Caleb is the youngest child of Pug and Miranda; younger brother to Magnus. He is a young man, possibly in his 30's, with dark hair & brown eyes.


Although being the son of two magicians Caleb does not possess the art of magic himself and as such had a hard time growing up in a community of magic users. He was sent by his parents to life with the Elves in Elvandar where he learned woodcraft and hunting. Caleb was one of the first instructors for Talon of the Silver Hawk/Talwin Hawkins, and determined that Talon could hunt. Talon considered Caleb the person he had the most in common with out of the Conclave of Shadows. He fell in love with Marie of Stardock. While taking her two sons Tad and Zane to be apprentences, they were ambushed by bandits and Caleb was mortally wounded. Only through the quick thinking of Tad and Zane and the intervention of Magnus with Lims-Kragma did he survive.

He went on to marry Marie and adopt her two sons as his own. While on a mission for the Conclave of Shadows in Kesh looking for evidence of the Nighthawks and Leso Varen, Caleb took on another fosterling called Jommy from Novindus who had become stranded in Kesh but had helped Tad and Zane out of a tight spot.

While on their mission in Kesh he and the boys discovered a number of Nighthawks in the city and with the aid of Cherezul and members of the Keshian guard managed to defeat them all.

Death: Edit

When the Taredhel returned to Midkemia & Demons started to appear due to being summond by Belasco both Caleb & Marie where killed when Demons attacked Sorcerer's Isle.

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