Battle Bay is a flame-shaped body of water extending North from the Sea of Blood , in Kelewan. Alongside East and North sides of the bay are the cities of Kolth, Jamar and the City of the Plains, while the Great Swamp is located on it's West side.

Battle Bay is so named due to a 12 day battle that once occured there. A lone ship, damaged and carrying ill crew, sailed into the bay. More ships followed from across the sea. Runners from the City of the Plains were sent for help. The building army took on the invading ships. A hundred thousand men died, a thousand ships burned, and the sand became red with blood for months. The smoke and ash from the burning ships stained the city grey and covered the lands for miles around with a powdery ash. Out of the battle, the Tsuranuanni Empire formed.


Information from Empire Trilogy

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