Armand de Sevigny was a duke of Bas-Tyra.

Biography Edit

De Sevigny was a minor noble before and during the first Riftwar against the Tsurani - He was the Baron of Gyldenholt and Marshall of the Knights of St Gunther. He was at Rillanon in the day's leading up to Lyam con Doin's coronation at the end of Magician, however was not present at the coronation ceremony, and subsequently did not swear fealty to the new king, which he later came to regret.

De Sevigny was loyal to Guy du Bas-Tyra, and after Lyam's coronation, he fled the Kingdom with Guy and the pirate Amos Trask, as there was a bounty placed on his and Guy's head.The company were attacked by pirates, who lead then up a river until they were again ambushed by Goblins and Moredhel. They were taken captive until a group of Armengarians attacked their captors. The company was taken to Armengar, where Guy was soon promoted to protector of Armengar. Due to his good knowledge of modern Warfare, De Sevigny was considered Guy's right hand man. Should Guy have fallen at any point, De Sevigny was to have been promoted to Protector of Armengar.

De Sevigny was a commander in the Battle of Armengar. He was stationed at the other side of the city to Guy and Arutha. He fled the city with Guy and the Armengarians and he stayed with Guy and Arutha until the Battle of Sethanon. After the battle had ended and Murmandamus defeated, the bounty on his head was removed and he was instated as the Duke of Bas-Tyra by Lyam, upon the request of Arutha and Guy.

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