The Anoredhel or People of the Sun are Elves that reside in Baranor in the Peaks of the Quor. They are like the Glamredhel in appearance with blond hair, sun tanned skin and many of them sport feathers or stones woven into their hair.


History Edit

Centuries ago at the end of the Chaos Wars when Ashen-Shugar flew around Midkemia freeing all those who had been slaves to the Valheru he also freed the Anoredhel but he gave them a special charge. They became the guardians of the Quor who in turn guard the Sven-gar'ri. For centuries they abode in their home in the Peaks of the Quor only encountering pirates and brigands, whom they dealt with harshly. They were encountered by Kasper, Jommy, Jim Dasher and others who were on the coast of the Peaks of the Quor dealing with Black Caps and a Magician who were summoning an Elemental Demon. The Demon raged out of control when Jim Dasher killed the magician who was controlling it. It was at this point that Castdanur appeared and destroyed the demon before taking Kasper and his party prisoner. The Elves were very hard and killed those too weak to travel to Baranor. It was en route to Baranor that the party was attacked by Dreadlings and their Dreadmounts. Some of their party fell to those creatures before they made it safetly to Baranor. It was there in Baranor that Kasper realised that the Anoredhel were a dying race as their home which should hold hundreds of Elves was now inhabited by little more than a hundred Elves.

Baranor reborn Edit

Upon seeing what the suitation was in Baranor Jim Dasher escaped and proceeded to make his way first to Sorcerer's Isle and then to Elvandar. It was there he recounted his story and meeting of the Sun Elves to Queen Aglaranna and Tomas. Tomas took Jim by Dragon back to Baranor and from the air it appeared that Kasper and the prisoners had escaped and were being hunted by the Elves but in actuality they had reached an accomodation with the Elves. Tomas spoke to Castdanur and the other Elves promising help to save Baranor. He departed to Elvandar to get help. Along the way he picked up Miranda. When they arrived back in Baranor Miranda vanished only to reappear a few moments later with some Elves; she repeated the process a few times until nearly a hundred Elves had been brought from Elvandar, including children. Most of those who came were Glamredhel who where not entirely comfortable in Elvandar.

It was then that Tomas, Miranda, Kasper and Jommy set out after Jim Dasher who had gone in search of the Dreadlings. Upon realising what they were Tomas and Miranda quickly dispatched them with Miranda obliterating the area where they had made their camp. Now Baranor was safe and the Anoredhel could remain vigilant without  fear of the Dreadlings.

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