Arch-Indar (a.k.a. The Selfless One) is the goddess of Good. She is currently dead as a result of the Chaos Wars, but started to return due to Nakor's establishment of the temple of Arch-Indar.

The Riftwar Legacy Edit

In the novel Krondor: Tear of the Gods, Arch-Indar manifests herself as the 'witch' at Widow's Point, Hilda. She gives James, Jazhara, Solon and Kendaric hints on how to destroy the vampire lord and access the Black Pearl Temple. After the Tear is recovered, Jazhara goes to see her again, but she is gone. In the epilogue, she talks to Sidi about his failure to find the amulet that gave his pawn Bear strength.

Serpentwar Edit

In Rage of a Demon King, Pug and Miranda learn the truth about her - she is dead, along with Ishap. It is theorised that she may have died sacrificing herself to stop Nalar, god of Evil. At the end of this novel, Nakor founds a temple to her with Sho Pi to help revive her, though he thought it would take centuries.

However, in Shards of a Broken Crown, Arch-Indar manifests herself through Aleta, an acolyte in her temple, to help stop Zaltais. Nakor theorises that her reviving might be going more quickly than thought, though Miranda counters that the good might have always been there and that his temple might have merely been the most convenient outlet. Aleta is made High Priestess of the temple.

Conclave of Shadows Edit

In Exile's return, Arch-Indar appears to Kaspar, calling herself Hildy. She provides him with a token to get into the pavilion of the gods. It is the use of her true name, which Kaspar fins out from the Keepers, that begins to convince Pug that Kaspar is truly changed.


In Flight of the Night Hawks, Arch-Indar again manifests herself as a 'witch' outside a village, although this time in northern Kesh. Apparently she owed a debt to Caleb, Pug's son, and so she tries to save him from his injuries from a bandit raid, although she is not able to. Later, when Magnus, Caleb's brother, ventures into the pavilion of the gods to convince Lims-Kragma, the Death Goddess, not to take Caleb, Arch-Indar appears and convinces Lims-Kragma to let Magnus strike a deal with her.

Chaoswar Edit

In Magician's End, Lims-Kragma reveals that Arch-Indar appears when one of the Gods thinks about Good, hinting that her past appearances have all been memories of the other Gods. However, after Pug, Miranda, Nakor, and Magnus are taken away from the Pavilion of the Gods, she is one of three 'shadows' who appears to discuss whether the heroes can stop the Dread, the others being Nalar and Ishap. In the end, it is hinted by Ishap that she is waiting in line to be readmitted into the living Gods.

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