Amirantha, Warlock of the Satumbria, is a powerful human demon master, unofficial member of the Conclave of Shadows and younger brother to Sidi and Belasco.

Early LifeEdit

Amirantha grew up with his mother, a beautiful yet insane woman gifted with powerful magical abilities and his two elder half brothers Sidi and, Belasco. Ostracized by the Satumbria tribe the family managed to escape the extermination of the Satumbria by the armies of the Emerald Queen. He eventually left his home when his insane brother Sidi murdered their mother for a magical pendant.


Amirantha then made his way through the world as a charlatan, summoning well tamed demons in order to terrorise populations and banishing these demons for a fee. It is at this time in his life that, as a long lived magic user he realised that close personal connections and attachments with other humans would inevitably end in their death whilst he lived on. Given this realization Amirantha became a notorious womanizer, and eventually summoned a succubus to act as a companion rather than risk growing too close to a short lived human.

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