The cho-ja queen is the most important member of a cho-ja hive.

One is born less than once during a human lifetime, at which time, extra Cho-ja soldiers are hatched and hastened to maturity. They protect her until she travels and settles in a new hive and a royal chamber.

A young queen is lithe, delicately formed, and has a deep maroon colour. Within a matter of weeks she is big enough to rule and a few months later starts reproduction.

The queen rests in the chamber for the rest of her life upon a mound of earth and is fed by cho-ja workers. She grows to an immense size - 30 feet long from her head to the end of the second thorax - and her color blackens while her legs wither.

A dozen female rirari stay with her and lay eggs which the queen swallows and passes through a chamber where they are fertilized by selection, even in the gender. The breeders service her constantly. Each mates with her for hours until exhausted and replaced by another.

The eggs are then laid in a creche to hatch.

Tsurani are much interested in the birth of a new queen. Once the news circulates, houses and families go and negotiate with her to come to their estates, where they would benefit from co-existence. Cho-ja are powerful allies and good suppliers.

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