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Choosing was a special ceremony held for young boys in the Far Coast on Midsummer's Day during Banapis .


The Choosing was the ceremony when the boys of the town, about age 14 (on that day everyone was considered one year older), would be chosen by the craft masters of the town to become their apprentices. The decisions of the craft masters were made after each was trained through various crafts to see which best suited themselves. On a side note this also created a pool of semi-skilled men in various other crafts if the need arose.

During the ceremony the boys would be lined up in front of the assembled royalty and craftsmen of the city awaiting the start of the Choosing. At this time each boy's name would be called by the corresponding craftsman acknowledging them as their apprentice. These boys would be taken in, given clothes, and a new career: blacksmithing, horsemanship, tailor, etc. or the military.

For those not chosen, as in the case of little demanding, three choices were given; Released from service to find another craft in another city, stayed and worked the Count or Duke's land as a franklin, or work on the town's fishing boats.