Ban-ath also called Kalkin, Coyote, Dav-Lu and a multitude of other names his the God of Thieves, and Pirates. He is also known as the walker in the night, the prankster and the God of Lost causes and hopeless quests. During the Chaos Wars he noticed that the Gods where losing the war and he put in place a plan so that a war being lost could be a war postponed. It was he who infused Ashen-Shugar's armour with his spirit creating the link between Tomas and Ashen Sugar. It was also he who aided Pug by sending notes in Pug's handwriting thinking they where from the furture so that Pug would do certain things and help win major wars such as the Darkwar. When asked by Pug why he did this all Ban-ath said was "Who better than me, the one who can breaks all the rules and do what needs to be done"

Nakor contained a Fragment of Ban-ath which allowed him to do his "tricks" as he called them.

Ban-ath is a Lesser God

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