Armies of the West were the military force of the Western Realm of the Kingdom of the Isles.

They were composed by Knight-Generals of the Western Realm and would be mustered under the Lord-Marshall, traditionally the Prince of Krondor, but occasionaly the Knight-Marshal. They were seen as veterans of war, as they had mostly spent their lives fighting off goblins, Dark Brothers, and bandits.

Shortly before the Riftwar, King Rodric IV, to prevent a civil war and knowing how Erland was near to his succession, decided that none may gather the armies without his authority and deprived the Prince of Krondor the right to muster the Armies of the West, which was a removal of a right that had been granted for centuries.

Officers of the Armies of the WestEdit

  1. Lord-Marshall of the Western Realm (In Charge both the Army and navy of the West traditionally the Prince of Krondor)
  2. Knight-Marshal of the Armies of the West (In Charge of the Armies of the West traditionally the Knight-Marshal of Krondor)
  3. Knight-Marshal of Krondor (2nd-in charge to the Knight Marshal of the Armies of the West)
  4. Knight-General of the Armies of the West (Rulers of the Provinces of the West, The Dukes of the Western Realm)
  5. Knight-Commander of the Armies of the West (Earls or Barons of the West)
  6. Knight-Captain of the Armies of the West (Sons of the Highest ranking nobles of the west)
  7. Knight-Lieutenant
  8. Sergeant Major
  9. Drill Sergeant or Sergeant
  10. Corporal
  11. Soldier

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