Armengar, a decade after the Riftwar

Armengar was a fortified Glamredhel city near the Edder forest. It was the twin-city of Sar-Sargoth, made in imitation of the city of the Valheru Draken-Korin, using sciences plundered from other worlds.

The Ruler of the city is called the Protector.

Military AspectEdit

Its outer walls were a full fifty or sixty feet high and thirty feet thick. Bartizans atop the wall were placed every fifty feet or so, allowing overlapping fields of fire for archers placed in them. The barbican was immense, fully a hundred feet across. The gates seemed more like movable sections of the wall than gates. A moat flowed along the wall, not giving more than a foot of ground between its bank and the base of the wall.

The city itself is designed for defense. Should the walls be breached, its meandering streets are perfect for placing ambushes. Also, every building is of equal height. The roofs are flat and accessible from within, perfect places for archers. The lower floors had only a single door on the ground floor, heavy wood with iron bands, and there were no windows, making it difficult to break in.

Its citadel seemed to grow from the very face of a gigantic cliff, against which the city was nestled. It rose up a full thirty stories high. Another wall, thirty feet in height, circled the citadel, and around the wall another moat.

All of this makes this city difficult to capture and would cost a fortune in lives.


According to Macros, Armengar was once called Sar-Isbandia and was actually built by the Glamredhel, as was Sar-Sargoth, long before they fell into barbarism.

Both cities were won by the Moredhel in battle at great cost: Sar-Sargoth became Murmandamus's capital, who then attacked Sar-Isbandia where he was killed. The Glamredhel were reputedly obliterated in that battle. Both cities were abandoned by the Moredhel after Murmandamus' death.

Many years afterward, the Moredhel returned to Sar-Sargoth and men assumed control of Armengar. The ancestors of these Armengarians came over the mountains when the Kingdom of the Isles annexed Yabon. They discovered a rich land which had obviously once been inhabited. Their legend was that the gods ordered a race of giants to build the city, then left it abandoned. Armengar was eventually destroyed in the battle between the new Armengarians and the armies of the false Murmandamus.

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