Fragments are tiny pieces of the Gods that they put into various humans so that they can learn more about the world around them in order to grow & evolve.

The most notable of which are:

Nakor - Who had within him a fragment of Banath which according to Nakor caused him to do things that made people mad a him from time to time or he'd go to sleep one place & wake up in another occasionally with something new in his rucksack. He passed this Fragment onto Pug on the Dasati homeworld Omadrabar so that it could be returned safely to Midkemia.

The Old Witch - The woman who helped to stem Calebs' wounds so that Magnus could take him to the temple of Lims- Kragma - She contained a Fragment of Arch-Indar

Sidi/Leso Varen - He contained a Fragment of Nalar (The Nameless One). It was this Fragment known as the Godkiller that Nakor used to sealed the rift between Omadrabar & Kelewan when His Darkness the Dark God of the Dasati left Omadrabar seeking to expand his Domain into the First Circle.

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