Lord Abdur Rachman Memo Kazara-Khan was the Bey of the Benni-Sherin, Lord of the Jal-Pur, and Prince of the Empire, Ambassador of Great Kesh to the Kingdom of the Isles and also, secretly, the head of Kesh's Imperial Intelligence Corps.

His sons are Shandon and Jehansuz, Shereefs of the Benni-Sherin. His adviser and senior aide is Lord Kamal Mishwa Daoud-Khan, Shereef of the Benni-Tular. He is the great-granduncle of Jazhara Hazara-Khan.


He was present during the wedding of Prince Arutha and Princess Anita, sent by the Empress of Kesh to congratulate the couple.

He is concerned with the dispute of Vale of Dreams between the Kingdom and Kesh and the construction of a new Keshian war fleet in Durbin, in violation of the Treaty of Shamata. Also he is tasked with negotiating Kesh's approbation of the wedding of King Lyam and Princess Magda of Roldem.

He happened to be camped near Shamata, claiming it was coincidence he was having dinner with the governor of Shamata when Katala’s message to come to Stardock with the garrison arrived. He convinced the governor to bring some observers to the battle waging in Sethanon, a total of 500 armed men.

As head of the Imperial Intelligence Corps, he had agents working in the city. Among them is Yusuf.

He was replaced by Lord Toren Sie as ambassador to the Kingdom.


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