Chipaka was the Lord of the Jandawaio. He was a childhood friend of Tecuma's father. He had estates in Yankora.

Until his old age, despite his poor sight and senility, he took his daughter, wife and his extremely elderly mother in his travels and visits.

One day, they happened to be passing north on their way to the Holy City, had their barge put in at Sulan-Qu, and visited the Acoma estates to see their Lord, Buntokapi, thinking that he is his old friend. Mara, his wife (whom he thought was a maidservant) sent them back to the town since that's where Buntokapi resided, with his mistress Teani.

Chipaka with his family went back to Sulan-Qu and visited Buntokapi for two whole days. Half the time, he thought that Buntokapi was Tecuma, and that his father was his childhood friend. He also pinched Teani who also had to move in a hostelry nearby.

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