Aglaranna is the Elven queen, of Elvandar.

She was the wife of King Aidan and the mother of Calin.

Before the Riftwar, she and Tathar went to Crydee in order to share with Duke Borric their knowledge about the Tsurani aliens.

During the Riftwar, Tomas was accepted as the new warleader due to his extraordinary powers.

When the war erupted, they were joined by Tomas and the dwarves of the Grey Towers. For six years they held the boundaries of the forests as Tomas grew into Ashen-Shugar, and fell in love with his Mother-Queen.

Once, Macros approached Aglaranna and warned them about the Tsurani invasion the next day. Tathar trusted him as he had been a friend of his father (and Aglaranna's) before she could remember. Macros also told her about the fate of Tomas, that although the power of the Valheru could be disastrous and consume even himself, the Spellweavers (as well as his love for her) do help his humanity to preserve in the transformation.

The other day Macros aided the defense of the elves and dwarves against the Tsurani and the Cho-ja. At first he summoned all the birds of the forests against the invaders and then he killed from distance the four Great Ones who accompanied them. Eventually the battle was won and Macros left.

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