The Anasati is a Tsurani family of the Hospodar Clan. Their insignia colors were scarlet and yellow.


Famous for its insidious intrigue and diplomacy in the Game of the Council, they are the second most ancient family after the Acoma and the Five Great Families. They saw them as opponents and if two of them fell, Anasati would be one of them.

The family own a relic, second in importance only to its natami: an ancient steel handed down from father to son since the days of golden bridge and the Escape, when the nations first come to Kelewan.


During the Riftwar, its Ruling Lord Tecuma had a rivalry with Minwanabi, calling its Ruling Lord Jingu a jaguna, and put spies in their house. The house formed an alliance with the Acoma when Mara asked Buntokapi, Tecuma's third son as a groom.

Houses mustered garrisons for a spring campaign against Midkemia before the war's third year, and soldiers, second and third sons of the house's loyal families were sent to the City of the Plains and stopped to visit the Acoma on their way.

Known MembersEdit

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