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Carline conDoin, Duchess of Salador
Carline talks to Pug during her picnic
Carline conDoin, Duchess of Salador
*Lyam conDoin, King of the Isles (brother)
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Carline conDoin is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Crydee, Borric and Catherine. She had blue eyes and looked much like her mother.

She was the love interest of both Pug and Roland during the Riftwar, eventually marrying Laurie and becoming the Duchess of Salador.



Carline was born and raised in the frontier town of Crydee. She is the sole daughter in the family, having three brothers Martin Longbow, Lyam conDoin and Arutha conDoin. She grew with Lady Marna unaware that Martin conDoin was her brother; merely thinking he was the Duke's Huntsmaster until her father died at the end of the Riftwar and acknowledged Martin.

Carline meeting Pug in his room

Before the start of the Riftwar, Carline became interested in Pug after he saved her life from some trolls, eventually developing into romance as the start of the Riftwar approached. This romance resulted in a number of disagreements with Squire Roland until the two became fast friends after becoming involved in a fight. Carline and Pug kissed for the first time later that night.


After Pug was captured by the Tsurani, Carline went into a state of mourning and solitude for a week and this changed her temper and character; it was not until Roland became angry and stated that he still loved and Carline but he couldn't compete against Pug's memory that she realized how futile her mourning was.

Later during the siege of Crydee by the Tsurani, Roland and Carline where sword training when a cheeky jibe by Roland led to a passionate kiss and Carline's discovery of her love for Roland. However Roland was soon called away to return to his hometown of Tulan, it was here defending a farmer's cow that Roland was killed. This led Carline once again to depression.

It was not until the conclusion of the Riftwar that Carline found love once more in the form of Laurie the wandering minstrel that Pug brought back with him when he returned from Kelewan. However Laurie was loath to settle down with someone so young and was afraid of the commitment, it wasn't until Carline gave him the ultimatum of marrying her or leaving her that the couple finally wed.

They were granted the city of Salador over which to rule as Duke and Duchess and did so until Laurie died of old age at the age of 88.

Age Timeline[]

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