence to the worlds of the First Circle, as well as the world of Delecordia, which exists between the First and Second Circles.

The Upright Man, Lord Dasher Jamison of Carlstone, nearly loses control of the Mockers and his cousin James Dasher Jamison steps in and deposes him, becoming both the Upright Man and, at some time as well, the head of the Intelligence Services of the Kingdom of the Isles, Baron of the Court of the Prince of Krondor, and Earl of Murroy.

At some time, James Dasher Jamison falls in love with Lady Michele de Frachette, the daughter of the Earl of Montagren and a woman of questionable virtue.

132 = In Novindus, Jorgen and his mother Jojanna hear that their father and husband, Bandamin, is serving in a certain unit of the Raj of Muboya’s army. Jorgen runs away from home to search for his father, and when she discovers him missing, Jojanna follows after. They both eventually find Bandamin with his unit. Jorgen becomes a luggage boy with the unit, and Jojanna begins looking after all of the luggage boys. Jim Dasher Jamison, as the Upright Man, sells Sandreena to a Keshian trader, Zacanos Martias, in the hopes of contacting her later and having her steal some important documents from Martias and handing them over to Jim, in exchange for her freedom. Before Jim contacts her, however, she encounters Brother Mathias of the Order of the Shield of the Weak. He rescues Sandreena and brings her to the Temple of Dala in the city of Kesh where she becomes a novice.

132–133 = [Flight of the Nighthawks].

133 = [Into a Dark Realm]. King Ryan of the Isles, fearing rebellion in the Eastern Realm and in an effort to keep the office of Prince of Krondor an ineffectual one, recalls Prince Robert and names another royal cousin, Edmund, as Prince. A son, Martin conDoin, is born to Lord Henry and Lady Caralin of Crydee. A daughter, Bethany, is born to Earl Robert and Countess Marriann of Carse. In Novindus, at the suggestion of Kaspar of Olasko, General Alenburga persuades the Raj of Muboya to end his war with Okanala, marrying his younger sister to the second son of the King of Okanala. The Raj declares for himself the new title of Maharajah. A sailor named Jason Reinman becomes the captain of his first ship in the Navy of the Kingdom of the Isles. At some time on Midkemia, the sorcerer Belasco conceives of a particularly humiliating way to finally kill his brother Amirantha: by subverting the control Amirantha has over the demons he summons so that he is killed by one of the creatures he summons and thinks he controls. To that end, Belasco begins studying Demon lore and working with the Magic involved. At some point, he establishes contact with the Demon King Dahun who is desperately seeking a way to Midkemia from the Fifth Circle to escape the Darkness consuming that realm, and to make contact with Pug in order to beg for whatever protection the Conclave of Shadows can offer. Belasco agrees to work with Dahun and forms a cult of followers known as the “Servants of Dahun”. Sorcerers and priests within the Servants of Dahun are given, under certain circumstances, the ability to summon demonic enitities to do their will upon Midkemia. Given that the largest and most powerful faction within the Nighthawks is made up of demon-worshippers, the Servants of Dahun are easily able to recruit the Guild. They also begin employing mercenaries, pirates, and thugs. These Nighthawks begin wearing black-colored head-coverings and become known as “Black Caps”.

133–134 = [Wrath of a Mad God]. Lester conDoin, the great-grandson of Martin Longbow and Duke of Crydee, passes away. His younger brother Henry “Harry” conDoin becomes Duke of Crydee. At some time, Earl Robert and Countess Marriann of Carse become close personal friends with their liege lord Duke Henry and his wife Duchess Caralin. It is assumed that someday their daughter Bethany will marry Duke Henry’s eldest son, Hal. Leading a small army of refugee Tsurani warriors, Kaspar of Olasko takes service under the Maharajah of Muboya, and the Maharajah names Kaspar his General of the Army. Kaspar manages to annex two city-states to the north of Muboya without bloodshed, brokers a diplomatic relationship with the Clans of the City of the Serpent River, and arranges marriages such that in two generations hence Muboya and Okanala will become one nation.

134 = A son, Brendan conDoin, is born to Duke Henry and Duchess Caralin of Crydee.

A faction within the Black Caps begins to seek a return to the old traditions of the Nighthawks and to free themselves from the Servants of Dahun. Those who do so openly, or those who seek to escape, are hunted down and killed.

The majority of the Tsurani refugees, under the leadership of the Light of Heaven, Sezu, ninety-four times Emperor of Tsuranuanni, begin to rebuild their society on their new world, which they name “New Kelewan”.

A son, Prince Oliver, is born to Prince Michael of Semrick and the sister of King Ryan of the Isles.

At some time, a royal cousin, Edward, a close friend of the old King Patrick, is named Prince of Krondor.

At some time, Ali Shek Azir Hazara-Khan, a descendant of Ambassador Abdur Rachman Memo Hazara-Khan, becomes the chief of the Imperial Keshian Intelligence Service (which, officially, does not exist).

At some time, Creegan, the Father-Bishop of the Order of the Shield of the Weak, becomes associated with the Conclave of Shadows.

At some time, Servan, the nephew of King Carole VI and Queen Gertrude of Roldem, becomes an Earl of the King’s Court of Roldem. He marries a woman named Lauretta, who thus becomes a Countess of the King’s Court of Roldem.

At some time, Tad, Zane, and Jommy Killaroo become Knights of the King’s Court of Roldem.

137 = Sandreena moves to the Temple of Dala in Krondor. Against the wishes of the High Priestess Seldon, and to the delight of Creegan, the Father-Bishop of the Order of the Shield of the Weak and the High Priestess’ political rival, Sandreena decides to become a Squire-Adamant of the Order of the Shield of the Weak.

At some time, Tathar, the eldest of the Eledhel Spellweavers and the Queen’s closest advisor, passes away. Acaila of the Eldar becomes the leader of the Queen’s Council.

At some time, William Cutter, also known as “Bill the Butcher”, becomes the leader of the gang in the city of Rillanon known as the Sewer Rats. As such, he becomes “the Council”, a fictional body supposedly representing the various criminal gangs in the city. In reality, however, Bill the Butcher is now the sole leader of the criminal gangs of the city of Rillanon, as well as most of the criminal activity in the Eastern Realm.

At some time, the Servants of Dahun and the Black Caps, led by Belasco, begin abducting men, elves, and dwarves of Midkemia.

At some time, the taredhel Master of Demons Gulamendis is imprisoned in the city of Tarendamar on Andcardia for his blasphemous practices. The Lord Regent Undalyn, an agent of the Dread, forces Gulamendis’ older brother Laromendis, an illusionist and former preeminent member of the Circle of Light who had spoken out against the disbanding of that group, to participate in the search for the Taredhel “Home” by holding Gulamendis’ life hostage.

At some time, the taredhel Tanderae becomes an assistant to the Loremaster of the Clans of the Seven Stars.

On Midkemia, a man named Jaymen, claiming to be a prophet, comes to the northern parts of the Principality of Krondor and begins performing healings and weather predictions in the village of Yellow Mule. He eventually forms a cult following. Other magicians or priests, foreign to the area, also come and go within the ranks of the new cult. The cult eventually begins to summon demons and any of the local population that gainsays the cult find themselves stricken with misfortune.

In Krondor, Sandreena achieves the rank of Knight-Adamant of the Order of the Shield of the Weak and begins her errantries. On one of her first missions, she is sent by Father-Bishop Creegan to investigate the happenings in the village of Yellow Mule.

Amirantha, being present in that region of the world at the time, learns of the demonic activity in Yellow Mule. He and Brandos travel there to investigate. In Yellow Mule, they meet Sandreena, with whom they join forces to end the threat. During the course of their mission, Sandreena and Amirantha fall in love.

Sandreena continues her errantries for the Order of the Shield of the Weak. She continues her relationship with Amirantha until she learns that he has developed a romantic relationship with the demon succubus Darthea. Betrayed, she severs her relationship with him.

140 = James Dasher Jamison takes notice of a street boy in the city of Rillanon named Karrick, who may be his illegitimate son, and who is running a gang of street boys near the docks. Jim spends a year training and grooming him to be his agent within the criminal underground of Rillanon.

141 = Karrick attracts the notice of Bill the Butcher and allows himself to be recruited, providing James Dasher Jamison with an agent in Rillanon’s criminal underground.

At some time, Talwin Hawkins is able to gather several survivors of the Orosini together and they found a new village in the High Fastness, the mountains of their homeland.

At some time, three homunculi possessed by the will of the Dread are created on Midkemia. One takes on the guise and persona of a Knight-Captain of the Kingdom of the Isles named William Alcorn. Another takes on the the guise and persona of a Lord of the Kingdom of Roldem named John Worthington. The third takes on the guise and persona of a minor nephew of Emperor Sezioti of Great Kesh named Prince Harfum.

143 = False rumors of the presence of the evil necromancer Sidi in the Duchy of Crydee reaches the Order of the Shield of the Weak. Sandreena is dispatched to Crydee to investigate. She finds a sorcerer who has been dabbling in the Dark Arts and who has summoned some dark spirits and unwittingly loosed them upon the local village population. Since Duke Henry is away, the Duke’s son, Hal, provides Sandreena with the aid of the Duchy and she is able to dispatch both the dark spirits and the sorcerer. The Demon Legion captures a portal to Andcardia and their invasion of the capital world of the Taredhel begins.

144 = Continuing the search for the “Home” of the Taredhel and a safe refuge from the Demon Legion, the taredhel illusionist Laromendis opens a rift to the continent of Triagia on Midkemia. Disguising himself as a human, he spends several months exploring the continent, its cultures, and history and finds that Midkemia is indeed the Home of the Edhel. At the behest of the Demon King Dahun, Belasco and the Servants of Dahun begin overseeing the construction of a monstrous fortified device in the Valley of Lost Men in the northern regions of the Empire of Great Kesh, close by the ruins of the Keshian fortress known as the Tomb of the Hopeless, the former headquarters of a sect of demon-worshipping Nighthawks that was obliterated about 120 years previous. Slave labor is employed to build the structure, which will act as a portal to provide Dahun passage to Midkemia, using the men, elves, and dwarves abducted by the Servants of Dahun and the Black Caps, and demons are sent from the former Taredhel world of Telesan to act as guards and overseers, while some slaves are sent to Telesan. Prince Gregory conDoin of the Isles is sent to study at the University of Roldem. He is accompanied by the homunculus known as Knight-Captain William Alcorn.

144–145 = [Rides a Dread Legion].

Brandos goes back home to their tower near the village of Talumba in Novindus to fetch his wife, Samantha, back to live with he and Amirantha on Sorcerer’s Isle.

Tanderae becomes the Loremaster of the Clans of the Seven Stars.

The last of the Taredhel battling the Demon Legion withdraw from their worlds to E’bar on Midkemia, destroying each world’s translocation portals as they go. Hoping to be rid of the brothers, the Regent’s Meet sends Laromendis and Gulamendis on a suicidal mission to aid the withdrawal from the last world, the translocation hub world of Komilis.

The demon Dagri is sent to war with King Dahun’s legions in the outer regions of the Fifth Circle. He never returns to his wife and child and there is no knowledge of his fate. His wife, Lair’ss, continues to rear their child on her own in the city of Das’taas in the kingdom of Dahun in the Fifth Circle.

145 = On Midkemia, all three of its moons rise full during the midsummer festival known in the Kingdom of the Isles as Banapis. Shortly after the Three-Moon Banapis, the homunculi known as Sir William Alcorn of the Kingdom of the Isles, Lord John Worthington of the Kingdom of Roldem, and Prince Harfum of the Empire of Great Kesh, begin to put the plans of the Dread into action, their common goal being to create chaos upon the continent of Triagia and to remove the military forces of the three nations away from the region of the Grey Towers where the Taredhel are building their new home of E’bar. Each begins employing subtle Magic to influence key people within each government, and each begins to rapidly acquire power and influence, each in their own nation.

At some time, Prince Richard conDoin and his son Prince Oliver conDoin, the younger brother and nephew of King Ryan of the Isles, die.

146 = [At the Gates of Darkness]. Prince Gregory returns to the Isles from the University of Roldem and Sir William Alcorn is appointed his senior advisor. Karrick, the agent and possible son of James Dasher Jamison, is invited to join the Council of the criminal gangs of Rillanon, in reality becoming a close associate of Bill the Butcher. Deeming it too dangerous, James and Karrick cease having contact, unless and until circumstances are grave enough to warrant it.

A Trueblood faction within the Gallery of Lords and Masters of the Empire of Great Kesh, led by Prince Harfum, begins to consolidate power from minor positions throughout the Empire. They begin to store weapons and supplies on the Isle of the Snake People in preparation for the invasion of the Kingdom and the colonization of the Far Coast.

With the disappearance of both the Demon Kings Maarg and Dahun, and with no more access to other worlds, the Demon Legions on the various worlds of the First Circle begin warring amongst themselves.

Through the agents of the Conclave of Shadows, Pug invites all known Demon Masters and summoners on Midkemia to Sorcerer’s Isle. Some make it to the Isle but provide scant, if any, information regarding the Demons and events in the Fifth Circle. Meanwhile, several demon summonings go awry, with the demons summoned turning out to be ones of great strength fleeing the Darkness of the Void in the Fifth Circle. Those who summon these demons find their wards broken and they are themselves slain, while the demons summoned go into hiding.

At some time, Sir Jonathan “Jommy” Killaroo, Knight of the King’s Court of Roldem, marries Adella, the sister of Earl Servan and niece of King Carole VI and Queen Gertrude of Roldem. In the next few years, they have two children.

At some time, Richard Jamison, the son of Jonathan Jamison and second-cousin to James Dasher Jamison, becomes Knight-Marshal of Krondor.

The remnant of the Black Caps, under the leadership of the Grand Master of the Nighthawks, Nazir, free themselves of the demon-worshippers. Nazir begins to seek a way to speak with Pug to warn him of the danger that threatens all of Creation.

At some time, Lady Franciezka Sorboz, also known as “Frankie the Razor” and “Madam Francis”, Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Stephané, becomes the chief of the Secret Police of Roldem. Twice in her career, she attempts and fails to kill James Dasher Jamison. The two wind up falling in love but, given their respective roles, they are unable to fulfill that love with a romantic relationship.

At some time, Earl Servan, the nephew of King Carole VI and Queen Gertrude of Roldem, becomes Lady Franciezka Sorboz’ most important agent in the King’s Court of Roldem.

At some time, James Dasher Jamison recruits Tyrone Hawkins as one of his agents and makes him his protégé.

At some time, Arthur, a descendant of Duke Laurie and Duchess Carline, becomes Duke of Salador.

King Ryan conDoin of the Isles, son of King Patrick and Queen Francine, dies without any surviving sons. His younger brother Gregory becomes King of the Isles. Sir William Alcorn remains King Gregory’s closest advisor, despite the presence of Duke James Jamison of Rillanon, the titular First Advisor to the King.

149 = Ali Shek Azir Hazara-Khan, the chief of the Imperial Intelligence Corps in the Empire of Great Kesh, is killed. His son, Kaseem abu Hazara-Khan, becomes the new chief of the Imperial Intelligence Corps (which, officially, does not exist). Construction of the city of the Taredhel, E’bar, is completed.

The Queen of the Isles and wife of King Gregory dies. King Gregory marries a young woman of great beauty, the daughter of a minor court noble.

The son of King Gregory conDoin of the Isles dies.

Henry “Hal” conDoin, the son of Duke Henry and Duchess Caralin of Crydee, is sent to study at the University of Roldem. Hal also becomes a competitor in the Masters’ Court in Roldem.

The Trueblood faction within the Gallery of Lords and Masters of the Empire of Great Kesh led by the homunculus known as Prince Harfum, including the Master of the Chariots and some of the generals of the Inner Legion, begin to speak openly of war against both the Kingdom of the Isles and the Kingdom of Roldem.

At some time, the homunculi known as Lord John Worthington, Sir William Alcorn, and Prince Harfum enlist the aid of the Ceresian pirates.

At some time, Narab, the Chieftain of the moredhel Badger Clan, makes contact with the Taredhel in E’bar.

151 = Lady Adella, the wife of Sir Jonathan “Jommy” Killaroo of Roldem, becomes pregnant with their third child. In the Fifth Circle, the Darkness of the Void begins to approach the city of Das’taas in the kingdom of Dahun. As chaos erupts, the demon Belog, Archivist to the missing King Dahun, joins a group of demons attempting to flee the approaching horror.

151–152 = [A Kingdom Besieged]. Sir Zane of Roldem marries and his wife becomes pregnant with their first child.

152 = [A Crown Imperiled].

152–153 = [Magician’s End, Chapters 1–31].

Magnus completes the historical and geographic journal that Pug had begun years before and titles it, Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug.

[Magician’s End, Epilogue].

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