Carse is a barony located at the southern branch of the river Boundary along the Far Coast of the Western Realm.

It is a vassal of and the largest city of Crydee. It became a major trading center and the best port in the Far Coast.


In Duke Borric's childhood, Carse was besieged by the moredhel; the castle was nearly taken by the Dark Brotherhood, but the dwarves of the Stone Mountain and the Grey Towers were on the march to aid the besieged. When a messenger carried the news of the castle's imminent fall, the dwarves ran for one and a half day to fall on the Brotherhood from behind without any lessening of their fighting ability. The Brotherhood was broken until the second Murmandamus organized them again.

During the Riftwar, Carse sent its garrison along with those of Tulan and Jonril to help lift the Siege of Crydee.

Carse was again besieged, together with Crydee and Tulan, by the emissaries of the Pantathians. This attack led to the travels of Calis and his soldiers halfway around the world, to Novindus where they fought to disarm a plot to invade the Kingdom.

Carse is also noted as the home of Althafain, a legendary artificer of magic who presented Kulgan with the orb he used to first test Pug's talent. Pug was later to inherit this device and use it extensively. It was through the use of this orb that Pug found a place for the Saaur to live peacefully.

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