Duke Brucal was the leader of Yabon.


Brucal had reddish-brown hair and beard. He used to visit Crydee and Duke Borric's father. Eventually he was a supporter of Borric and Caldric to be the King's Regent to Rodric IV instead of Guy du Bas-Tyra, and he succeded. He had one daughter named Felinah, who married Vandros after the war. He was unmarried by the time of the Riftwar.


12 years later, after Borric was unable to persuade King Rodric IV to muster the Armies of the West against the Tsurani, afraid of a possible coup against him by Prince Erland conDoin, Kulgan told Borric to propose Brucal as a leader instead of Erland.

However there was no reason for this: Brucal's garrisons had already suffered attacks from the aliens, and the King learned it while Borric was in Rillanon. Outraged, he gave the Armies of the West to Borric and ordered him to assist Brucal at Yabon.


Throughout the Riftwar, Brucal worked together with Borric to fight the Tsurani along the Eastern front. They successfully maintained this front until the final push the ninth year of the war, when the Tsurani increased forces and made a sudden attack. Borric was mortally injured, with Brucal aiding Lyam's command.

Brucal served witness to a dying Borric's proclamation of Martin Longbow's true heritage as his first son. Soon after, King Rodric IV arrived in camp and gave Brucal's command to Duke Richard, who died hours later. Mortally wounded, King Rodric proclaimed Lyam his heir, with Brucal as witness. Brucal was the one to announce this to the rest of the Lords and soldiers a few hours later, placing the royal signet ring on Lyam's finger.


Following the war, Brucal chose to retire. Vandros was named the new Duke of Yabon, and Kasumi took Vandros's place as Earl of LaMut.


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