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Anita conDoin, Princess of Krondor
Anita conDoin, Princess of Krondor
*Borric conDoin, King of the Isles (son)
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Anita conDoin was the daughter of Prince Erland and Alicia of Timons. She was appointed to marry Arutha from early age.

She has large sea-green eyes, straight and delicate nose, and slightly full mouth. A faint hint of freckles dusted her otherwise fair skin. She was tall and slender and walked with poise.


A young Anita with Pug.

When Duke Borric visited Krondor before the Riftwar, she was a little girl of six or seven years old. She approached Pug, who was in the Duke's company, wondering if he was Arutha.

During the war, when Krondor was under the control of Guy du Bas-Tyra, Anita was hid by the Mockers, the thieves of Krondor after fleeing the palace. Jocko Radburn was furiously trying to recapture Anita before Guy returned from a border skirmish with the neighboring Empire of Great Kesh. With the Mockers' help Arutha, his companions and Anita fled the city. During the sea chase, Amos Trask lured Radburn’s ship onto the rocks and the head of the secret police drowned.

Upon returning to Crydee, Arutha was in love with Anita, though he would not admit as much to himself, counting her too young. After he finished his campaigns in the Eastern Realm, he finally proposed to Anita.

One year after the end of the Riftwar, they went to Krondor to marry when an assassination attempt with Silverthorn on Arutha's wedding day by Laughing Jack, poisoned Princess Anita instead. Pug utilized his knowledge to delay her death for Arutha to find an antidote. Eventually the Elf Spellweavers created an antidote and Anita was saved.

Their children were twins Borric and Erland, named after Arutha's and Anita's fathers respectively. They later had a daughter Elena and finally Nicholas, the youngest child.

Borric and Erland had been troublesome as children. Anita had made Arutha promise never to lay a hand on his children. The result was mischievous boys.