Battle of Elvandar is a battle in the fifth year of the Riftwar.


Tomas and his council were warned by Macros that the Tsurani will attack at first light and will drive through Elvandar.

He told them that the Tsurani will come in two waves across the river, like the horns of a bull. As they meet them, the cho-ja will come through the center, where the elves' strength is weak. The Black Robes will use their magic to let the warriors go through the forest against the Spellweavers.

Dolgan concluded that should the sacred heart of the elven forests fall, the elves will be a force no longer.

Battle CommencedEdit

The battle pitted 1,500 elves and dwarves against 6,000 Tsurani soldiers and magicians.

The Tsurani advanced as Macros had foretold. The cho-ja attacked across the river, after the two human waves had carried the flanks. Tomas had set skirmishers, lines of bowmen with a few shield guards, who retreated and fired into the advancing army, giving the impression of resistance. They returned to Tomas, his army deployed defensively while the invading army's vanguard stood, waiting for its comrades to join.

The sorcerer used his magic to call birds from every part of the forest to attack the invaders. The Tsurani is beset by the beaks and talons in their unarmored regions while the cho-ja is blinded, their eyes easily damaged by this. In addition, Tomas ordered his elven bowen to shoot the invaders.

The Black Robes instantly formed a glowing red shield of energy around the Tsurani, preventing any attacks from the arrows nor the birds from reaching them. Macros sent a golden bolt towards it, killing the one of the magicians. They retaliated by firing blue orbs of fire towards him, but he is unharmed. In frustration, the magicians left the battlefield.

Tomas ordered the signal to attack, and led through the fray, slashing and hacking Tsurani, withstanding any attempt to strike him down.

The Tsurani were demoralized, their attack blunted by the birds and the sight of their magicians being killed and driven off. Yet they stood their ground and took the charge, for they still numbered three to one of the elves and dwarves,and slowly drove them back. However, the Tsurani were caught in an earthquake made by Macros, forcing them to retreat, ending the battle.

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