Ayaki was the son of Mara of the Acoma and her first husband Buntokapi. He was conceived sometime "between the midsummer feast and the next full moon" and was expected to be born after the spring rains fell, during the second year of the Riftwar.

When he was born, he reminded Mara her less than lovable husband, but after his honorable death, Mara decided to cultivate the best out of both of them.

His grandfather, Tecuma of the Anasati claimed his guardianship for his vassal Nalgara but Mara declined saying that this is not told by the Tsurani law. Tecuma then promised that Mara will be safe as long as Ayaki is same.

By two years old, the boy showed signs of his father's stocky build but also quickness from his mother's family. He showed remarkable coordination and a fast tongue. He like the company of Midkemian slave Kevin and also toyed with wooden figurines carved by the Acoma soldiers.

He was a lively young boy who liked to play soldiers with with some of the household attempt. At the age of 12 during a failed assassination attempt on Mara by the Hamoi Tong where a poisoned dart narrowly misses Mara and hits the gelding Ayaki is riding the horse falls and crushes Ayaki.

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