Bosania was a designation for lands along the Bitter Sea formerly controlled by the Empire of Great Kesh.


Bosania encompassed all of what was later called the Duchy of Crydee and the Free Cities. All of the Bosanian land not owned by the various Free Cities became part of the Duchy of Crydee.


Formerly controlled by the Empire of Great Kesh, roughly 100 years before the start of the Riftwar, there was ongoing war between the Empire and the Keshian Confederacy. It was decided to abandon the lands, requesting that the soldiers travel South to bolster the defences of Great Kesh.

The abandonment provided the perfect opportunity for the Kingdom of the Isles to move in and take control.Nicholas conDoin commanded this expansion, bringing the Kingdom armies westward. Several cities successfully repelled the invading force, becoming the Free Cities. The conquered areas became part of the Kingdom. The Duchy of Crydee formed from this conquered land, given to the conDoin family to manage. The area furthered the reach of the Western Realm.

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