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Acoma is an influential Tsurani house of the Hadama clan. Their symbol was the shatra bird because of its symbolizing prosperity and good luck. Their color was green.

Their main estates were in Szetac, near Sulan-Qu.

It was considered a family second only to the Five Great Families of the Tsuranuanni along with the Shinzawai and the Anasati. They were allied with the Jade Eye Party.

With the elimination of the Minwanabi, House Acoma was elevated to the status of Great Family, and Clan Hadama's power grew in direct proportion. 


Soldier Anchindiro was the patriarch of the family. When he fell in love with the daughter of Lord Tiro of the Keda he battled with him before winning her hand and the title of Lord for himself.

They had a generations-old blood feud with the family of Minwanabi, one of the Five Great Families.

During their course, the Acoma had seized 3 natami of rival houses.

When Sezu was Ruling Lord, a political struggle begun with ambitious Tecuma of the Anasati.

The turning point came when Sezu and his son Lanokota were killed in Midkemia during the Riftwar, which gave the House to the hands of his daughter, Mara. Mara made several breakthrough feats like allying herself with the Grey warriors, the Cho-ja, joining her line with Tecuma's and eventually causing the demise of the Minwanabi, elevating the Acoma to the state of the Five Great Families.

After approximately two years from forming the 'alliance' with the Cho-ja, the Acoma gained much financial power thanks to the silk trade, taking by surprise the factors for the northern guilds and the auctions were the talk of every clan gathering.


During Lord Sezu's rulership, the house strength consisted of 2500 warriors and 500 were dedicated to guarding outlying Acoma holdings in distant cities and provinces. 300 followed Sezu to the Riftwar and perished. At the time of his death the heart of the estate was protected by fewer than 50 men and 37 in the service of Mara.

Mara started inviting Grey Warriors to her service. By the death of Jingu, Acoma had over 1000 troops[1] and over 300 Cho-ja soldiers[2]

Around 4 years later, Mara was ordered to send 4 companies of troops to Dustari by order of the High Council.

Following Mara's successes in Dustari, The Acoma became ever more influential. By the time the House was elevated to the status of a Great Family, with the annihillation of the Minwanabi, House Acoma was, without challenge, the most powerful family in Tsurannuani, with approximately 10000 warriors sworn to its service. [3]


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