Caldara was a dwarven settlement, the capital of the dwarves of the Grey Towers. It was a picturesque valley, nestled in the foothills of the Grey Towers along the eastern edge of the Green Heart. The Dwarven people living in Caldara are industrious and live comfortably in this place of bounty.

It is home to Dolgan Tagarson, Warleader of the Grey Towers dwarven people and his sons Udell and Weylin.

After finding the Hammer of Tholin and the armor of Ashen-Shugar, Dolgan and Tomas returned to Caldara, where they spent the winter preparing for the war against the Tsurani.

After the riftwar, dwarves from the Grey Towers, Stone Mountain, Dorgin, and other lands gathered to see Dolgan take the crown lost with Tholin.

Tomas would often stay at the village of Caldara when he wintered in the area. It was in this peaceful village that Owyn and Gorath met with King Dolgan on their way to Elvandar bearing a message to Tomas from Lady Katala. Gorath, being a Dark Elf and sensitive to the power of the Valheru, felt the lingering presence of Tomas ten years after he had last been there.

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