Baru is a Hadati hillman.

His hair fell past his shoulders, but a warrior’s topknot was bound high, and he wore a rolled scarf tied above his eyes. His face, from around the eyes, from forehead down to cheekbones, was painted bone-white, as was his chin directly below his mouth.


He is a member of Ordwinson family of the Iron Hills Clan, living near the Lake of the Sky. He earned the title Serpentslayer by defeating a wyvern singlehandedly. He is a Wayfinder, and on a Bloodquest to kill Murad for destroying his village.

In the ninth year of the Riftwar, his clan is saved by Duke Borric. Baru considered this debt paid when he saved his son, Prince Arutha, from an assassin. When he learned that Arutha is targeted by Murad, he asked that he be allowed to join them on their journey.

After collecting the silverthorn from Moraelin, his group were pursued by Murad and his Black Slayers. He challenged Murad to a personal combat and killed him, cutting his heart out to end the risk of his returning from the dead.


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