The Blue Wheel was one of the political parties of Tsurani. Among the clans who supported it were the Shinzawai and the Kanazawai.

After the Thuril war, the Party combined with the Party for Progress.

The party desired to blunt the influence of the Warlord Almecho, since a party sentiment within the council held that he commanded too much power.

When Midkemia was discovered, the invasion progressed well for the Warlord, and even the most reluctant members of the Blue Wheel Party had joined and eventually the Party joined the War Party to the Alliance for War.

It's clans withdrew the third year. Some thought that the party feigned interest only in commerce while they quietly worked to balk the power of the Warlord and therefore intended for the Riftwar to go poorly and set the stage for his overthrow.

As the Blue Wheel withdrew from the Alliance that summer, the Force Commanders were ordered back, and the Siege of Crydee was lifted.

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