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Ashen-Shugar the Ruler of the Eagles' Reaches was a Valheru, the son of Hali-Marmora and the strongest of all. He had pale blue eyes, a white-hilted armor and sword of gold and rode the dragon Shuruga.

He defeated Algon-Kokoon, Tyrant of Wind Valley and drank his blood; his consorts became his. He also was served by Alengwan, the moredhel Princess. He later killed Alengwan for glimpsing his uncertainity.

He had a child named Alma-Lodaka, the Emerald Queen of snakes, whom he later mated with to produce Draken-Korin, the self-proclaimed Lord of the Tigers. The Valheru rampaged across the universe unopposed, destroying thousands of ancient and powerful civilizations simply for plunder and destruction's sake.

When the Midkemian gods came into being, the Valheru faced their first true challenge, and the Chaos Wars had begun.

Draken-Korin gathered the Valheru for the sake of battling the gods as a single powerful entity, and he created the mysterious artifact Lifestone, presumed to be a powerful weapon. The Valheru then united into a single entity which would become known only as "The Enemy". But Ashen-Shugar was the only Valheru who refused to join his kin, believing the battle against the gods to be fruitless. He was beginning to be under the incomprehensible retroactive influence of the future Tomas, who seemed to provide him with the conscience that his kin lacked. At the end of the Chaos Wars, the gods were victorious and all Valheru destroyed except Ashen-Shugar and a badly wounded Draken-Korin. Ashen-Shugar killed Draken-Korin's material form, preventing him from ever activating the Lifestone. He afterward traveled throughout Midkemia, naming all a free people.

An event of note is his speech to the elves. He told them that new beings (the humans and dwarves) had found refuge in Midkemia. The future eledhel were ones to say that they would live in peace with these new beings, while the predecessors of the moredhel were to say that they would war on the humans and dwarves, as they were the ones to "inherit the mantles of power." Ignoring Ashen-Shugar's warning against the gain of power and traveled to the north to dream dreams of power. The ones rendered mad by the destruction in the Chaos Wars snuck off to plot against their brothers, and so they were called the glamredhel. He then traveled back to his home in the Eagle's Reaches to spend the rest of his life, dying thousands of years later. He held a conversation with the essence of Tomas, and then let his essence bleed out of him and into his armor, which would lie in wait for its new host for many more millenia.