Anika was the daughter of Lord Paul, head of the estate of White Hill.


She turned fifteen on Midsummer's Day during the Tsurani occupation of the estate in the second year of the Riftwar. She was the crush of sixteen year old Dirk, one of her father's servents.

Views of her demeanor varied between sweet, wicked, and scheming. When the residents of the estate are murdered late one winter night, it was later learned that she was working with the murderer, Drogen, though whether she commanded their murder or not is unknown. While on the run with Drogen, she woke up to find a Dirk and a wounded Drogen fighting to the death. After seeing Drogen die, she rushed a confused Dirk, who mistakes her rage for gratitude. She fell on top of him when he trips and is accidently stabbed by the knife in Dirk's hand.

Both her body and Drogen's were taken by Dirk to the camp of Duke Borric, whose soldiers later bury them under the Duke's command.


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